Sunburst Island

Sunburst Island
ポンカン島 Ponkan Island
Sunburst Island.png
Region Orange Archipelago
Anime debut The Crystal Onix
Location of Sunburst Island in the Orange Archipelago

Sunburst Island (Japanese: ポンカン島 Ponkan Island) is located in the southwestern region of the Orange Archipelago.

The crystal caves

Sunburst is known for its high-quality crystal glass goods produced by the many glass makers, like Mateo, who call the island home. People come from around the world to see them. The distinctive blue crystal is locally sourced from the island's caves, and is typically blown and sculpted into shape.

The main island is connected to a smaller island with crystal caves by a sandbar, but the path is only accessible at low tide.

Ash and his friends arrived on Sunburst in The Crystal Onix after coming across a message in a bottle. The sender, a local girl called Marissa hoped someone would assist her in finding the legendary Crystal Onix to inspire her older brother Mateo, who was struggling to live up to his own expectations. With the help of Tracey's Marill the group found the crystal caves and the Crystal Onix. Mateo realized that its glass skin gave it a special resistance to Water-type attacks and he would have to use a different type of attack to weaken it so he used his Charmeleon and attacked it with Fire Spin. It seemed to have a weakness to Fire-type attacks, unlike other Onix. Mateo was just about to capture it when he realized that he didn't need to. Just battling it gave him the inspiration he needed to create glass Pokémon sculptures, as it did his grandfather.

Pokémon seen on Sunburst Island

Mateo's Charmeleon
Mateo's Cloyster
Crystal Onix


Name origin

Language Name Origin
Japanese ポンカン島 Ponkan Tō From ponkan, a citrus hybrid
English, German Sunburst Island From sunburst, a variety of tangerine
French Île Caramel From caramel
Italian Isola Sunburst From its English name
Spanish Isla Sunburst From its English name
Korean 탐나귤섬 Tamnagyul Seom From 탐나다 to covet and 귤 tangerine
Chinese 椪柑島 / 椪柑岛 Pènggān Dǎo / Punggām Dóu From 椪柑 pènggān / punggām (ponkan)
Danish Sunburst-øen From English name
Polish Wyspa Słońca From słońce (sun)
Swedish Sunburst-ön From English name

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