Big P Pokémon Race

The Big P Pokémon Race is a race held at the Laramie Big P Ranch in Safari Land to decide who has the best Pokémon raised at the ranch. The winner becomes an honorary member of the Laramie clan. The night before the race, a festival commemorating the event is held in Laramie Village. Although it is mainly entered by Trainers and one of their Pokémon, Pokémon are apparently allowed to enter as teams without a Trainer as well.

The Big P Pokémon Race

The race starts on a straight road. After this, an uphill climb over a steep hill follows. On the other side of the hill, the course goes down. The course continues over a set of rocks in a pond. The Pokémon either have to jump over the rocks or swim across the pond. Afterwards, the course goes downhill again, but this time, there are plates of Pokémon food located on rocks where the Pokémon are required to finish a bowl of food. Once the participants have passed this section, they travel a straight road to the finish line.

In The Flame Pokémon-athon!, Ash and his friends met Lara Laramie, who told them about the race. Lara was going to enter, but she was forced to pull out after she broke her arm while trying to wrangle some Tauros. Seeing potential in Ash, she had him replace her in the race. Rival competitor Dario teamed up with Team Rocket to sabotage the other competitors chances. However Ash narrowly won over Dario, with a close finish, after Lara's Ponyta evolved mid-race into Rapidash.

Known competitors

Participant Pokémon Place
Ash*   PonytaRapidash Winner
Dario   Dodrio Runner-up
Ash's Pikachu   Squirtle DNF
Misty   Starmie DNF
Brock   Onix DNF

Pokémon used in the Big P Pokémon Race

Ash Ketchum

Ponyta → Rapidash

Ash's Pikachu








Other competitors


In other languages

Language Title
  Italian Grande corsa Pokémon
  Polish Turniej Jeździecki Pokémon
  Spanish Grand Prix Pokémon

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