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The Eclipse
The Eclipse
Web release
Japan September 23, 2021
United States September 23, 2021
English themes
Opening N/A
Japanese themes
Opening N/A
Ending N/A
Animation Team Kato
Screenplay Benjamin Townsend Benjamin Townsend
Storyboard 筆坂明規 Akinori Fudesaka
Assistant director 筆坂明規 Akinori Fudesaka
Animation director 佐藤和巳 Kazumi Satō
No additional credits are available at this time.

The Eclipse (Japanese: ジ・エクリプス The Eclipse) is the second episode of Pokémon Evolutions. It was first released on The Pokémon Company International's official English YouTube channel, Pokémon TV, and The Pokémon Company's official Japanese YouTube channel on September 23, 2021.

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With a dash of determination and courage, Lillie vows to rescue her mother and bring back her friend Nebby! But be strong, Lillie—there seems to be a sinister presence on the horizon…


As Selene and Lillie approach the Altar of the Moone, Lillie is plagued by self-doubt, recalling Lusamine and her dismissive question of how she plans to save Nebby. Lillie remembers moments of her journey in Alola, like the time her fear held her back from saving Nebby from a Spearow flock at Mahalo Trail, her confrontation with her mother in Aether Paradise, and witnessing Lusamine using up Nebby's power to force open an Ultra Wormhole to locate and defeat Necrozma. With Selene's guidance, Lillie reaches the top of the altar, and together with Selene, plays the Sun and Moon Flutes to activate the altar. A bright pulse of light erupts from the altar's central platform, prompting Nebby to fly into the light, evolving into Lunala as the light fades.

Lillie shares a tender moment with Lunala, pleading with Nebby to take her to where Lusamine is, declaring that she doesn't have to take on Necrozma all by herself. Before Lunala can respond, an Ultra Wormhole opens up above the altar, dropping Lusamine and Guzma to the ground, severely beaten and injured. Lillie runs over to her mother, and a clearly shaken Lusamine begs for the children to run away, describing Necrozma as a monster that attacked as soon as it was approached. Necrozma tears its way out of the wormhole, and after exchanging a look with Lillie, Nebby soars forth to do battle, exchanging series of devastating attacks with the Prism Pokémon.

Ultimately, after Nebby gets pinned by Necrozma, the latter absorbs Nebby into its body, changing into its Dawn Wings form and opening multiple Ultra Wormholes with a single, fierce roar. With all hope lost, Lillie appears about to collapse from fear, before noticing Selene brandishing a Poké Ball, ready to battle the new threat. The sight is enough to reaffirm Lillie's convictions as she stands up again, looking at Necrozma with a determined expression.

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  • When both Nebby and Necrozma's attacks collide at each other, a transparency layer is present in the background for a frame.
  • In the Brazilian Portuguese subtitles, Lusamine is referred to by her English name.
  • In the Brazilian Portuguese subtitles on Pokémon TV, Nebby is referred to by its English name when it's being attacked on the bridge. This was fixed on YouTube.
  • After Lusamine disappears into the Ultra Wormhole, Gladion's piercings are missing.

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