Hearthome Collection

The setting for the competition

The Hearthome Collection (Japanese: ヨスガコレクション Yosuga Collection) is an anime-exclusive event in the Sinnoh region. It was featured in Arriving in Style!. It consists of a fashion show for Pokémon Stylists and their Pokémon and, along with the Pokémon Contest and the Tag Battle Competition, is one of Hearthome City's biggest attractions.


The judges, Paris and Hermione, with Paris's Lopunny

The Hearthome Collection is a competition where people and Pokémon show off their best looks. The event is hosted by Enta and takes place in Hearthome City's Contest Hall, with registrations accepted inside the city's Pokémon Center. The work presented by the contestants is evaluated by two distinguished judges: the world-famous fashion icon, Paris, and the editor-in-chief for the Poké Chic magazine, Hermione. The judges take into account the overall impression of a Pokémon, including its fashion sense, accessories, and its moves.

During the competition, the participating Stylists dress and model their Pokémon in a fashionably or unique way. They must then deliver a performance to show off their Pokémon's style. It is similar to the Performance Stage of Pokémon Contests, with the key difference being that Stylists have to display their Pokémon's charms while simultaneously highlighting the clothing and accessories worn by their Pokémon. Additionally, Stylists must be dressed in accordance to the overall style exhibited by their Pokémon.

After each Stylist has delivered a performance, the two judges narrow the number of entrants down to three finalists. From those three they choose a winner, a first runner-up, which recognizes best accessories, and a special award for originality. When the results are announced, the grand winner and their Pokémon are crowned and given the chance to work on the Poké Chic campaign photo shoot, while the Stylists who ended in second and third place receive the Accessory Award and the Unique Award, respectively.

Known participants

Stylist Pokémon Place
Dawn   Buneary Winner
Poké Chic campaign
Cocoa   Mismagius Runner-up
Accessory Award
Ash   Pikachu Third
Unique Award
Jessilina   Wobbuffet N/A


Dawn Cocoa Ash Jessilina

Pokémon used in the Collection









Other participants



In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 緣之時裝大會 Yuánzhī Fashion Show
  Finnish Hearthome Collection
  French Grand défilé d'Unionpolis
  German Herzhofen-Kollektion
  Italian Collezione Cuoripoli
  Korean 연고컬렉션 Yeongo Collection
  Polish Pokaz Mody Hearthome
Portuguese   Brazil Coleção Hearthome
  Portugal Colecção Coração
Spanish   Latin America Colección Corazonada
  Spain Pasarela Corazón

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