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Cleopatra Island
クレオパトラ島 Cleopatra Island
Cleopatra Island.png
Region Orange Archipelago
Anime debut Charizard Chills
Location of Cleopatra Island in the Orange Archipelago

Cleopatra Island (Japanese: クレオパトラ島 Cleopatra Island) is an island in the Orange Archipelago.

It made its sole anime appearance in Charizard Chills. Tad challenged Ash to a battle with his Poliwrath. After it defeated Pikachu, it then froze Charizard. Fearing for its life, Ash stayed up all night with his Pokémon, making sure it would be okay.

The island appears to be deserted, which was the main reason why only Ash and his friends were able to help Charizard.

Although it is a big island, only the beach was shown in the anime.

Pokémon seen on Cleopatra Island


  • The island's name refers to the Citrus reticulata, more commonly known as the Cleopatra Mandarin.

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