Festival Battle Challenge

The Festival Battle Challenge (Japanese: フタバ祭りバトル大会 Futaba Festival Battle Tournament) is an anime-exclusive tournament held in Twinleaf Town, which consists of Single Battles. It is the main event of the annual Twinleaf Festival.

The setting for the competition

In the year that Johanna was elected the festival's chairperson, the winner was awarded with a gold trophy and given the opportunity to battle Palmer, head of Sinnoh's Battle Tower and one of the region's Frontier Brains. The event was featured in Challenging a Towering Figure!.


The Festival Battle Challenge was held on the last day of the Twinleaf Festival. It was emceed by Top Coordinator Johanna, who delivered a brief performance using her Glameow and Umbreon prior to the start of the competition in order to entertain the audience. The battles were refereed by Sayer, while Izzy and Cara watched over the trophy.

The tournament consists of one-on-one matches and Trainers are allowed one Pokémon each. Ash, Dawn, Brock, and Barry had showed interest in battling Palmer and they all decided to enter the tournament. Eventually, Ash and Barry reached the finals, with the match ending in a victory for Ash, who was then given the chance to face off against Palmer.

For his battle against the Tower Tycoon, Ash was allowed to use a different Pokémon in his party and he chose his Grotle. Palmer sent out his Rhyperior, who was said to be a great barrier for challengers of the Battle Tower. During the match, Grotle received a temporary power boost after it accidentally swallowed its own Energy Ball. Despite this, it failed to resist the opponent's Rock Wrecker and ended up losing. After the battle, Palmer complimented Ash on his skills and suggested that he head to Sunyshore City to battle Volkner, the local Gym Leader.

Known contestants

Ash holding the gold trophy he won
Trainer Place
Ash Winner
Barry Runner-up
Dawn Top 4 or Top 8
Brock Top 4 or Top 8

Pokémon entered in the tournament









Other competitors



In other languages

Language Title
  Finnish Festivaaliotteluhaaste
  French Tournoi du Festival
  Italian Sfida di Lotta del Festival
  Polish Konkurs Walk
  Brazilian Portuguese Desafio de Batalha do Festival de Twinleaf
  Spanish Reto de Batalla

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