Pummelo Island

Pummelo Island
カンキツ島 Kankitsu Island
Pummelo Island.png
Region Orange Archipelago
Anime debut Hello, Pummelo!
League info
DrakeSmall.png Champion: Drake WinnerTrophy.png
Challenge: Full Battle
Prize: Winner's Trophy
Location of Pummelo Island in the Orange Archipelago

Pummelo Island (Japanese: カンキツ島 Kankitsu Island) is a tropical island in the north end of the Orange Archipelago. It is the final destination for Pokémon Trainers who wish to participate in the Orange League. When entering the island, one can see Pummelo Stadium on top of the island.

Any Trainer who defeats the Orange Crew Supreme Gym Leader at Pummelo Stadium becomes the Champion of the Orange League, honored forever in the Palace of Victory. Seasonal Orange League Winner's Trophy matches are big events on the island, and battling seem to be viewed as an exciting spectator sport.

Dragonite is revered as a guardian and is immortalized in statues across Pummelo Island.

Places of interest

Verification House

This is where Pokémon Trainers who wish to participate in the Orange League verify their Badges and are permitted to enter. There is a front desk, that has a computer and a scanner to see if the Badges won are real. Off to the right is a stone Dragonite statue. One can also get information for the League here as well.

Pummelo Stadium

Main article: Pummelo Stadium

The main stadium where the Trainer who has collected all four Orange League Badges fights against the Orange Crew Supreme Gym Leader Drake. It looks like a large Roman stadium. The Trainer and the Orange Crew Supreme Gym Leader battle in a Full Battle, a battle of six Pokémon each. All around Pummelo Stadium are statues of Dragonite. The stage can change to a rocky area with a pool in the middle and a sandy, desert like battlefield.

During the battle, the Orange Crew Supreme Gym Leader is forbidden to change Pokémon, and when three Pokémon of any Trainer are defeated, a field change will occur. If the challenger should triumph over the Orange Crew Supreme Gym Leader, they will be crowned Champion of the Orange League.

Palace of Victory

Main article: Palace of Victory

The Palace of Victory, also known as the Orange League Hall of Fame, is the place where the Trainers who have received the Winner's Trophy are documented with pictures of their Pokémon and themselves, and their handprints and footprints of their Pokémon and themselves. The Palace of Victory is a green dome building that is next to Pummelo Stadium. When one first enters the building, there are two Dragonite statues on either side of the doorway. After going down the hall, there is a large circular area with all the Trainers and Pokémon pictures that defeated the Orange Crew Supreme Gym Leader.

Pokémon Center

Main article: Pokémon Center

Pummelo Island's Pokémon Center is particularly large and is spread across two floors. It has a large lobby with enough room on the side for four booths with telephones and transportation machines.


Pummelo Stadium Palace of Victory Pokémon Center

Pokémon seen on Pummelo Island



Name origin

Language Name Origin
Japanese カンキツ島 Kankitsu Tō From 柑橘 kankitsu, a general term for citrus fruits
English, German Pummelo Island From pomelo, a large citrus fruit with the appearance of grapefruit
French Île Pomelo From pomelo
Italian Isola Pummelo From its English name
Spanish Isla Pomelo* From its English name
Isla Pummelo* From its English name
Korean 귤아테섬 Gyur-ate Seom From 귤 gyul, citrus
Polish Wyspa Pummelo From its English name
Chinese 柑橘島 / 柑橘岛 Gānjú Dǎo / Gāmgwāt Dóu From 柑橘 gānjú / gāmgwāt, a general term for citrus fruits
Bulgarian Пумело Pumelo From English name

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