Orange League

The Orange League (Japanese: オレンジリーグ Orange League) is the regional Pokémon League of the Orange Archipelago. It consists of four regular Gym Leaders and one Supreme Gym Leader, all of whom form the Orange Crew (Japanese: サザンクロス Southern Cross). It has been established for over 300 years.

An Orange League poster

The Orange League is perhaps the least conventional of all the existing regional Pokémon Leagues, as it focuses less on Pokémon battling and more on how Trainers interact with their individual Pokémon in many different circumstances. Trainers taking the Orange League challenge are said to be tougher than those in the Indigo League. Competing in the Orange League is different from competing in other Pokémon Leagues: Trainers must earn only four Gym Badges instead of the usual eight. Additionally, there is no Pokémon League Conference.

According to Tracey, young Trainers from the Orange Archipelago typically begin their journey on Tangelo Island and work their way around the islands, winning Badges along the way. The Trainers' final destination is Pummelo Island, where the top Gym Leader in the Orange Crew, called the Orange Crew Supreme Gym Leader, can be battled. Those who defeat the Supreme Gym Leader in a Full Battle take the title of Honored Trainer*, as well as the coveted Winner's Trophy. A photo featuring the winning Trainer with the trophy on hand and all six Pokémon that have participated in the Full Battle will be kept in the Palace of Victory, together with the footprints of the Trainer and the Pokémon.

The Orange League has only been featured in the anime and in the manga The Electric Tale of Pikachu, as the Orange Archipelago is not accessible in any of the games.

Gym Leaders

Orange League
Anime-exclusive Region: Orange Archipelago
Gym Leader
Challenge Prize
アツミ Atsumi
Mikan Island
Natsukan Island
Water Gun target test
Surfing race
Coral-Eye Badge
ダン Dan
Navel Island
Navel Island
Climb mountain (to qualify)
Freeze a geyser race
Build a Toboggan
Toboggan race
Sea Ruby Badge
ジギー Ziggy
Trovita Island
Yuzu Island
Target test
Same-type Pokémon battle
Spike Shell Badge
ルリコ Ruriko
Kumquat Island
Liǔchéng Island
Double Battle  
Jade Star Badge
Supreme Gym Leader
ヘッドリーダー ユウジ
Head Leader Yūji
Pummelo Island
Kankitsu Island
Full Battle  
Winner's Trophy
Honor at the
Palace of Victory


  • The Japanese title of the Orange Crew, Southern Cross, is a reference to the real Southern Cross constellation that marks the southern sky. It consists of four main stars in a kite shape and a smaller one near the middle. It is often used as a symbol for real countries in the southern hemisphere, such as Australia and Brazil, and also the Orange Archipelago, which is located south of the Kanto region. The locations of the four Orange League Gyms correspond with the main stars in the Southern Cross, with Pummelo Island near the center.
  • This is the first Pokémon League that Ash won, and had been the only one until Ash won the Manalo Conference.

In other languages

Orange League

Language Title
  Danish Orange Ligaen
  Finnish Oranssiliiga
  European French Ligue Orange
  German Orange Liga
  Italian Lega d'Orange
  Norwegian Orangeligan
  Polish Pomarańczowa Liga
  Portuguese Liga Laranja
  Brazilian Portuguese Liga Laranja
  Spanish Liga Naranja
  Swedish Apelsinligan
  Turkish Portakal Ligi

Orange Crew

Language Title
  Danish Orange Holdet
  European French Équipe Orange
  Italian Squadra Orange
  Polish Drużyna Pomarańczowych*
Pomarańczowa Załoga*
  Brazilian Portuguese Equipe Laranja
  Swedish Apelsingänget

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