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Unnamed island
ななしの島 Unnamed island
Unnamed island EP092.png
Region Orange Archipelago
Anime debut The Joy of Pokémon
Unnamed island EP092 map.png
Location of Unnamed island in the Orange Archipelago

An unnamed island in the Orange Archipelago appears in The Joy of Pokémon. According to Pocket Monsters Film Comic, it is a deserted island considered to be a part of the Kinnow Islands.

It seems to be the home of a sporty Nurse Joy that Ash and his friends meet on their journeys. This Nurse Joy is more tanned than regular, and she's more muscular, often rowing a row boat to help Pokémon in need. There are many smaller islands around the main island. She goes from island to island with her Chansey to help sick or injured Pokémon because most of the Orange Islands are too small to have Pokémon Centers.

The main island appears to have a small shack or a beach hut with a large "P" on an upside-down Poké Ball over the door that serves as the Pokémon Center. Inside is a living room area and a kitchen area. This hut is more for the Pokémon Trainers to stay while Nurse Joy takes care of the Pokémon outside.

Pokémon seen on and around the island

Deserted Island Spearow Sandshrew Vileplume.png
Deserted Island Spearow Sandshrew Vileplume.png
Deserted Island Spearow Sandshrew Vileplume.png
Joy of Pokemon Mankey.png
Deserted Island Spearow Sandshrew Vileplume.png
Deserted Island Spearow Sandshrew Vileplume.png
Joy of Pokemon Seel.png
Joy of Pokemon Dewgong.png
Joy of Pokemon Shellder.png
Deserted Island Onix.png
Deserted Island Spearow Sandshrew Vileplume.png
Giant Magikarp.png
Giant Gyarados.png

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