Winner's Trophy

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The Winner's Trophy (Japanese: ウィナーズカップ Winner's Cup) is the prize for championing the Orange League.

The Winner's Trophy
An older version of the trophy

In the anime

The Winner's Trophy is awarded only to Pokémon Trainers skilled enough to defeat the Orange Crew Supreme Gym Leader in a Full Battle in addition to gathering the four Gym Badges from the Gym Leaders of the Orange Crew after the completion of several different tasks. Trainers who earn the Winner's Trophy are honored in the Palace of Victory forever as Honored Trainers* of the Orange League.

The modern version of Winner's Trophy is a gold trophy consisting of a conical base, an upside-down elongated tetrahedron made of metal sticks, and a silver-winged golden depiction of a Master Ball.

In A Shipful of Shivers, it was revealed that Captain won an older version of the Winner's Trophy 300 years ago using his Gastly and Haunter.

Ash earned the Winner's Trophy in Enter The Dragonite after defeating Drake at Pummelo Stadium. In A Tent Situation, Ash left it at his home in Pallet Town. The trophy reappeared in Ash's room in Legend? Go! Friends? Go!.

Known winners

In other languages

Language Title
  European French Trophée du Vainqueur
  German Orange Liga Trophäe
  Italian Trofeo del Vincitore
  Polish Puchar Zwyciężców (EP111, EP113-EP115)
Puchar Zwyciężcy (EP112)
Puchar Zwycięstwa (EP111)
  Brazilian Portuguese Troféu de Campeão
  European Spanish Trofeo del Vencedor
  Swedish Segrarens trofé

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