Sumo Conference

The Sumo Conference is an anime-exclusive Pokémon Sumo tournament held annually in Rikishii Town, Johto.

A sumo match between two Pokémon


The prizes available upon achieving victory in the Sumo Conference is a King's Rock and a year's supply of Pokémon food. Pokémon entered in the competition must weigh 80 kg (176.4 lbs.) or more. Only basic physical moves are allowed, and the goal is to eventually throw the opponent out of the sumo ring. If the executive of the Sumo Conference—Shonosuke—is present and catches a law-breaking move that the referee didn't see, he will make a protest against the referee and reveal what law was broken. The referee will then disqualify the law-breaking Trainer.

In Ring Masters, when Ash and his friends visited Rikishii Town, the 35th annual Pokémon Sumo Conference was taking place. Ash decided to enter the competition with his Snorlax, and managed to win the competition after defeating former champion Raiden, being the first rookie to ever win the competition.


Trainer Pokémon Place
Ash   Snorlax Winner
Raiden   Feraligatr Runner-up
(Previous winner)
"Jessiyaki"  ( ) "Milky"
(Wobbuffet in disguise)
Other Pokémon


  • There were many Pokémon that, despite their weight in the Pokédex being under the minimum weight qualifications, had entered the competition. However, it is possible that Pokémon have varying weights in the anime, unlike in the games. Although Wobbuffet in costume weighted exactly 80 kg, these Pokémon were:

In other languages

Language Title
  German Pokémon Sumo
  Italian Conferenza di Sumo
  Polish Konferencja/Zawody Pokémon Sumo
Spanish   Latin America Conferencia de Pokémon sumo
  Spain Competición de sumo Pokémon

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