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Sunburst Island
ポンカン島 Ponkan Island
Sunburst Island.png
Region Orange Archipelago
Anime debut The Crystal Onix
Location of Sunburst Island in the Orange Archipelago

Sunburst Island (Japanese: ポンカン島 Ponkan Island) is located in the southwestern region of the Orange Archipelago. It is known for its high-quality glassblowing shops. People come from around the world to see them. It has a high quantity of crystal everywhere, making it a perfect place for crystal sculptors. It seems to not have a Pokémon Center, so this is probably not a suitable place for Pokémon Trainers.

The main island features a smaller island, which is connected to the main island by a sandbar, but the path is only accessible at low tide. It is a small island with a forest surrounding multiple entrances to the Crystal caves. A Crystal Onix that is immune to Water-type attacks dwells within the crystal caves.


Places of Interest

Town market

The main street operates like a bazaar and has many glassware shops, where the products are made and sold on site. The area features many brick building with gray pavement. It appears to be separate from the main settlement, which lies close to a port.

Crystal shop

The store is nestled amongst the town market, where Mateo, his Charmeleon, and Marissa sell their handcrafted Pokémon Crystal sculptures amongst other glassware.

Crystal caves

A place where the crystal sculptors can gather crystal for their shops. There is a large lake in the middle where the Crystal Onix dwells.

Pokémon seen on Sunburst Island


Name origin

Language Name Origin
Japanese ポンカン島 Ponkan Tō From ponkan, a citrus hybrid
English, German Sunburst Island From sunburst, a variety of tangerine
French Île Caramel From caramel
Italian Isola Sunburst From its English name
Spanish Isla Sunburst From its English name
Korean 탐나귤섬 Tamnagyul Seom From 탐나다 to covet and 귤 tangerine
Chinese 椪柑島 / 椪柑岛 Pènggān Dǎo / Punggām Dóu From 椪柑 pènggān / punggām (ponkan)
Danish Sunburst-øen From English name
Polish Wyspa Słońca From słońce (sun)
Swedish Sunburst-ön From English name

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