Fukuhara Island No. 4

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Fukuhara Island No. 4
フクハラ4号島 Fukuhara Island No. 4
Fukuhara Island No 4.png
Region Orange Archipelago
Anime debut Shell Shock
Fukuhara Island No 4 map.png
Location of Fukuhara Island No. 4 in the Orange Archipelago

(Japanese: フクハラ4号島 Fukuhara Island No. 4)[1] is an island in the Orange Archipelago. It appeared in Shell Shock!. On the map in Extreme Pokémon: The Guide for the Ultimate Fan, it is labeled "a deserted island", located south of Fairchild Island and between Pinkan Island and Kinnow Island, with a picture of Kabuto next to it.

The island was uninhabited by humans, except for an old man named Umberto who watched the island in case anyone entered it. The island was mostly forest.


In Shell Shock!, Nurse Joy and her team of archaeologists discovered a hidden cave filled with what were believed to be Dome Fossils. The island has a prophecy that tells about the island's fate if the Kabuto Fossils are disturbed:

When the scavengers arrive, the moon will glow an angry red.
The land itself will vanish, and be swallowed by the sea.

Due to the interference of Ash and his friends and Team Rocket, the prophecy was fulfilled and the island sank into the sea. With all the Kabuto Fossils revived, they swam out to sea to look for a new place to sleep.

Pokémon seen on the island

Kabuto (multiple)


  • In The Memorial Book of Orange Islands, Shinzō Fujita (screenwriter of the episode set on this island) commented that he had originally planned to call this island 「ユズ島」 Yuzu Island. This name was ultimately used for Trovita Island instead.

Name origin

Language Name Origin
Japanese フクハラ4号島 Fukuhara 4-gō Tō From 福原 Fukuhara, a variety of sweet orange
Chinese 富拉四號島 Fùlā Sìhào Dǎo* Partial transliteration of Japanese name
福源4号岛 Fúyuán Sìhào Dǎo* From Japanese 福原 Fukuhara


  1. Pocket Monsters Film Comic Episode: Orange Islands 3

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