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Mandarin Island North
キンカン島 Kinkan Island
Mandarin Island North.png
Region Orange Archipelago
Anime debut Pikachu Re-Volts
Mandarin Island North Map.png
Location of Mandarin Island North in the Orange Archipelago

Mandarin Island North (Japanese: キンカン島 Kinkan Island) is an island located in the Orange Archipelago.

Mandarin Island North is a large city with tall skyscrapers and buildings, which Jessie referred to as The Big Orange, an allusion to New York City (The Big Apple). An Officer Jenny patrols these streets as well.

Butch and Cassidy once used Mandarin Island North for one of their schemes. Using a Drowzee, they hypnotized all the Pokémon on the island into turning against their Trainers. This included Ash's Pikachu and Misty's Togepi.


Places of interest

Police Station

A place in the city where Officer Jenny patrols the streets of Mandarin Island. It is a large building that has a tower and two rooms on either side of the tower. Above the doorway, there is a large star. Inside is a large sitting area with a desk, computer, telephone, and a couple of Wanted posters.

Team Rocket's hideout

On the side of the city, there is a large, abandoned power plant that was used as Butch and Cassidy's hideout when they were using Drowzee to hypnotize all the Pokémon on the island. The hypnotized Pokémon got in the power plant through an air duct on the side of the entrance gate. The building is in rubble due to Togepi's Metronome though.

Pokémon seen on Mandarin Island North


  • Although this island shares the name with Mandarin Island South, there is very little in common. It is believed the islands are named the same because of a dubbing error. In Japan, their names are not the same.

Name origin

Language Name Origin
Japanese キンカン島 Kinkan Tō From 金柑 kinkan, kumquat
English, German Mandarin Island North From mandarin orange
French Île de la Mandarine From its English name
Italian Isola dei Mandarini Nord From its English name
Spanish Isla Mandarina* From its English name
Isla Mandarín* From its English name
Korean 캉캉섬 Kangkang Seom Possibly from 낑깡 kkingkkang (kumquat)
Chinese 金柑島 / 金柑岛 Jīngān Dǎo* From 金柑 jīngān (kumquat)
柑橘島 Gāmgwāt Dóu* From 柑橘 gāmgwāt (kumquat)
Danish Mandarinøerne From English name
Norwegian Mandarin-øya From English name
Polish Wyspa Mandarynek From English name
Swedish Mandarinön From English name

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