Tour de Alto Mare

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The Tour de Alto Mare (Japanese: ポケモン水上レース Pokémon Water Race) is an anime-exclusive water chariot tournament held annually in Alto Mare, Johto. It was featured in Pokémon Heroes: Latios & Latias.

Ash racing with his Totodile, guided by Latias and Latios
The prize for winning the competition


During the competition, Trainers race on floating platforms pulled by Water-type Pokémon through Alto Mare's canals. There are security guards stationed around the course and most connecting waterways are either cleared or blocked off to avoid collisions with ships. Winners are awarded a glass medallion, an ode to Venice's historic blown glass-making industry, depicting the Legendary Latias and Latios surrounding the Soul Dew.

Pokémon entered in the tournament

Trainer Pokémon Place
Misty   Corsola Winner
Ross   Wailmer Runner-up
Ash   Totodile DNF
Other Pokémon

In other languages

Language Title
  Finnish Vesi-Pokémon-kilpa
  German Wasser-Pokémon-Wettrennen
  Italian Giro di Alto Mare
  Spanish Tour de Altomare
  Swedish Tour de Alto Mare


  • The Tour de Alto Mare contains many references to annual boating festivals like the Vogalonga and Regata Storica, which are held in Venice; Venice itself served as the real-life inspiration for Alto Mare.

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