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Kumquat Island
リュウチン島 Liucheng Island
Kumquat Island.png
Region Orange Archipelago
Anime debut Pokémon Double Trouble
Gym info
LuanaSmall.png Leader: Luana Jade Star Badge.png
Challenge: Double Battle
Badge: Jade Star Badge
Location of Kumquat Island in the Orange Archipelago

Kumquat Island (Japanese: リュウチン島 Liucheng Island) is located in the northern region of the Orange Archipelago. It is a well known luxury resort. It is famous for its great hotels, beautiful beach, and natural hot springs.

Kumquat Island is home to the fourth and final Gym that leads to the Orange League. The resident Gym Leader, Luana, also owns the Kumquat Hotel.


Places of interest

Kumquat Gym

Main article: Kumquat Gym

The Gym in Kumquat Island is the main place of interest. Not only is it a Gym, but it is also a large hotel building. Any Gym challengers will automatically get a deluxe suite to stay at during their visit free of charge. Inside, on the first floor, is a dance room where Pokémon Trainers can drop off their Pokémon to get their Pokémon into shape. Past the dance room is the Gym stadium, where the challenger and the Gym Leader have their Gym Battle.

In the back of the Gym/hotel is a jacuzzi where the Trainers can relax with their Pokémon.

The Gym Leader of the Gym is Luana. The Gym battle will be a Double Battle, but the battle will end only when one Pokémon faints, not both. The opposing side of the fainted Pokémon will then be declared the winner. If the challenger should defeat the Gym Leader, they will get a Jade Star Badge.

Pokémon seen on Kumquat Island


Name origin

Language Name Origin
Japanese リュウチン島 Liucheng Tō From 柳橙 liǔchéng, Taiwanese for orange
English, German Kumquat Island From kumquat, a small citrus fruit
French Île Citrus From citrus
Italian Isola Kumquat From its English name
Spanish Isla Kumquat From its English name
Korean 구아바섬 Guava Seom From guava
Polish Wyspa Kumquat From its English name
Chinese 榴柑島 / 榴柑岛 Liúgān Dǎo / Làuhgām Dóu* From 榴 liú / làuh (partial transliteration of Japanese name) and 柑 gān / gām (citrus)
龍神島 Lóngshén Dǎo* Misinterpretation of Japanese name as Ryūjin (龍神), dragon god

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