Hamlin Island

Hamlin Island
デコポン島 Dekopon Island
Hamlin Island.png
Region Orange Archipelago
Anime debut The Underground Round Up
Location of Hamlin Island in the Orange Archipelago

Hamlin Island (Japanese: デコポン島 Dekopon Island) is the northernmost island in the Orange Archipelago. Due to its proximity, it serves as a gateway to the Kanto region. A ferry carries passengers between Pallet Town and a tiny island connected by a bridge to Hamlin Island.

The smaller island is a popular tourist location, with amenities such as a coffee shop. In The Underground Round Up, the island was overrun with Electrode due to a failed experiment for producing energy. The inhabitants of the island evacuated, and the island was left deserted for several years until Diglett Rancher Poncho was called in to get rid of the Electrode. He was eventually able to relocate them to the open prairie in the middle of the larger island. After this, the inhabitants of the smaller island returned, and the island opened for business again.

Pokémon seen on Hamlin Island

Poncho's Diglett (multiple)
Poncho's Dugtrio
Electrode (multiple)


Name origin

Language Name Origin
Japanese デコポン島 Dekopon Tō From デコポン dekopon, a variety of sweet mandarin orange characterized by a protruding mass on top
English, German Hamlin Island From hamlin orange, the most widely grown orange in Florida
French Île d'Hamlin Similar to its English name
Italian Isola Hamlin From its English name
Spanish Isla Hamlin From its English name
Korean 꼭지귤섬 Kkokjigyul Seom From 꼭지 kkokji (knob) and 귤 gyul (citrus)
Polish Wyspa Hamlin From its English name
Chinese 凸橙島 / 凸橙岛 Tūchéng Dǎo / Dahtchàahng Dóu* From 凸椪 tūpèng / dahtpung (dekopon) and 橙 chéng / chàahng (orange)
脐橙岛 Qíchéng Dǎo* From 脐橙 qíchéng (navel orange)

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