Lumiose Conference

The Lumiose Conference (Japanese: カロスリーグ・ミアレ大会 Kalos League Miare Conference) is the Kalos League general championship competition. All Pokémon Trainers who have earned eight Gym Badges from the Kalos region are eligible to enter. It is held in Lumiose City, but unlike most other League Conferences, the competition is not held there annually, and its location was only revealed shortly before the competition, with the stadium still being under construction at the time of the announcement.

The setting for the competition

The tournament began in A League of His Own! and concluded in Down to the Fiery Finish!, with the closing ceremony being interrupted by Team Flare, who attacked the city with Z2 and caused massive damage to it and the stadium.

In Taking Two For The Team!, the stadium served as the site of Ash and Drasna's World Coronation Series battle.


Opening ceremonies

Before the competition starts, a party is held where contestants can interact with one another.

In the opening ceremony, multiple Fletchling are freed from a large-sized Poké Ball while Diantha, the Kalos League Pokémon Champion, welcomes the competing Trainers and delivers an encouraging speech. She observes the entire competition along with Professor Sycamore.

Malva, a member of the Kalos Elite Four, works as a reporter and is shown interviewing participating Trainers and reporting what happens during the competition. She had a disguised Team Rocket working for her as her camera, sound, and lighting assistants for the broadcasts.


The scoreboard for the Full Battles


The preliminary rounds consist of three-on-three matches with random match-ups decided by a computer. When all three Pokémon on one side are deemed unable to battle by a referee, the Trainer is knocked out of the tournament. In the first round, the 64 competing Trainers are reduced to 32 Trainers. This continues with each round until there are only eight competitors left for the quarterfinals.


The quarterfinals begin when only eight Trainers remain out of the 64 competing Trainers. The quarterfinals consist of three-on-three matches, identical to the match set up in the preliminary rounds. When all three Pokémon on one side are deemed unable to battle by a referee, the Trainer is eliminated. The four winning Trainers will move on to the semifinals.


The semifinals consist of Full Battles. When three Pokémon on one side are deemed unable to battle, both Trainers take a short break while the battlefield is changed. When all six Pokémon on one side are deemed unable to battle by a referee, the Trainer is eliminated. The two winning Trainers will move on to face each other in the finals.


The finals consist of a Full Battle. When three Pokémon on one side are deemed unable to battle, both Trainers take a short break while the battlefield is changed. When all six Pokémon on one side are deemed unable to battle by a referee, the Trainer loses, and their opponent is declared the winner of the Lumiose Conference, earning the right to enter Kalos's Champion League.


Known contestants

Alain, the winner, with the Lumiose Championship Trophy
Trainer Place
Alain Winner
Ash Runner-Up
Sawyer Top 4
Remo Top 4
Tierno Top 8
Astrid Top 8
Titus Top 64
Trevor Top 64


  • The Lumiose Conference was the first League Conference to use themed battlefields other than the traditional Water, Grass, Ice, and Rock fields.
    • Furthermore, the Lumiose Conference was the first League Conference where the stadium in which the competition takes place was still under construction at the time of its announcement.
  • With the exception of Ash, all named participants seen battling in the Lumiose Conference used at least one Pokémon capable of Mega Evolution.
  • All three of the starter-exclusive Hyper Beam variants—Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn, and Hydro Cannon—were seen during the conference.
  • This is the only Pokémon League Conference:
    • To be held in a city with a Gym.
    • In which Ash places as the runner-up.
    • In which Ash's placement changes by two places from the previous League, as opposed to moving up or down by one or remaining the same. In this case, he went from Top 8 to runner-up.
  • The Lumiose Conference's location may be a reference to the ending of Pokémon X and Y, where a parade is held in Lumiose City after the player becomes the Champion.
  • Trainers from the Vertress Conference were shown on the scoreboard for the preliminary battles.
  • This is the first League Conference to not feature a torch.
  • The omnipresence of hexagonal shapes in the stadium is a reference to Kalos being based on France, often called "l'Hexagone" due to its hexagonal shape.

In other languages

Language Title
  German Kalos-Liga
  Italian Lega di Kalos
  Brazilian Portuguese Conferência de Lumiose
  Spanish Liga de Kalos

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