Magazines in the Pokémon world

Pokémon magazines are printed publications in the Pokémon world that feature a variety of Pokémon-related content. There are many different magazines that suit different tastes; some of them are published to a broader audience, while others target a specific demographic.

Pokémon Journal artwork from Generation I by Ken Sugimori

Pokémon magazines have appeared in the games, anime, and manga. Several characters have demonstrated an interest in magazines, such as Mr. Pokémon, who has a large collection of foreign magazines, and Dawn, who is often shown reading Poké Chic's latest issues. In addition, Alexa works at a publishing house based in Lumiose City.

In the games

Aha! Pokémon Journal

Aha! Pokémon Journal (Japanese: しってなるほどポケモンジャーナル Now I get it! Pokémon Journal) focuses on basic advice and highlights certain gameplay mechanics to help the player. It can be found on the bookshelves at the back of every Pokémon Center in Hoenn in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Location Text
Oldale Town In battle, place the cursor over a move and press the L and A Buttons to read info about the move.
Petalburg City Select and drag the move buttons on the status screen to swap the positions of the moves.
Rustboro City To check the locations of Trainers looking for a rematch, Secret Bases you've found, or Berries ready to harvest, use your AreaNav!
Select the icons you want to check, and blinking icons will point the way.
Dewford Town Time for a poem!
"When to your BuzzNav you give a touch, you can fast-forward, but don't use it too much!"
Don't forget to check out the show, everybody!
Slateport City If a Pokémon with the Super Luck Ability holds a Scope Lens, its critical-hit ratio will be further boosted.
Mauville City Is organizing Boxes overwhelming? Then press START!
Every time you press the button, you can switch the modes for selecting Pokémon.
Verdanturf Town If you want to know your communication status, check the upper-right corner of your PokéNav Plus!
If you have opened the PSS screen once, the icon you see there indicates the current communication status.
Fallarbor Town Do you know the Pokémon move called Sweet Scent? If you use it in tall grass, Pokémon come out in a horde!
Lavaridge Town Use a Fire-type move on a frozen Pokémon, and you can melt the ice.
Fortree City Touch the place you want to fly to on the AreaNav. You can instantly use Fly!
Lilycove City Just like Poison-type Pokémon being immune to poison, Ghost-type Pokémon can flee regardless of Mean Look and Shadow Tag.
Mossdeep City The effects of Secret Power and Nature Power depend on the location. Misty Terrain and Grassy Terrain also change their effects.
Sootopolis City During sandstorms or hail, wild Pokémon protect themselves by going underground with Dig or diving deep into the sea with Dive.
Pacifidlog Town Even when riding on a Pokémon using the HM move Surf, unbelievably, you can still fish!
Let's all enjoy our elegant fishing lifestyles with our Pokémon!
Ever Grande City If you use Trick Room after Trick Room is used, the Pokémon with the higher Speed stat can attack first again.
Battle Resort If Pokémon with the same Speed move at the same time, nobody can tell which Pokémon will move first.

Pokémon Journal

The Pokémon Journal (Japanese: ポケモンジャーナル Pokémon Journal) is a magazine that appears exclusively in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen. It is a gossip magazine with articles that serve as sources for Fame Checker entries.

Most copies of the Pokémon Journal can be found on the bookshelves in the back of Pokémon Centers, though some can be found in other buildings, such as the Pokémon academy in Viridian City, and Celadon Condominiums. Articles that mention Gym Leaders only appear after the player has earned the corresponding Gym Badge, and articles that mention Elite Four members and Mr. Fuji only appear after the player enters the Hall of Fame. Although Pokémon Journals can be found in the Sevii Islands, the newest copy is missing from Four Island according to a Gentleman.

Subject Location Text
Professor Oak and Daisy Oak Viridian City School Prof. Oak reportedly lives with his grandchildren, Daisy and <Rival>.
Daisy Oak Four Island Pokémon Center The Spring Pokémon Contest's Grand Champion is Daisy Oak of Pallet Town!
Mr. Fuji Cinnabar Island Pokémon Center Editor: The shy Mr. Fuji turned down our interview requests. He is a kindly man who is adored and respected in Lavender Town.
Brock Pewter Museum of Science (Back Room) Brock rarely laughs, but is said to be unable to stop if he starts.
Misty Cerulean City Pokémon Center Misty is said to worship Lorelei of the Elite Four.
Lt. Surge Vermilion City Pokémon Center Lt. Surge is rumored to have been a pilot while home in America. He used the electricity generated by Pokémon to power his plane.
Erika Celadon Mansion Rumor has it that if you peek into Celadon Gym, you can often see Erika snoozing.
Koga Warden Slowpoke's House Koga is said to have a thorough knowledge of medicine. He even concocts medicine to nurse his Pokémon to health.
Sabrina Saffron City Pokémon Center People say that Sabrina can communicate with her Pokémon during battle without speaking.
Blaine Resort Gorgeous Blaine is said only to remove his shades when he is thinking up new riddles.
Lorelei Five Island Pokémon Center Known for her logical, calculated, and cool battling style, Lorelei has a surprising secret!
Bruno Pokémon Trainer Fan Club Bruno apparently joined the Elite Four out of his burning ambition to battle the best Trainers.
Agatha Seven Island Pokémon Center In her youth, Agatha and Prof. Oak were rivals.
Lance Indigo Plateau Lance's grandfather is thought to be the elder of a famous clan of dragon masters.


Occulture (Japanese: オーカルチャー Occulture; 月刊 オーカルチャー Monthly Occulture) is a dubious paranormal magazine published in the Paldea region. In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, monthly issues of the magazine can be found in the library in the entrance hall of the Naranja AcademyS/Uva AcademyV school building, as well as in the lighthouse laboratory on Poco Path. In the games, a series of articles relating to Paradox Pokémon, entitled "Enigmas of Paldea", catch the player's eye.

Subject Location Version Issue Text
Roaring Moon Poco Path Scarlet April Enigmas of Paldea, File #04 Roaring Moon: A Primeval Salamence?! This elusive creature is called Roaring Moon after a similarly described being in the Scarlet Book. It looks similar to Salamence when they undergo a certain phenomenon elsewhere in the world, but it’s unclear if there is any connection. This creature scatters feathers as it flies around at high speeds seeking prey. It’s thought to be more savage than Salamence, and if you should encounter one, it’s imperative that you avoid actual contact.
Iron Valiant Poco Path Violet April Enigmas of Paldea, File #04 Iron Valiant: An Experiment Gone Wrong?! This oddity’s name is borrowed from that of an object described in the Violet Book. One theory holds that it is in fact a robot—the product of a mad scientist’s efforts to create the most powerful psychic Pokémon of all. According to its few eyewitnesses, Iron Valiant appears similar to both Gardevoir and Gallade. It’s also said to be cruel enough to take its brilliantly shining blade and cut down anyone confronting it without hesitation.
Flutter Mane Poco Path Scarlet May Enigmas of Paldea, File #05 Flutter Mane: A Ghostly Pterosaur?! Flutter Mane—a name taken from a strange creature with a matching description appearing in the Scarlet Book—is said to float around the sky at night with its long hair writhing about it. Eyewitness accounts describe it as resembling a giant Misdreavus at first glance, albeit a highly fierce and aggressive one. Some believe that it’s a ghost of a pterosaur from a long-gone era.
Iron Hands Poco Path Violet May Enigmas of Paldea, File #05 Iron Hands: Secretly a Cyborg?! This being’s name comes from the one given to an iron-handed entity in the mysterious Violet Book. It is said to have fists that move independent of its body and to be capable of throwing large, fast-moving vehicles. A leading theory holds that Iron Hands was once an athlete who became mortally wounded but was kept alive by being made into a cyborg. Why it so strongly resembles Hariyama, however, remains unanswered.
Brute Bonnet Naranja Academy Scarlet June Enigmas of Paldea, File #06 Brute Bonnet: Amoonguss Meets Dinosaur? This bizarre creature is said to combine traits of dinosaurs with those of the Pokémon Amoonguss. It’s named after a fierce mushroom creature of matching description that appears in the renowned Scarlet Book. Brute Bonnet certainly resembles Amoonguss, though with its own unique twists: its gigantic stature and seemingly low intelligence combine to make it a savage, powerful fighter.
Iron Thorns Uva Academy Violet June Enigmas of Paldea, File #06 Iron Thorns: A Tyranitar of the Distant Future?! A strange being called Iron Thorns has been sighted in a certain cave in Paldea. This being bears a strong resemblance to Tyranitar, but it apparently displays great coolheadedness and prefers to avoid unnecessary fights. It appears to be highly intelligent and clad in metallic armor, causing some to speculate that it may be a Tyranitar as it would appear a billion years from now. Its name comes from a similarly described entity that appears in the Violet Book.
Sandy Shocks Naranja Academy Scarlet July Enigmas of Paldea, File #07 Sandy Shocks: A Magneton with a 10-Thousand-Year Lifespan?! Some scientists claim that this mysterious being is a Magneton that has lived for 10 thousand years. It has been sighted numerous times in Paldea’s more arid regions, but there are no reports of it ever having been caught. It’s said that Sandy Shocks is an aggressive sort and that some people who’ve seen it have been attacked as well. It takes its name from a beast with a matching description in the era-defining Scarlet Book.
Iron Jugulis Uva Academy Violet July Enigmas of Paldea, File #07 Iron Jugulis: Pokémon or Machine?! This flying life-form bearing a resemblance to Hydreigon has been seen in a certain corner of Paldea. It was reported to have razed an entire building with a high-energy blast, then flown off as if to find its next objective. Iron Jugulis is theorized to be a sort of machine-Hydreigon hybrid, as it combines the former’s ruthlessness with the latter’s ferocity. It takes its name from a similarly described entity in the Violet Book.
Slither Wing Naranja Academy Scarlet August Enigmas of Paldea, File #08 Slither Wing: A Prehistoric Volcarona, Revived?! There have been precious few sightings reported of the ultra-mysterious Slither Wing, a being whose name is taken from that of a similar-seeming creature described in the ever-puzzling Scarlet Book. Slither Wing shares traits with Volcarona, so some theorize that it may have been revived from fossils from a prehistoric era that we have discussed in these pages. However, no Volcarona fossils of that era are known to have been found.
Iron Moth Uva Academy Violet August Enigmas of Paldea, File #08 Iron Moth: A UFO Sent to Spy on Humankind?! The name Iron Moth was borrowed from that of a flying object described in the era-defining Violet Book. It was said to resemble Volcarona and would descend from the skies, following people around and occasionally even attacking them. Some point to Iron Moth’s aggression as a sign that it is, in fact, a UFO of sorts being controlled by alien life. Perhaps something out there is using Iron Moth to observe us, waiting for the moment to mount an invasion...
Great Tusk Naranja Academy Scarlet September Enigmas of Paldea, File #09 Great Tusk: A Living Relic of the Dinosaur Era?! In one arid corner of Paldea, there have been reports of a mysterious life-form. It’s said to resemble a Donphan at first glance, albeit one with gigantic tusks, tough scales, and an aggressive disposition. Leading theories hold that this being is nothing less than a living relic of the dinosaur era, but no one can say for sure. Apparently, it’s called Great Tusk after the name of a strange being that was written about in the mysterious Scarlet Book.
Iron Treads Uva Academy Violet September Enigmas of Paldea, File #09 Iron Treads: An Alien Weapon?! In one arid corner of Paldea, there have been reports of a mysterious life-form. It’s said to resemble a Donphan at first glance, albeit one that can abruptly assume a spherical shape and launch into a swift rolling attack. Rumors say this being is some kind of weapon using technology not of this world, but no one can say for sure. Apparently, it’s called Iron Treads after the name of a strange being that was written about in the mysterious Violet Book.
Scream Tail Naranja Academy Scarlet October Enigmas of Paldea, File #10 Scream Tail: A Billion-Year-Old Jigglypuff?! Somewhere in a Paldean forest, it’s said, lurks Scream Tail—a being with Jigglypuff’s own endearing puffball appearance but also a ferocious aggression that leads it to attack anyone who comes near. Its primitive appearance and savage nature have prompted rumors that it could be a Jigglypuff from one billion years ago. It’s named after a creature in the Scarlet Book that is described as having a distinctive tail and scream.
Iron Bundle Uva Academy Violet October Enigmas of Paldea, File #10 Iron Bundle: An Ancient Civilization’s Robot?! The mysterious Violet Book makes reference to a being called Iron Bundle, which was said to look like Delibird and to possess a spherical apparatus from which it would fire huge blasts of ice to propel itself through snowy lands. Plenty of theories about it have been floated. A leading one suggests it is the product of a long-gone civilization—a notion supported by ancient writings that describe the design and usage of machines resembling Iron Bundle.

In other languages

Language Name Origin
Japanese 月刊オーカルチャー Gekkan Ōkaruchā From オカルト okaruto (occult) and カルチャー karuchā (culture).
English Occulture From occult and culture.
French Occulture From occulte (occult) and culture.
German O-Kult From Okkult (occult).
Italian Settimana Occultistica From La Settimana Enigmistica and occultistico (occultistic).
Spanish Ocultura From oculto (occult) and cultura (culture).
Korean 월간 오컬처 Transliteration of English and Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 月刊OH!超自然文化 From OH! (English exclamation) and 超自然文化 (supernatural culture)
Chinese (Cantonese) 月刊OH!超自然文化 From OH! (English exclamation) and 超自然文化 (supernatural culture)

Other magazines

  • Adorable Pokémon: A magazine published in Sinnoh, Unova, and Hoenn. It can be found in Pokémon Centers and some homes.
  • Pokémon Fan: Mr. Fuji subscribes to this magazine. It runs contests and has a Monthly Grand Prize Drawing. It may be affiliated with the Pokémon Fan Club.
  • Pokémon Graph: A magazine presumably published in Kanto and Johto. It can be found in some Kanto and Johto homes.
  • Pokémon Handbook: A magazine published in Sinnoh, Unova, and Hoenn. It can be found in Pokémon Centers and some homes. It is also shown in some Kanto and Johto homes.
  • Pokémon Insider: A magazine owned by Mr. Fuji.
  • Pokémon Pal: A magazine published in Sinnoh, Hoenn, and Unova. It can be found in Pokémon Centers and some homes. It is also shown in some Kanto and Johto homes.
  • Art: The Scenic Route: A magazine published in Paldea. It can be found in the library in the entrance hall of Naranja AcademyS/Uva AcademyV.
  • Paldean Sports Monthly: A magazine published in Paldea. It can be found in the library in the entrance hall of Naranja Academy/Uva Academy.
  • Sweet Truth: A magazine published in Paldea. It can be found in the library in the entrance hall of Naranja Academy/Uva Academy.
  • The Musician's Register: A magazine published in Paldea. It can be found in the library in the entrance hall of Naranja Academy/Uva Academy.

In the anime

Coordinator Monthly

An issue of Coordinator Monthly

Coordinator Monthly (Japanese: ポケモンコーディネーターマガジン Pokémon Coordinator Magazine) is a monthly magazine published in the Hoenn region that caters to Pokémon Coordinators. It made an appearance in Delcatty Got Your Tongue.

After seeing a picture of Dr. Abby holding the Ribbon Cup with her Skitty, nicknamed Johnny, May remembered reading an article about her in the magazine. She showed the group an issue which had a feature on legendary Coordinators, detailing how Abby was once a contestant in the Grand Festival who entered as a total unknown and against all odds rose up to beat the favorite and become a Top Coordinator. The article also revealed that Abby obtained a perfect score in the Appeals Round and performed well in the Contest Battles, but retired after winning. Furthermore, it said that Abby was living somewhere near Verdanturf Town.

Coordinator Monthly seems to cover a wide range of topics related to Pokémon Contests, which includes publishing biographies of famous Coordinators and information on their Pokémon.

National Pokégraphic

National Pokégraphic (Japanese: ナショナル ポケグラフィック National Pokégraphic) is a magazine published in the Johto region that caters to Pokémon Professors. It was mentioned by Professor Elm in Don't Touch That 'dile when he was talking to Professor Oak over the videophone. It is known that one issue had an article in which Elm answered some of the questions that were made to Oak during a meeting of the Pokémon Symposium.

Its name comes from National Geographic, a science magazine which covers a range of topics related to geography, history, and culture from around the globe.

Poké Chic

An issue of Poké Chic

Poké Chic (Japanese: ポケキャン PokéCan) is a fashion magazine published in the Sinnoh region that caters to Pokémon Stylists. It focuses on fashion trends, featuring outfits and accessories for Pokémon. Hermione serves as the editor-in-chief for the publication.

It first appeared in The Bells Are Singing!, where Dawn was seen reading it along with her Buneary. In Arriving in Style!, it was announced that the winner of the Hearthome Collection, a fashion show open to the general public, would get the chance to work on a photo shoot for the magazine.

It was seen again in Battling The Generation Gap!, when Dawn showed Ash an issue featuring the renowned Poké Stylist Lila and her Delcatty. In A Trainer and Child Reunion!, when Officer Jenny told Ash and his friends that Aaron from the Sinnoh Elite Four was conducting a public training session, Dawn mentioned that one of Poké Chic's issues featured Aaron on the cover and had an article about his training session. She later asked him to sign an autograph on her copy of the magazine.

It made another appearance in Memories are Made of Bliss!, when Johanna handed Dawn an issue with Paris and her Lopunny on the cover, telling Dawn that Buneary had been offered the chance to become a Pokémon model for Poké Chic.

Poké Chic's Japanese name, PokéCan, comes from AneCan, a monthly magazine published in Japan by Shogakukan which offers information on fashion and related topics for women.

Pokémon Friend

An issue of Pokémon Friend

One of Brock's favorite magazines. Delia Ketchum was once a cover model for this magazine.

One issue had a Butterfree on the cover and it contained an article about Stone Town and Evolution stones, seen in The Battling Eevee Brothers.

Max showed off several collectible photographs of Professor Oak that he received from some issues of Pokémon Friend magazine in A Six Pack Attack.

Pokémon Monthly

In Journey to the Starting Line!, Masae told Professor Oak that a new edition of Pokémon Monthly magazine had been released, but he was too preoccupied to buy a copy because a Bulbasaur, a Charmander, and a Squirtle had escaped from his laboratory.

Pokémon Researchers Monthly

Pokémon Researchers Monthly (Japanese: ポケモン研究者月刊 Pokémon Researcher Monthly) is a monthly magazine published in the Kanto region and the Orange Archipelago that caters to Pokémon Researchers. It was mentioned in Poké Ball Peril.

Professor Oak and Professor Ivy have had their articles published in the magazine. During a videophone call, Oak revealed he had recently read Ivy's preliminary report on "Pokémon adaptive variation as a function of regional distribution." He complimented the work of his colleague by saying it was quite persuasive. Hearing that, Ivy mentioned she had read the article on "challenges facing anthro-Pokémon global cohabitation" written by Professor Oak, which she found fascinating.

Pokémon Time Magazine

Todd showed Ash and his friends an edition of Pokémon Time Magazine, which featured his photograph of Aerodactyl in Pokémon Paparazzi. The article helped launch Todd's photography career.

The magazine's name appears to be a reference to Time, a popular magazine in the United States.

Team Rocket Gazette

In Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea, James read the Team Rocket Gazette to find out that the Egg May was holding was a Manaphy Egg. He also found out that The Phantom was after the Egg and that lots of money was being rewarded for it. Inside the magazine, an advertisement for Team Rocket's Meowth balloon and a picture resembling the Team Rocket trio was able to be seen.

Unnamed magazines

Several unnamed magazines are seen in Zoroark: Master of Illusions, during Karl's narration of Grings Kodai's career and reputation.

In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

An issue of Monthly Rock-type Magazine

Monthly Rock-type Magazine (Japanese: 月刊いわ TYPE MAGAZINE Monthly Rock-type Magazine) is a magazine dedicated to Rock-type Pokémon and Rock-type specialists. It first appeared in Fast-Thinking Froakie. Clemont received an issue of the magazine after telling Grant that he had never heard of the famous Rhyhorn racer Grace. The issue he was given contained an article about Grace as well as her daughter Y.

A similar magazine dedicated to Electric-type Pokémon and Electric-type specialists appeared in PSs2. This issue detailed the discovery of the ultimate Electric-type move, Volt Tackle. Due to a speech bubble covering the panel this magazine appeared on, only the words (Japanese: でんきタ) were visible, leaving the magazine's full name unknown.

In other languages

Pokémon Friend

Language Title
  Danish Pokémon Friend
  Dutch Pokémon Friend
  French Magazine de Pokémon
  German Pokémon Freund
  Italian Pokémon amici
  Norwegian Pokémon Friend
  Polish Przyjaciel Pokémonów
  Brazilian Portuguese Amigo Pokémon
  European Spanish Amigo Pokémon
  Swedish Pokémon vänner

Pokémon Researchers Monthly

Language Title
  Swedish Pokémon-forskarnas månadstidning

National Pokégraphic

Language Title
  Dutch National Pokégraphic
  German National Pokégraphic
  Polish National Pokégraphic
  Brazilian Portuguese Nacional Pokégraphica
  Swedish National Pokégraphic

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