P1 Grand Prix

The Pokémon Number One Grand Prix, known better as the P1 Grand Prix, is a special Pokémon battle tournament run by Silph Co. held especially for Fighting-type Pokémon in Celadon City. Each Pokémon Trainer enters only one Pokémon and engages in a series of one-on-one knockout rounds. The prize is a golden championship belt. It was featured in The Punchy Pokémon and referenced again in A Tyrogue Full of Trouble.

Art from the Game Freak website
The setting for the competition

Ash's Primeape and Brock's Geodude both entered into the P1 Grand Prix. However, Geodude was knocked out by Giant's Hitmonlee, which was under Jessie's ownership at the time. Primeape won the tournament and belt after defeating several competitors over four rounds including this same Hitmonlee.

The P1 Grand Prix's definition of "Fighting-type Pokémon" for the tournament seems to be based on one from the Pokémon Trading Card Game rather than the Pokémon games or Pokémon anime, as Ground- and Rock-type Pokémon like Brock's Geodude were able to enter. In the TCG, Fighting, Ground, and Rock are all considered a single type. The TCG Fighting symbol appears on the poster advertising the tournament in the Fighting Spirit Gym.

Notable competitors

Ash and Primeape after winning the tournament
Participant Pokémon Place
Ash   Primeape Winner
"Giant"   Hitmonlee Runner-up
Anthony   Hitmonchan Top 4
Brock   Geodude Round 1

Pokémon used in the P1 Grand Prix

Ash Ketchum








Other competitors



  • Contradicting Japanese sources, Pokémon.com states the tournament is held in the outskirts of Fuchsia City.
  • Pokémon.com refers to the full name of the tournament as the number one Pokémon Grand Prix.

In other languages

Language Title
  Finnish P1 Grand Prix
  French Tournoi P1
  German P1 Grand-Prix
  Italian Gran Premio P1
  Polish Grand Prix P1
  Brazilian Portuguese Grand Prix P1
  Spanish Grand Prix P-1

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