Tarroco Island

Tarroco Island
バンペイユ島 Banpeiyu Island
Tarroco Island.png
Region Orange Archipelago
Anime debut Viva Las Lapras
Location of Tarroco Island in the Orange Archipelago

Tarroco Island (Japanese: バンペイユ島 Banpeiyu Island) is an island in the Orange Archipelago.

Tarroco Island's Pokémon Center

A small settlement, including several houses and a Pokémon Center, is located on a cliff overlooking the ocean. An Officer Jenny patrols the streets of Tarroco Island.

Because the island is a 'no-capture zone', it is a very common place for pirates to appear and poach the Pokémon on the island. When Ash and his friends arrived on Tarroco in Viva Las Lapras they learned Captain Crook and his crew were targeting a migrating school of Lapras nearby. Ash's Lapras, who had become stranded, recognized these Lapras as its own school. It and the group helped defeat Captain Crook before leaving Ash's team to return to its family.

Pokémon seen around Tarroco Island

Tentacruel (multiple)*
File:Ash Lapras herd.png
Lapras (multiple)


  • Its English name refers to the tarocco (blood orange), while its Japanese, Banpeiyu, name is another term for the pomelo, a large citrus fruit whose appearance is similar to a grapefruit.

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