Trovita Island

Trovita Island
ユズ島 Yuzu Island
Trovita Island.png
Region Orange Archipelago
Anime debut Misty Meets Her Match
Gym info
RudySmall.png Leader: Rudy Spike Shell Badge.png
Challenge: Attack test,
3-on-3 Pokémon battle
Badge: Spike Shell Badge
Location of Trovita Island in the Orange Archipelago

Trovita Island (Japanese: ユズ島 Yuzu Island) is a small isle off the western coast of Mandarin Island South in the Orange Archipelago. Trovita Island is surrounded by large rocks that were formed millions of years ago when the island rose out of the ocean. The Spike Shell Badge reflects this unique island trait. It is also not rare for Whirlpools to appear around the island.

Trovita Island is home to Rudy, the third member of the Orange Crew, and his sister Mahri. The Trovita Gym is a large stadium.

Places of interest


At the beginning of the island, there are docks to unload visitors to the island from ferries or other boats.

Trovita River

A river runs through the island off to the side. The Gym Leader uses this river as the beginning test of the Gym. As Trainers go down the river in a speed boat, they must destroy all or all but one of the targets with their Pokémon. There is no limit to the Pokémon being used to destroy the targets. Eventually, the river ends by the Gym.

Trovita Gym

Main article: Trovita Gym

Trovita Gym is a fairly large Gym that almost looks like a police station. Inside the main doors is a large waiting room with a front desk, a telephone, snack vendors and soda machines, and a table and bench booth. Here, the challenger tells the Gym Leader what type of Pokémon they will be using. Because of the Gym rules, the Gym Leader, Rudy, must also use the same type of Pokémon.

The Gym Leader also lives in the Gym, so there is a living area, kitchen, and dining area. In the back is a training area where there is Gym equipment, where Rudy has his Pokémon dance to raise their speed.

Trovita Stadium

Trovita Stadium is part of the Gym, and is a large rock formation on the other side of the island. This is where the challenger and the Leader battle. To get to it, there are two bridges the challenger and Leader have to walk over to get to the Stadium. Spectators who are with the Trainer are allowed to watch the battle from above in a hot air balloon. If the challenger wins, they get the Spike Shell Badge.

Pokémon seen on Trovita Island

Rudy's Pidgeot
Rudy's Venomoth
Rudy's Ninetales
Rudy's Alakazam
Rudy's Golem
Mahri's Seel
Rudy's Exeggutor
Rudy's Hitmonchan
Rudy's Rhydon
Rudy's Starmie
Rudy's Electabuzz


Name origin

Language Name Origin
Japanese ユズ島 Yuzu Tō From 柚子 yuzu, a citrus fruit originating from East Asia
English, German Trovita Island From trovita, a variety of sweet orange
French Île Tartofou From tarte aux fruits (fruit tart)
Italian Isola Trovita From its English name
Spanish Isla Trobita* From its English name
Isla Trovita* From its English name
Korean 유자섬 Yuja Seom From 유자 (柚子) yuja (yuzu)
Chinese 柚子島 / 柚子岛 Yòuzǐ Dǎo / Yauhjí Dóu From 柚子 yòuzǐ / yauhjí (pomelo)
Danish Trovita-øen From English name
Polish Wyspa Trovita From English name
Swedish Trovita-ön From English name
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