Lillie (anime)

リーリエ Lilie
Lillie SM.png
Art from Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon
Gender Female
Eye color Green
Hair color Blonde
Hometown Hau'oli City
Region Alola
Relatives Mohn (father), Lusamine (mother), Gladion (older brother), unnamed grandfather
Trainer class Trainer
Game counterpart Lillie
Member of Aether Foundation
Rank Ultra Guardian
Anime debut Alola to New Adventure!
English voice actor Laurie Hymes
Japanese voice actor Kei Shindō

Lillie (Japanese: リーリエ Lilie) is a student at the Pokémon School on Melemele Island and one of Ash's former classmates. She made her debut in Alola to New Adventure!.



Lillie as a baby

Lillie grew up in a mansion estate in Hau'oli City in the Alola region with her parents, Lusamine and Mohn, and older brother, Gladion. She also grew up with the mansion estate butler Hobbes and other servants, as her parents ran and founded the Aether Foundation with Faba and Wicke. However, Lillie never knew her father growing up as she was very young when he disappeared in an accident and was presumed dead.

In A Masked Warning!, Gladion revealed that she developed a crippling fear of touching Pokémon after an incident occurred during a visit to Aether Paradise, where she was attacked by an Ultra Beast that was later identified in The Professors' New Adventure! as Nihilego. According to Gladion, a Type: Null rescued her from Nihilego. The trauma Lillie suffered caused her to suppress her memory of the event.

Lillie returned to her Hau'oli estate while her mother remained behind and her brother ran away, leaving her under the care of her family's servants, including Hobbes. Despite her fear, Lillie continued to enjoy studying Pokémon and subsequently enrolled at the Pokémon School on Melemele Island. Shortly after enrolling at the Pokémon School, Lillie became friends with her classmates, Lana, Kiawe, Sophocles, and Mallow.

Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon

Lillie debuted in Alola to New Adventure!, where she tried in vain to warn Ash away from being trampled by her classmates' Tauros as he stumbled upon the school. She quickly demonstrated her fear of Pokémon when she cowered behind Ash upon being approached by one of the Tauros, only to be startled by his Pikachu. Later, when Ash described an unfamiliar Pokémon that he but no one else had witnessed, Lillie deduced that he saw Tapu Koko, the island's guardian deity.

In The Guardian's Challenge, after Ash enrolled in the school and showed his new classmates the Z-Ring he received from Tapu Koko, Lillie explained the guardian's fickle and mischievous nature to him. She and the other classmates saw Tapu Koko for themselves when it appeared to challenge Ash and Pikachu to a Pokémon battle, during which Lillie advised Ash about Tapu Koko's techniques.

In Lillie's Egg-xhilarating Challenge!, Lillie agreed to watch over a newly discovered Pokémon Egg from Mount Lanakila for a class assignment, seeing it as an opportunity to finally overcome her fear of touching Pokémon. After several failed exercises at petting Ash's Pikachu, Rowlet, and Rotom, Lillie was able to touch the Egg when she instinctively shielded it from a wild Salandit.

Lillie's fear of touching Pokémon

In Racing to a Big Event!, Lillie watched her friends participate in the Pokémon Pancake Race. At the end of the episode, her Egg hatched and was discovered to be an Alolan Vulpix.

Lillie officially caught the Vulpix, which she nicknamed Snowy, in Getting to Know You!, making her a Pokémon Trainer like the others. Though her fear of touching Pokémon initially persisted, she spent time bonding with Snowy. Eventually they were confronted by Team Rocket, and Snowy used Powder Snow to protect Lillie from Mareanie. When Snowy was blasted off a rooftop by Mareanie's Sludge Bomb, Lillie leapt off after it and caught it in her arms. They were saved by Ash's Rowlet. After that, Team Rocket was frozen by Snowy's Powder Snow and taken away by Bewear. From that point on, Lillie was okay with holding Snowy, though she still froze at contact with other Pokémon.

Lillie was reunited with her brother in A Glaring Rivalry!. Gladion was surprised by the fact that Lillie was able to touch Pokémon again and told her to treasure her Vulpix. Lillie was troubled by how much more cold and distant Gladion appeared to be from the last time Lillie saw him six months ago, but Ash reassured her that Gladion was still a good person, reminding her of her brother's words of encouragement. At the end of the episode, Lillie arrived at the beach, where Ash and Gladion had held a battle, and became annoyed by the fact that her brother took off so early without saying goodbye.

In The Ol' Raise and Switch!, Professor Kukui tasked everyone with switching their partner Pokémon with somebody else. Pikachu was given to Lillie while Snowy went to Ash. At first, Lillie's fear gave her trouble getting closer to Pikachu. After a battle with Hobbes in which she managed to defeat his Oricorio, she found herself able to touch Pikachu when she gave him a hug in celebration. After the weekend had passed by, she showed her surprised classmates that she was able to touch Pikachu at will. Lillie then promised herself to take it step by step until she was able to touch every kind of Pokémon.

Lillie once again combated her fear in Treasure Hunt, Akala Style!, where she decided to use a Ride Pokémon, Stoutland, without any protection. She was initially overwhelmed and ran away, but after some encouraging words from Professor Kukui and Olivia, and remembering what led to her recent experiences of touching Snowy and Pikachu, she was finally able to ride Stoutland by the end of the day. Although she couldn't join the treasure hunt with the others during the episode due to her fear, Professor Kukui stated that she found her own treasure, being one step closer to overcoming her fear for good.

In When Regions Collide!, she and Sophocles had a Multi Battle against Brock. Sophocles started attacking first, but he made the mistake of thinking that Electric-type moves would work on Brock's Geodude. Lillie then assured him that she got this and commanded Snowy to use Powder Snow. Much to her and Sophocles' surprise, Brock countered the attack by using a Counter Shield. After the battle was over, she was fascinated by how amazing Gym Leaders were.

Lillie, no longer afraid of touching Pokémon

Lillie was present in A Dream Encounter! when Ash brought a Cosmog he had discovered to class; because no one knew the Pokémon's name, Lillie decided to name it Nebby. Later, Lillie reunited with Lusamine, demonstrating her annoyance with her mother for treating her like a young child. Lillie further explained how her mother never seemed to respect her wishes, revealing that Lusamine once evolved a Clefairy Lillie wanted to take care of, finding her daughter's reason for wanting to keep it unevolved to be illogical.

In Night of a Thousand Poses!, Lillie argued with Lusamine for putting work before her family and demanded not to be bothered by her anymore. She later regretted their fight, wanting to meet Gladion again as well. This desire caused Nebby to teleport her to Ten Carat Hill, where Gladion was hiding with "Silvally", the same Type: Null that rescued her as a child. The sight of Type: Null caused Lillie's repressed memory of it lunging at her to resurface, making her believe it had attacked her. This once again rendered her unable to touch any Pokémon, including Snowy.

In Mission: Total Recall!, Lillie decided to travel to various locations related to her past in order to fully regain the memories of the incident that made her unable to touch Pokémon. With the assistance of Ash and Nebby, Lillie went to several different locations before ending up at the Secret Lab area of Aether Paradise. Immediately upon arrival, Lillie and Ash were attacked by Faba, who aimed to prevent Lillie from regaining her memories, as it would risk putting himself in trouble. Faba was defeated by the timely arrival of Gladion and Lusamine. In order to save Lillie, Type: Null evolved into Silvally and defeated Faba's Pokémon. Now remembering her full past and realizing Silvally never attacked her, Lillie apologized to Silvally for misjudging it and hugged it in gratitude for saving her life, which allowed her to get over her trauma completely and regain the ability to touch all types of Pokémon.

In Faba's Revenge!, Lillie enjoyed her regained ability to touch Pokémon by playing with them at the Pokémon School. When Faba kidnapped Nebby and took it to Aether Paradise while everyone was distracted, Lillie and Ash immediately gave pursuit, joined by Gladion and Lusamine. They headed to Faba's location, only to find that he successfully forced Nebby to summon a Nihilego from an Ultra Wormhole. The group tried to fight off Nihilego, but it proved too powerful and easily defeated their Pokémon. When Gladion tried to protect his family from the Ultra Beast, Lusamine pushed him out of the way and was captured instead. Nihilego then proceeded to drag Lusamine into the Ultra Wormhole while Lillie watched in horror.

Lillie's second, temporary outfit

In Family Determination!, Lillie decided to set off to rescue her mother, donning a new set of clothes to begin her journey. She was joined by Gladion, and the two snuck out at night to head towards the Altar of the Sunne on Poni Island. After making their way through the island, they found themselves in battle with a group of Jangmo-o and Hakamo-o led by a Totem Kommo-o. With Lillie's knowledge of types, Gladion gave Silvally a Fairy Memory, allowing it to easily defeat Totem Kommo-o. The two were quickly joined by Ash and the other classmates, who had decided to help them rescue Lusamine.

In Rescuing the Unwilling!, Lillie and the others arrived at Ultra Deep Sea, where they found that Lusamine had fused with Nihilego. Lusamine, reduced to a childlike state, claimed the Ultra Beasts as her own possessions and fled in order to prevent the group from taking them away from her. As the group chased Lusamine down, most of her classmates were forced to stay behind in order to fight off Lusamine's Pokémon, who had been powered up due to Nihilego's influence, until only Gladion, Ash, and Lillie herself were left. Lillie was forced to stay behind in order to battle Lusamine's Clefable, though she was assisted by Ash's Lycanroc. Due to the bonds she had with Clefable, Lillie was able to free it from Nihilego's control.

In 10,000,000 Reasons to Fight!, Lillie and Gladion joined Ash in battling Lusamine herself. During the battle, Lillie vented to Lusamine about all of the things she hated about her and begged her mother to try and fight Nihilego's control. Lillie's speech managed to return Lusamine to her senses, but when she tried reaching out to Lillie, Nihilego took full control of their fused form and attacked. With the power of their newly gained Pikashunium Z, Ash and Pikachu used a powerful 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt that defeated Nihilego, freeing Lusamine from its control in the process. Afterward, Lillie finally reconciled with Lusamine and took her back to their world with the others.

In The Professors' New Adventure!, Lillie returned to her usual attire. She attended the wedding of Professor Kukui and Professor Burnet. During the post-nuptials, Lillie and her classmates accepted Lusamine's invitation to join the Ultra Guardians, a task force dedicated to catching stray Ultra Beasts and returning them to their natural habitats.

Lillie in her Ultra Guardians uniform

As a part of the Ultra Guardians, Lillie and her Pokémon have been critical to the success of the group's missions. In A Mission of Ultra Urgency!, Lillie and her classmates were given their first task, capturing a Buzzwole that emerged from an Ultra Wormhole onto Melemele Island and began causing havoc. During the mission, Lillie helped heal a wild Snorlax that was drained of its energy by the Ultra Beast.

In Twirling with a Bang!, Lillie and her classmates watched a fireworks show. The show was interrupted by a strange creature that used its exploding head to create a fireworks show of its own. The next day, the Ultra Guardians were called down by Lusamine, who revealed the creature from before was the Ultra Beast Blacephalon. The Ultra Guardians set off to find Blacephalon, but their efforts to track it down only led to a different Ultra Beast, later named Xurkitree by Lusamine. Eventually, Lillie managed to catch Blacephalon with the assistance of Mallow and Steenee while Lana caught Xurkitree, allowing the two Ultra Beasts to be later released back to their homes.

Lillie after receiving an Icium Z

In Not Caving Under Pressure!, Lillie and her classmates traveled back to Melemele Island after spending time at Hokulani Observatory. After taking a shortcut to the ferry, the group got lost in an ice cave at Mount Lanakila and were separated into multiple small groups. There, Lillie, Mallow, and Sophocles befriended a group of Alolan Sandshrew, who were training to battle a Tyranitar that had invaded their territory. Lillie used Snowy and the leader Sandshrew in a Double Battle against the Tyranitar and successfully drove it away. The leader Sandshrew used an Ice Stone that Sophocles's Charjabug had found to evolve into a Sandslash and awarded Lillie an Icium Z as thanks. After Lillie's group reunited with the others, Sophocles gave Lillie another Ice Stone that Charjabug had found. She offered to let Snowy evolve with the stone, but it refused out of fear. As a result, Lillie decided to hold on to the stone in case Snowy ever changed her mind.

In Filling the Light with Darkness!, mysterious dark clouds appeared over the Alola region, causing all of the adults in Alola to lose their energy and motivation. The next day, Lillie and her classmates embarked on their fifth mission, to investigate the situation at the Altar of the Sunne. Shortly after arriving, Lusamine revealed that Gladion would be joining them as a new member. In order to disperse the clouds, Lana, Kiawe, Ash, and Gladion combined their Z-Power to fuel a device that successfully made the clouds disappear, but they uncovered a hidden Ultra Wormhole in the process. Afterward, Lusamine took the Ultra Guardians into the ruins, where she showed them a mural depicting the "Blinding One". Before they could translate the mural, the Ultra Guardians were forced to return outside, where they found the wormhole increasing in size. At that moment, a Lunala emerged from the wormhole with a Necrozma chasing after it. The group was eventually able to solve the unfolding crisis in Securing the Future!, where they, their Pokémon, Lunala, Poipole's friends, and everyone else back in Alola shared their Z-Power with Necrozma, causing it to release Nebby. After Ash and Gladion used Nebby and Lunala to replenish Necrozma's strength to revert it to its true form, it restored Poipole's homeworld back to its original state. Afterward, the Ultra Guardians, Nebby, and Lunala traveled back to Alola through the Ultra Wormhole.

In That's Some Spicy Island Research!, Lillie and her classmates arrived on Poni Island to do individual research projects for school. Lillie's project was to study the numerous Pokémon living on the island. In Showdown on Poni Island!, Lillie encountered Gladion again and learned that he had come to Poni Island to participate in a grand trial, which involved a battle against Tapu Fini. Gladion revealed that he wanted to see their father Mohn, and Tapu Fini was rumored to have the ability to allow anyone to meet with those that have died. Lillie offered to battle Gladion to summon Tapu Fini, but it was interrupted by Ash, who crash-landed in front of them after being sent flying by Hapu's Mudsdale. Believing that a battle between Ash and Gladion would be more exciting, Lillie suggested they battle each other instead. While watching the battle, Lillie explained to Hapu how much she learned from Ash and how an island kahuna brings out the strength between a Trainer and their Pokémon. After Gladion won the battle, Lillie witnessed Tapu Fini flying above the quartet. In Memories in the Mist!, Lillie ended up being trapped in Tapu Fini's mist alongside Gladion. Despite wandering around and searching for their father, Mohn never appeared in front of them. After learning from Hapu that this could indicate he is still alive, they decided to tell Lusamine about it.

Lillie and her Z-Ring

In The Secret Princess!, Lusamine took Lillie and Gladion to Mohn's old study, where they found Mohn's Z-Ring and an inactive Shiny Magearna that Mohn planned to repair and give to Lillie, but was unable to activate it before he disappeared. Wanting to become stronger, Lillie, along with her classmates and Professor Kukui, asked Hala if she could use the Z-Ring. Sensing Lillie's determination, Hala had Lillie and Snowy perform Subzero Slammer in front of him. Though their effort to use the Z-Move failed, Lillie was allowed to hold on to the Z-Ring until Mohn returned. Later, after consulting Gladion and Lusamine, Lillie decided to care for Magearna and activate it herself.

In Chasing Memories, Creating Dreams!, Lillie invited her classmates to her house for some Z-Move training and subsequently introduced them to Magearna. Later, she and the others watched as Professor Kukui officially unveiled the Manalo Stadium to the people of Alola. After seeing how the others were excited to compete in the Alola League, Lillie continued her training and successfully managed to execute Subzero Slammer with Snowy.

In Battle Royal 151!, Lillie was among the 151 Trainers taking part in the Battle Royal preliminary round of the Manalo Conference. Using Snowy, Lillie was among the 16 Trainers still standing at the end of the round. The match-ups for the next round revealed that she would be battling Gladion. In The Battlefield of Truth and Love!, Lillie and Gladion mutually promised not to hold back against each other, despite Lillie's acknowledgment that she couldn't match up to her brother's skill. Lillie used Snowy against his Umbreon, making good use of Snowy's Snow Cloak Ability and performing Subzero Slammer. Despite this, Umbreon defeated Snowy, thus eliminating Lillie from the competition.

In Enter the Champion!, Lillie attended the award ceremony for Ash's victory in the Manalo Conference, only for it to be interrupted when a Guzzlord arrived at the stadium through a wormhole. In Z-Move Showdown!, Lillie helped evacuate innocent civilians to safety. When a second, Shiny Guzzlord appeared in the shopping area, Lillie, Sophocles, Lana, and Mallow helped Kiawe, Gladion, and Hau battle it. By combining their Z-Moves into one giant attack, Lillie and the others managed to successfully knock the Shiny Guzzlord back into Ultra Space.

In Dreams of the Sun and Moon!, with the Alola League over, Lillie and her classmates returned to their usual routine at the Pokémon School. When asked what she planned on doing for the upcoming vacation, Lillie revealed that she planned on continuing her efforts to restore Magearna. Later, at Mohn's lab, Lillie had Gladion send out his Zoroark so it could be reunited with Magearna. Reminded of the past, Zoroark created an illusion of when Mohn witnessed Lillie's first steps. Witnessing Mohn's love for his family firsthand, Lillie expressed her desire to see her father, causing Magearna to fully activate.

In Thank You, Alola! The Journey Continues!, Lillie introduced her classmates to Magearna and revealed that it possessed the ability to track Mohn's whereabouts. She announced that she would spend her vacation going on a journey with Gladion and Lusamine to find Mohn, promising to return once they succeeded in their goal. The next day, Lillie said her goodbyes to her friends, taking one last photo with them before boarding a cruise ship. As the ship began to leave, Lillie remembered the times she spent with Ash and went back to thank him for all his help.

Pokémon Journeys: The Series

Lillie and her family

Lillie appeared in a flashback in That New Old Gang of Mine! while Lana read a letter from her, explaining how she was doing during the search for her father.

In The Homecoming Crown!, Lillie and her family arrived at the Crown Tundra in the Galar region to find Mohn. After camping out during a blizzard for the night, they reunited with Mohn at a cabin. However, they found out that Mohn had amnesia and failed to remember them. They also discovered that a Shiny Nihilego, nicknamed "Lillie", had been living with Mohn, with him believing that the Ultra Beast was his daughter. While Lusamine talked with Mohn, Lillie and Gladion decided to look around the cabin for clues, which led them to finding their father's old clothes and a mirror in a room. Through the aid of Ash, Goh, and Chloe, Lillie and Gladion were able to snap Mohn out of his amnesia by making him see his reflection in the mirror, and the reunited family embraced each other. Seeing that Nihilego was leaving, Lillie stopped the Parasite Pokémon before it disappeared, as she and her family were grateful for everything it did for Mohn and invited it to come back to Alola with them, which it happily accepted. Lillie joined her family to capture Nihilego in a Beast Ball before joining in on a group photo of the reunited family.

In Helping the Hometown Hero!, Lillie's family, Ash, Goh, and Chloe arrived in Alola, attending a party to celebrate their return. During the party, Lillie reunited with Mallow, Sophocles, Lana, and most of her friends. The next day, Lillie watched a Battle Royal match between Ash, Kiawe, Gladion, and Professor Kukui.

In Paring Pokémon While Parrying! and Partners in Time!, Lillie was seen watching Ash's Masters Eight Tournament match against Leon at the Pokémon School.


The incident that caused Lillie's fear

Lillie is a polite, innocent, and kindhearted girl from a wealthy upbringing, who always cares for and shows concern for others. Due to the trauma she sustained when she was attacked by a Nihilego and then rescued by Gladion's Silvally as a child, she is terrified of physically interacting with Pokémon, and tends to freeze up whenever one Pokémon enters her personal space; in Yo, Ho, Ho! Go, Popplio!, she goes so far as to wear a full suit of diving gear to avoid making contact with Pokémon during a fishing class. When other characters point out her fear, she denies it by saying she simply avoids Pokémon by choice until she concedes to her inability in Lillie's Egg-xhilirating Adventure. Despite this, Lillie enjoys studying Pokémon from a researcher's perspective, and is comfortable with being around them at a safe distance. In Getting to Know You!, she became comfortable with touching her own Pokémon, and she has been shown touching other Pokémon since then, such as Pikachu in The Ol' Raise and Switch! and a Stoutland in Treasure Hunt, Akala Style!. However, in Night of a Thousand Poses!, she regresses to the point where she can't even touch Snowy after her memory of Silvally resurfaces, in which Silvally seemingly attacked her. After remembering that Silvally had protected her from Nihilego years earlier, Lillie completely overcame her fear, becoming eager to make contact with as many Pokémon as possible.

Lillie is extremely knowledgeable about the behavior, types, and background of Alola's resident Pokémon species and regional forms, including guardian deities such as Tapu Koko. However, she appears to know little about Pokémon in other regions, as seen when she expresses surprise that Exeggutor—a Grass/Dragon-type Pokémon in Alola—is a Grass/Psychic-type Pokémon elsewhere. She also has a tendency to bring up information that she has gathered from books. In Now You See Them, Now You Don't!, Lillie is revealed to enjoy writing in her journal before she goes to sleep.

Lillie and Hobbes

Lillie has a strained relationship with her mother, Lusamine. As shown in A Dream Encounter! and Deceiving Appearances!, she is seen frequently getting exasperated whenever Lusamine treats her like a child, acting completely unlike her more reserved and quiet self. Another example of this was Lusamine's decision to evolve her Clefairy, whom Lillie was close to, into Clefable without ever considering Lillie's feelings on the matter, thus upsetting Lillie greatly. She is also constantly annoyed whenever Lusamine becomes distracted by her work and prioritizes it over spending time with her. However, Night of a Thousand Poses! reveals how the two were much closer during Lillie's youth before Lusamine became more absorbed in her Ultra Beasts research. During the events of 10,000,000 Reasons to Fight!, after Lusamine had fallen under Nihilego's control, Lillie finally told her how much she hated her for her babying attitude, especially since Lusamine had been acting even more like a child under the Ultra Beast's influence. Lillie also refused to accept the possessed Lusamine as her mother unless she could fight its control, admitting that Lusamine was an incredibly strong person for keeping up her research for many years. After her words reached through to Lusamine, Lillie's relationship with her improved considerably, admiring her mother's compassion for starting the Ultra Guardians to rescue lost Ultra Beasts.

Lillie sketching a Gumshoos

Lillie does not do well in athletic activities, mainly due to her tendency to get nervous and close her eyes, thus throwing off her aim. She failed to throw Poké Balls, such as in Getting to Know You! and Twirling with a Bang!, or plastic balls onto a target, as shown in the extra scene of the latter episode, as well as the shurikens during one of the Kantonian Gym's challenges in Aiming for the Top Floor!. She also could not jump over the vaulting box in The Long Vault Home!. In addition, Lillie has shown to enjoy taking photos of Pokémon and sightseeing in general. This was seen in Showdown on Poni Island!, where she and Snowy spent much of their time doing so at Poni Island as part of their research project. In the following episode, she was revealed to be a competent artist, as she drew a fairly accurate sketch of a Gumshoos that she had seen the previous day.

Lillie and Ash

Lillie seems to look up to Ash because of his love for Pokémon and upbeat personality; in addition, she also occasionally takes inspiration from Ash, as seen when she bonded with his Pikachu through a battle with Hobbes in The Ol' Raise and Switch!, as well as using Ash's Double Battle against Olivia to team up with a wild Alolan Sandshrew to battle a Tyranitar that was trespassing its home in Not Caving Under Pressure!. Lillie has been occasionally shown to lose her composure when pushed into a wall, but usually manages to pick herself back up through her friends' support and encouragement. This is shown when she was able to put an end to her fear of touching Pokémon in Mission: Total Recall! and perfecting Subzero Slammer with Snowy in Chasing Memories, Creating Dreams!.

Lillie has changed greatly during her time at the Pokémon School with her classmates, but her tendency to bring up information that she read in books have remained. Lillie has also become courageous, optimistic, and upbeat. In addition, Lillie has shown to not be afraid to speak her mind, especially if it's defending or standing up for her family and friends. However, despite her growth, Lillie hesitated in trying new things, as shown in This Magik Moment!, when she wasn't sure about accepting George Charino's offer to do an episode of The Refreshing Trio: Alola Idols with Mallow and Lana, but changed her mind when she wanted to discover another side of herself. This was shown again in The Dealer of Destruction!, when Lillie was unassertive about participating in the Manalo Conference, until she officially decided to participate in A Fiery Training Camp Trick!, after some encouragement from Lana and Professor Kukui.


Lillie with Snowy and Magearna

Much like the younger traveling companions, Lillie didn't have any Pokémon in her debut episode, due to her fear of touching them at the time. However, after raising a Pokémon Egg and the Pokémon, Snowy, that hatched chose her to be its Trainer, Lillie became a Trainer like her classmates. Lillie also only has one Pokémon in her party and traveled with a Mythical Pokémon during her journey to find her father, Mohn, with her family.

When Lillie battles, she usually uses defensive moves, such as Aurora Veil, and uses Hail to change the area she was battling on to her advantage, much like Ash would use the surrounding areas to his advantage in a Pokémon battle. Although she improved in Pokémon battles, Lillie was still inexperienced, as she doesn't have the same experience and skills like most of her classmates do.

This listing is of Lillie's only known Pokémon in the anime:

On hand


Traveled with


This Shiny Magearna is a Pokémon that Mohn found and purchased at an antique store. He then stored it away in his room and planned on reviving it so it could play with Lillie, but was unable to do so before his disappearance. Lillie later found it and decided to restore it.

In Dreams of the Sun and Moon!, Magearna reacted to Lillie's emotions while she witnessed an illusion of her family's past and finally activated. In Thank You, Alola! The Journey Continues!, Magearna was revealed to have reacted to Mohn's Z-Ring and become able to point towards his location, which was eventually revealed to be somewhere within the Crown Tundra.

None of Magearna's moves are known.

Debut The Secret Princess!
Voice actors
Japanese Wakana Minami
English Wakana Minami

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Ride Pokémon

Lillie was first seen riding a Poké Ride Lapras around Melemele Island.

None of Lapras's moves are known.

Debut Yo, Ho, Ho! Go, Popplio!
Lillie was given a Poké Ride Stoutland to hunt for treasure around Akala Island. Due to her fear of touching Pokémon, she initially struggled to get on Stoutland. Eventually, with support from Professor Kukui and Olivia, she was able to get on Stoutland but was unable to hunt for treasure with it.

None of Stoutland's moves are known.

Debut Treasure Hunt, Akala Style!
Voice actors
English Marc Thompson
Altaria is Lillie's personal Ultra Guardian Ride Pokémon.

Altaria's known moves are Ice Beam and Fire Blast.

Debut A Mission of Ultra Urgency!
Voice actors
Japanese Chika Fujimura
English Rebecca Soler
Lillie used a Mantine to get from Melemele Island to Treasure Island.

None of Mantine's moves are known.

Debut Alola, Alola!




Main article: Ash's Pikachu

In The Ol' Raise and Switch!, Professor Kukui tasked everyone with switching their partner Pokémon with somebody else and Lillie was given Pikachu. Because of her fear of Pokémon, Lillie decided to have a battle with Hobbes and his Oricorio to help conquer her fear. Despite her lack of battle experience, Lillie was able to defeat Oricorio and finally embrace Pikachu.

Debut Pokémon - I Choose You!
Voice actors
Japanese Ikue Ohtani
English Ikue Ohtani
Main article: Ash's Lycanroc

In Rescuing the Unwilling!, Ash left Lycanroc with Lillie to assist her against Lusamine's Clefable.

Debut The Guardian's Challenge!
Voice actors
Japanese Keiichi Nakagawa
English Mike Liscio

Sandshrew → Sandslash
This giant Alolan Sandslash is the leader of a group of Alolan Sandshrew that lived in an ice cave. The Sandshrew trained together to fight a wild Tyranitar that had taken over their mine of Ice Stones, but it was too strong for them to defeat. Worried for them, Lillie used Snowy and the leader Sandshrew to battle Tyranitar. By using Snowy's defensive techniques in conjunction with Sandshrew's attacking moves, Lillie managed to drive the Tyranitar off. Afterwards, Sandshrew touched an Ice Stone that Sophocles had found, evolving into an Alolan Sandslash. It then awarded Lillie an Icium Z as thanks for helping it.

Sandslash's known move are Rapid Spin and Metal Claw.

Debut Not Caving Under Pressure!
Voice actors
Japanese Yūji Ueda
English Marc Thompson (as Sandshrew)
Abe Goldfarb (as Sandslash)


Cleffa → Clefairy → Clefable
Main article: Lusamine's Clefable

Lillie grew up alongside Lusamine's Clefable when she was still a Cleffa and later a Clefairy, as shown in a family portrait and several flashbacks. The two were inseparable playmates before Lillie developed her fear of Pokémon, and often played together with her favorite Poké Doll. At one point, Lusamine decided to evolve Clefairy into Clefable with a Moon Stone, which Lillie did not agree with, and thus leaving her upset.

In Rescuing the Unwilling!, while trying to rescue Lusamine, Clefable, under the influence of Nihilego, was sent out to stop Ash and Lillie. Lillie, along with Snowy and Ash's Lycanroc, stayed behind to stop her. Lillie was able to break Nihilego's hold of Clefable by showing her the Poké Doll and reminding her of all the memories they had shared together.

Debut A Dream Encounter!
Voice actors
Japanese Megumi Hayashibara
English Kate Bristol (SM050-SM078)
Sarah Natochenny (SM085-present)

Lillipup → Herdier
Lillie grew up alonside Lusamine's Herdier, ever since it was still a Lillipup, as shown in a family portrait and several flashbacks.

None of Herdier's moves are known.

Debut Deceiving Appearances!
Voice actors
English Marc Thompson
Garden Pokémon
A lot of different wild Pokémon live in Lillie's garden, where they receive food and are able to play.

None of the Pokémon's moves are known.

Debut Lillie's Egg-xhilarating Challenge!
Butterfree is a Pokémon that visits Lillie in her house. Lillie is happy to provide a bowl of Pokémon food whenever Butterfree flies past her bedroom.

None of Butterfree's moves are known.

Debut Lillie's Egg-xhilarating Challenge!
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Nihilego, nicknamed Lillie (リーリエ Lilie), is Gladion's fifth known Pokémon. He caught it after it was revealed that it helped save Mohn when he was transported through an Ultra Wormhole.

Debut The Homecoming Crown!


Pokémon League

Lillie has competed in the following Pokémon League Conferences:

Pokémon competitions

Lillie has competed in the following Pokémon competitions:

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 真堂圭 Kei Shindō
English Laurie Hymes
Mandarin Chinese 詹雅菁 Zhān Yǎjīng
Czech Sára Nygrýnová
Danish Maja Iven Ulstrup
Filipino Sophia Pablo
Finnish Saara Lehtonen
European French Fanny Dumont
Marie Braam
Greek Μιχαέλα Αντωνίου Michaela Antoniou
Indonesian Uphite (RTV dub)
Merry Siti Mariam (JN037)
Italian Giulia Maniglio
Polish Zuzanna Jaźwińska
Portuguese Brazil Evie Saide
Portugal Raquel Pereira
Russian Мария Иващенко Maria Ivashenko
Spanish Latin America Jennifer Medel
Spain Ainhoa Martín (SM001-SM002)
Laura Pastor (SM003-present)
Thai ธันยนันท์ พิพัฒน์ไชยศิริ Thanyanan Piphatchaisiri
Turkish Selay Taşdöğen
Vietnamese Võ Huyền Chi


For artwork on this character's game counterpart, see: Lillie



Official artwork from Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon
Official artwork from Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon Official artwork in her second appearance for the Solganium Z (Lillie Vers.) toy
Cover art
English cover artwork for Pokémon Sun & Moon Ultra Adventures on Pokémon TV


Companion Artwork for the Lillie & Snowy (Alolan Vulpix) G.E.M. Figurine Poster artwork for the limited version of the Future Connection single


Artwork from "After the story" [1][2]



Language Name Origin
Japanese リーリエ Lilie From Lilie, German for lily
English, Dutch Lillie From her Japanese name
French Lilie From her Japanese name
German Lilly From her Japanese name
Italian, Spanish Lylia Similar to her Japanese name
Korean 릴리에 Lillie Transliteration of Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 莉莉艾 Lìlì'ài Transliteration of Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 莉莉艾 Leihleihngaaih Mandarin-based transliteration of her Japanese name
Brazilian Portuguese Lílian Similar to her Japanese name
Russian Лилли Lilli Transcription of English name
Thai ลิเลีย Lillie Same as Japanese name
Turkish Lillie Same as English name


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