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Ascorbia Island
ウンシュウ島 Unshiu Island
Ascorbia Island.png
Region Orange Archipelago
Anime debut The Pokémon Water War
Location of Ascorbia Island in the Orange Archipelago

Ascorbia Island (Japanese: ウンシュウ島 Unshiu Island) is a large island in the northeastern part of the Orange Archipelago. It is home to many towns and big port cities, and is seen as a "big city" island, much like Mandarin Island North. It is also home to many large apartment buildings. It appeared in The Pokémon Water War.

On this island, Captain Aidan trains Wartortle and its evolutions, Squirtle and Blastoise to be firefighters. There is also an Officer Jenny in this town.


Places of interest


Instead of a beach like most cities, this island has a port at the beginning, with many warehouses and construction trucks.

Fire station

The headquarters of Captain Aidan and his firefighting team. This is where he and others train their team of Squirtle, Wartortle, and Blastoise. In the back are test buildings to help the teams put out fires, a jungle gym to train their maneuverability, and a track ring for physical exercise. There is a machine that fired flying targets with which the Turtle Pokémon can practice their Water Gun. The building itself is huge, but the inside was not shown.

Team Blastoise uses their Hydro Pump to put out the big fires, Team Squirtle are used in tight areas, and Team Wartortle have the perfect combination of Squirtle's maneuverability and Blastoise's power.

Abandoned log cabin

An abandoned cabin in the middle of the woods was used as Team Rocket's hideout when they captured Pikachu, Squirtle and Team Wartortle.

Pokémon seen on Ascorbia Island


Name origin

Language Name Origin
Japanese ウンシュウ島 Unshiu Tō From 温州蜜柑 unshū mikan (satsuma orange)
English, German Ascorbia Island From its Japanese name
Italian Isola Ascorbia From its English name
Korean 온주귤섬 Onjugyul Seom From 온주감귤 (溫州柑橘) onju-gamgyul, satsuma orange
Chinese 蜜柑島 / 蜜柑岛 Mìgān Dǎo / Mahtgām Dóu* From 蜜柑 mìgān / mahtgām (satsuma orange)
云集岛 Yúnjí Dǎo* From Japanese 雲集 unshū

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