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Valencia Island
ダイダイ島 Daidai Island
Valencia Island.png
Region Orange Archipelago
Anime debut Poké Ball Peril
Location of Valencia Island in the Orange Archipelago

Valencia Island (Japanese: ダイダイ島 Daidai Island) is located in the southwestern region of the Orange Archipelago.

It is home to Professor Ivy and her extensive lab. She notes the alternate coloration of certain Pokémon on the island, including Vileplume.

This is the first island Ash and his friends landed on during their adventures in the Orange Islands.


Places of Interest

Blimp Station

This is a place where blimps from the Kanto region can go back and forth to the Orange Archipelago. It is where Ash and co. landed after going on Team Rocket's blimp. It is a large section of land with a couple of buildings and a large grass field with a view of the ocean.

Pokémon Center

Main article: Pokémon Center

The Valencia Pokémon Center is the first building there when entering the main town area of Valencia Island. The outside almost looks like a tiki hut. Inside, a Nurse Joy (the second cousin of the sister-in-law of the Joy in Saffron City) and Chansey tend to every Trainer's need.

Professor Ivy's Lab

The lab of the Pokémon Professor, Professor Ivy. This is where Professor Ivy researches Pokémon. She has three assistants that work around the clock for her. In the back is a bay where she studies the Water-type Pokémon. The bay is a large beach, and behind it is a forest with many forest Pokémon of different colorations. It is also where Professor Ivy and her assistants live, as the living quarters are part of the lab.

Pokémon seen on Valencia Island


Name origin

Language Name Origin
Japanese ダイダイ島 Daidai Tō From 橙 daidai (bitter orange)
English Valencia Island From Valencia orange
French Île de Valencia From its English name
German Valencia Insel From its English name
Italian Isola Valencia From its English name
Portuguese Ilha Valência From its English name
Spanish Isla Valencia From its English name
Korean 등자나무섬 Deungjanamu Seom From 등자나무 deungjanamu (bitter orange tree)
Chinese 岱柑島 / 岱柑岛 Dàigān Dǎo / Doihgām Dóu From 岱 dài / doih (partial transliteration of Japanese name) and 柑 gān / gām (citrus)
Danish Valenciaøen From English name
Polish Wyspa Walencja From its English name
Swedish Valenciaön From English name

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