Team Flare Admin (Trainer class)

Team Flare Admin
フレア団のかんぶ Team Flare Executive
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Introduced in Generation VI
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Gender Both
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Anime debut A Meeting of Two Journeys!
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Manga debut Corphish Pinches (Adventures)

A Team Flare Admin (Japanese: フレア団のかんぶ Team Flare Executive) is a type of Pokémon Trainer introduced in Generation VI. They are members of Team Flare higher in rank than Team Flare Grunts.

Malva is implied to be a Team Flare Admin, since she knows classified information that, in her words, only certain Admins know about. Chalmers, a Butler who is encountered during Looker Bureau Chapter 4, is a former Team Flare Admin.


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X and Y
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Pokémon X and Y

In the anime

Main series

Team Flare Admins in the anime

A pair of Team Flare Admins, one male and one female, debuted in A Meeting of Two Journeys!. They were seen on an island with Xerosic and some Team Flare Grunts, conducting an experiment with a prototype weapon utilizing some Zygarde Cells and the Mega Evolution energy previously collected by Team Flare.

In Unlocking Some Respect!, Admins helped Xerosic with experimenting on Z2.

In A Full-Strength Battle Surprise!, Admins used a machine to create some giant roots in a forest that an Officer Jenny came to investigate.

A male Admin appeared in Kalos League Passion with a Certain Flare! and Finals Not for the Faint-Hearted!, where he was seen with Lysandre and later with Lysandre and Mairin, as they all were in a private box in the Lumiose Conference stadium watching the final battle between Ash and Alain.

In Down to the Fiery Finish!, Admins used a machine that altered Z2's mind so that it would listen to Team Flare.

A male Admin appeared in A Towering Takeover!, where he led Alain to Xerosic in the Prism Tower.

Multiple Admins appeared in Rocking Kalos Defenses!.

Voice actors

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Language Voice actor
English Alyse Lamb (XY106)
Jonathan Silver (XY106)
Billy Bob Thompson (XY111)
Marc Thompson (XY119, XY129)
Brazilian Portuguese Morgana Bernabucci (female)
Alexandre Drummond (male)

Pokémon Evolutions

Some Team Flare Admins made a brief appearance in The Visionary, helping to evacuate the Team Flare Secret HQ as Lysandre activated the ultimate weapon.

In the manga

A female Team Flare Admin in Pokémon Adventures
Chalmers, a male Team Flare Admin, in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Tierno encountered a female Team Flare Admin at Route 5. After learning of her plans to lead an operation to rob the Poké Ball Factory, Tierno fought the Admin to stop her. With help from X, Tierno managed to defeat the Admin, though they were unable to prevent the Poké Ball Factory from being robbed later.

A male Team Flare Admin named Chalmers attacked Gurkinn in order to obtain the secrets of Mega Evolution for his superiors. Although Chalmers defeated Gurkinn, he was soon defeated by Diantha, one of Gurkinn's students, and forced to run away. Later, Chalmers was seen locking Grace back into her cell at the Team Flare Secret HQ after her fifth attempt to escape had ended in a failure.

Later, both Chalmers and the female Admin, along with Malva's Delphox, were seen overseeing the plan to tie the Pokémon captured from the Pokémon Village to the prototype Absorbers on Route 10 so that their life energy could be drained to re-fuel the ultimate weapon. The plan was interrupted by the arrival of Alexa, Viola, Clemont, Bonnie, and Yvette. All Team Flare members on the route were defeated, thus putting a stop to their plan.


Flygon was used by a female Team Flare Admin X and his friend encountered at Route 5. Although it proved to be a powerful opponent, it was eventually defeated.

Flygon's only known move is Earth Power.

Debut Corphish Pinches
Skrelp (multiple)
Chalmers has multiple Skrelp, which he used against Gurkinn, poisoning him. They were defeated by Korrina's Lucario.

None of their moves are known.

Debut Connecting with Gardevoir
Dragalge is one of Chalmers's Pokémon. He was used to battle Diantha's Gardevoir, but was beaten.

Dragalge's only known move is Sludge Bomb.

Debut Connecting with Gardevoir


  • Team Flare Admins are the only villainous team admins to not receive a name in-battle, instead being named in a fashion similar to villainous team Grunts. The only Team Flare Admin with a known name is Chalmers, who only uses the name in-game when fought under a different Trainer class.

In other languages

Language Title
  French Manager de la Team Flare
  German Team Flare Vorstand
  Italian Ufficiale Team Flare
  Korean 플레어단 간부 Flare Dan Executive
  Spanish Comandante del Team Flare

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