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GOTCHA! (Japanese: GOTCHA!) is a special music video that was first released as part of a video about the Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass on the official YouTube channel on September 29, 2020. It features the song Acacia by the Japanese rock band BUMP OF CHICKEN, including captions in nine languages.


The video begins on the Pokémon logo, which fades into four featureless characters resembling the protagonists of the film Stand by Me walking along a railroad, a reference to the film which played on the television in the Generation I games. It then cuts to images of a young boy growing up with his Pikachu, before waking up to have the Pikachu crawling over his face; similarly, a young girl is shown growing up with her Eevee, waking up in the morning to give it a kiss on the cheek. The boy, his Pikachu on his head, walks out in front of a third person, sleeping in front of a film projector with her Yamper, and the camera zooms into the sky-like setting on his shirt, where the girl is shown skipping while wearing a backpack with her Eevee in it. The boy and girl each walk through their various locales while in the background, all of the Gym Leaders, Trial Captains, island kahunas, and Elite Four members from the first seven generations watch them, gathered amongst themselves by their common types.

As they continue walking, the boy and the girl lose each of their Pokémon. Separately, the boy and girl find themselves in a modern-looking city, where they see silhouettes of various Legendary Pokémon, Mythical Pokémon, and Ultra Beasts, followed by the silhouettes of the main antagonists of the first seven generations of core games. The boy and girl then each find the other's Pokémon. As the boy looks at the girl's Eevee, the various player characters are shown running happily together in silhouette, with Calem stopping to look at the audience.

The scene cuts to various moments from the games. The Pokémon ChampionsLance with his Dragonite, Steven Mega Evolving his Metagross, Wallace with his Milotic, Cynthia with her Garchomp, Alder and Iris high-fiving each other, and Diantha with a Poké Ball — appear for the camera; Rosa and Hugh get ready for a battle with Lucas and Barry; Shauna, Tierno, and Trevor smile; Hilda is shown walking with Cheren and Bianca, before being replaced by Nate and the older versions of Cheren and Bianca, respectively; Serena and her Greninja get into a battle with Mewtwo; Elio is shown alongside Hau and Gladion; similarly, Selene is shown with Lillie and Nebby (as a Cosmog); N with his Reshiram stares at Hilbert and Hilda with their Zekrom; Lyra is shown similarly staring at Silver and the three Johto first partner Pokémon (Meganium, Typhlosion, and Feraligatr); Wally confronts Brendan and May; Blue stands at the gate of the Pokémon League with all of his Pokémon; and Ethan is shown atop Mt. Silver locked in a fierce battle with Red.

As it begins raining, Red's cap flies off and lands on the boy's Pikachu (who is now being carried around by the girl) as a silhouette of Kyogre passes by; similarly, the boy stares at the girl's Eevee during harsh sunlight while being silhouetted by Groudon. The sky eventually clears, and the boy and girl continue walking around.

The scene cuts to the various Galar Gym Leaders and participants in the Champion Cup. As Hop gets ready for battle, he "transforms" into Leon, who is then shown in his battle with Victor and Gloria. After being defeated, Leon throws his cap in the air, which flies through a marquee screen and onto the boy and the Eevee. Looking up, they see the girl and the Pikachu, and they reunite as Zacian and Zamazenta are shown sleeping together in the marquee screen. As the boy and girl speak to each other, they are watched over by the various professors, and then by all of the regional first partner Pokémon, in the marquee screen. The boy and girl, wearing Red and Leon's hats respectively, then leave with their respective Pokémon, while the Subway Bosses and Battle Chatelaines appear and pose on two nearby billboards. The scene then transitions back to the four boys from the beginning. The camera tilts up to show Mew flying overhead; after it briefly looks at the camera, a silhouetted man waves to the camera and throws a Poké Ball at it as the title appears. After that, the credits roll on a cinema screen with a sleeping girl and her Yamper sitting in the seats as the only audience members.





  • Rie Matsumoto
  • 松本理恵
Character Designer/Animation Director/Key Animation
  • Yuki Hayashi
  • 林祐己
Animation Production
  • ボンズ
Color Design
  • Yuki Akimoto
  • 秋元由紀
In-Between Animation Checks
  • Ikuri Kameyama
  • 亀山郁李
Director of Photography
  • Masataka Ikegami
  • 池上真崇
3DCG Director
  • Yota Ando
  • 安東容太
  • Eiichi Nishimura (TAVAC)
  • 西村英一(タバック)
Key Animation
  • Kouji Sugiura
  • Haruka Iida
  • Yutaka Nakamura
  • Yuka Hirata
  • Miho Kato
  • Yuta Kiso
  • Yuki Sato
  • Saki Hasegawa
  • Washio
  • Odashi
  • Osamu Murata
  • Shuhei Yasuda
  • Yasuyuki Kai
  • Shuu Sugita
  • 杉浦幸次
  • 飯田遥
  • 中村豊
  • 平田有加
  • 加藤美穂
  • 木曽勇太
  • 佐藤由貴
  • 長谷川早紀
  • 鷲尾
  • おだし
  • 村田理
  • 安田周平
  • 甲斐泰之
  • 杉田柊
In-Between Animation
  • BONES Animation Team
  • Mei Arai
  • Misa Takada
  • Ginga Tamura
  • Chihiro Kitamura
  • Mayu Sakaguchi
  • Sayaka Harako
  • Shunsuke Shishido
  • Harumi Ozaki
  • Studio HIBARI
  • Bibury Animation Studio
  • studio CANDYBOX
  • MSJmusashinoseisakujyo
  • ボンズ作画部
  • 新井芽衣
  • 高田実沙
  • 田村銀河
  • 北村智都
  • 阪口真由
  • 原子彩香
  • 宍戸俊介
  • 尾崎晴美
  • スタジオ雲雀
  • ギークトイズ
  • バイブリーアニメーションスタジオ
  • スタジオ キャンディーボックス
  • ワンオーダー
  • MSJ武蔵野制作所
Scan and Paint
  • Wish
  • Emiko Okui
  • Atsuko Ito
  • Rieko Umemura
  • Yosuke Amamoto
  • Takaaki Izumi
  • Kota shuto
  • Kosuke Mizusawa
  • Koki Imamoto
  • Aya Otaki
  • Sara yamazaki
  • ウイッシュ
  • 奥井恵美子
  • 伊藤敦子
  • 梅村利恵子
  • 天本洋介
  • 泉貴明
  • 周藤宏太
  • 水澤紘介
  • 今本滉紀
  • 大滝あや
  • 山﨑紗良
Paint Manager
  • Naoki Ishikawa
  • 石川直樹
  • Yuriko Hino
  • Takafumi Sawa
  • Huma Takagi
  • 日野有里子
  • 澤貴史
  • 髙木風馬
  • Yuki Oguri
  • Jung Da Eun
  • Hiroki Machida
  • 小栗裕樹
  • 鄭多𤨒
  • 町田弘樹
System Designer
  • Shintaro Saruwatari
  • 猿渡真太郎
Post production
  • Sony PCL
  • ソニーピーシーエル
Background Art
  • Akio Shimada (studio pablo)
  • 嶋田昭夫(スタジオパブロ)
  • Satoshi Ogawa
  • 小川哲
Poster Design
  • Norio Tanaka (arctik)
  • 田中勤郎(アークティック)
Supervisory cooperation
  • The Pokémon Company
  • ザ ポケモン コンパニー
  • 石原恒和
Project cooperation
  • Shoichi Obora
  • Manami Tate
  • Sho Furutani
  • Takaki Matoba
  • 大洞翔一
  • 舘愛美
  • 古谷翔
  • 的場昂樹
Planning and Produced by
  • Genki Kawamura
  • Masami Hatanaka
  • 川村元気
  • 畑中雅美
  • Wakana Okamura
  • Yoshihiro Oyabu
  • Ai Kashima
  • 岡村和佳菜
  • 大藪芳広
  • 鹿嶋愛
Line Producer
  • Masayo Kushida
  • 櫛田優予


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