Navel Island

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Navel Island
ネーブル島 Navel Island
Navel Island.png
Region Orange Archipelago
Anime debut Navel Maneuvers
Gym info
DannySmall.png Leader: Danny Sea Ruby Badge.png
Challenge: Geyser-freezing,

Ice Sculpting, Bobsled race

Badge: Sea Ruby Badge
Location of Navel Island in the Orange Archipelago

Navel Island (Japanese: ネーブル島 Navel Island) is located in the eastern region of the Orange Archipelago. It is a large island, that is dominated by an incredibly tall mountain.

At the foot of the mountain, there is a small, quiet village. The Gym Leader Danny can usually be found windsurfing at the local beach.

Places of interest

Navel Gym

Main article: Navel Gym

A little to the left of town, would-be challengers will notice a large gate that leads to the Navel Gym, which is perched atop the tall mountain. While a cable car to the summit is on offer, Danny encourages his opponents to make the steep climb on foot to truly test a challenger's strength.

Instead of a Pokémon battle, the challenger is put through three trial rounds, ending with a toboggan race down the mountain to earn the coveted Sea Ruby Badge.

Pokémon seen on Navel Island

Danny's Nidoqueen
Danny's Machoke
Danny's Geodude
Danny's Electrode
Danny's Scyther

Name origin

Language Name Origin
Japanese ネーブル島 Navel Tō From navel orange, an orange characterized by the growth of a second fruit shaped like a human navel
English, German Navel Island From its Japanese name
French Île Double Chantilly From crème double and crème Chantilly, French terms for whipped cream
Italian Isola Navel From its English name
Spanish Isla Ombligo* From naranja de ombligo
Isla Navel* From its English name
Korean 네이블섬 Navel Seom From its Japanese name
Chinese 奈普魯島 / 奈普鲁岛 Nàipǔlǔ Dǎo / Noihpóulóuh Dóu* Transliteration of its Japanese name
柰普鲁岛 Nàipǔlǔ Dǎo* Transliteration of its Japanese name
Polish Wyspa Środka From środek (middle/center)
Swedish Navel-ön From English name
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