Poké Puff Contest

The Poké Puff Contest (Japanese: ポフレコンテスト Pofflé Contest) is an anime-exclusive competition held in an unnamed town between Cyllage City and Geosenge Town. It was featured in A Battle by Any Other Name!.

The Poké Puff Contest


The Poké Puff Contest consists of two rounds, a preliminary round and a final round. It has several competitors make Poké Puffs, with the Poké Puffs being judged by Gena, a world famous Poké Puff master. All competitors are allowed to use one Pokémon to help them with making the Poké Puffs.

Before the competition, Ash and his friends met Miette, who was planning to enter with her Slurpuff. Miette sparked a rivalry with Serena, and as such Bonnie proposed they should both enter the competition to see who is the best Poké Puff maker. They both managed to pass the preliminary round, together with the Berrybaker kids.

In the final round, Serena made a Poké Puff with a Passho Berry topping, while Miette made a Poké Puff made of cotton candy and whipped cream, with a Tamato Berry topping. It turned out they both lost however, as the win went to the Berrybaker kids. This caused Serena and Miette to settle their rivalry and become friends.

Known competitors

The three finalists of the Poké Puff Contest
Competitor Pokémon Place
Berrybaker kids   Makuhita Winners
Serena   Fennekin Top 3
Miette   Slurpuff Top 3
Jessie and James   Meowth Preliminary round

Pokémon used in the competition



Jessie and James




Berrybaker kids


Other competitors


In other languages

Language Title
  Finnish Pokéleivoskilpailu
  French Concours de Pofiteroles
  German Pofflés-Wettbewerb
  Italian Concorso di Pokébignè
  Polish Konkurs Poképtysiów
  Brazilian Portuguese Concurso de Pokélinas
  Spanish Concurso de Pokélitos

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