Freeze (status condition)

Freeze redirects here. For the unexpected freezes which prevent the game from continuing, see game freeze. For the Badge given by Brycen, see Badge → Freeze Badge. For the location in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team, see Mt. Freeze. For the location in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, see Frozen Mountain.

The freeze condition (FRZ) (Japanese: Ice), also called ice in the Pokémon Stadium series, is a non-volatile status condition that causes a Pokémon to be unable to make a move. It is the only status condition that does not have a move that will always cause it or an Ability that can cause it, and because of this, it is arguably the most uncommon.

It is associated with the Ice type, as the majority of moves that can freeze are of this type. Ice-type Pokémon are usually immune to being frozen, except from Tri Attack in Generation II. In Generation V, Pokémon glow blue and stop moving when frozen.


Freezing causes a Pokémon to be unable to make a move for an indeterminate number of turns. The specifics vary between generations.

Generation I

Once frozen, a Pokémon cannot be thawed out in battle other than via the use of items such as an Ice Heal, being hit by a damaging Fire-type move that can inflict burn (i.e. any Fire-type move except Fire Spin), or the opponent using the move Haze. While frozen, a Pokémon does not have the option of choosing which move it would use that turn.

In the Generation I handheld games, if a frozen Pokémon is defrosted before it would have moved that turn, it still uses a move that turn, even though it was not able to select a move that turn due to being frozen. Due to how the game determines which move to use, this can cause a variety of glitches, including desynchronization during a link battle. If a frozen Pokémon uses a move with 0 PP on the same turn that it thaws out, the PP of the move will roll over to 63 PP, and full PP Ups will be applied to it (if none had been previously) or a PP Up will be removed (if it had any PP Ups applied).

Generation II

A frozen Pokémon has a 25/256 (≈10%) chance of being thawed out at the end of each turn, regardless of whether the Pokémon attempted to act that turn (e.g. it was just switched in). Like sleep, a frozen Pokémon now can choose which move it will use if it thaws that turn. In addition, some moves can still be used by the frozen Pokémon while frozen (thawing it out in the process).

Pokémon cannot be frozen in harsh sunlight, but harsh sunlight does not affect when an already-frozen Pokémon thaws.

In Generation II only, Tri Attack is capable of freezing Ice-types and has a 1/3 chance of thawing a frozen target.

In Generation II only, if a frozen Pokémon enters the battle, its cry will not be heard.

Generation III

A frozen Pokémon has a 20% of being thawed out on each of its turns. An animation also shows up whenever a Pokémon is unable to move due to being frozen (in contrast to previous generations, in which it only showed up when freeze was inflicted).

All damaging Fire-type moves can now thaw a frozen target, regardless of whether or not they have a chance to burn; however, Fire-type Hidden Power cannot thaw a frozen target. Tri Attack can no longer thaw a frozen Pokémon.

While frozen, a Pokémon's Flash Fire Ability is disabled.

Generation IV

Fire-type Hidden Power can now thaw a frozen target.

A frozen Sky Forme Shaymin will revert to its Land Forme.

Generation V

Pokémon glow blue and have their animation stopped when inflicted with freeze.

Freezing no longer stops Flash Fire from working.

Generation VI onward

Frozen Pokémon no longer glow blue.

Scald, Steam Eruption, and Matcha Gotcha can also be used to thaw a frozen target.


Core series games

Side series games

Spin-off series games


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Unlike other major status conditions, the freeze status can only be caused by Pokémon moves (rather than by Abilities or items), with those moves rarely causing it. Currently, no moves have freeze as a primary effect. The following are the moves that can cause the freeze status:

Move Type Category Probability Power Accuracy Notes
Blizzard Ice Special 10% 110 70% When used during hail starting in Generation IV, bypasses accuracy checks to always hit, unless the target is in the semi-invulnerable turn of a move such as Dig or Fly.
Freeze-Dry Ice Special 10% 70 100% Inflicts super-effective damage against Water types
Freezing Glare Psychic Special 10% 90 100%
Ice Beam Ice Special 10% 90 100%
Ice Fang Ice Physical 10% 65 95% May also cause flinching (10% chance)
Ice Punch Ice Physical 10% 75 100%
Powder Snow Ice Special 10% 40 100%
Secret Power Normal Physical 30% 70 100% May cause freezing only when used in snow or ice
Shadow Chill Shadow Special 10% 75 100%
Tri Attack Normal Special 6.7% 80 100% May also cause burn or paralysis (6.7% chance of each)*

Other causes

Pokémon can be frozen by the Gentleman's Dusclops in the Battle Pike, and by the Battle Arcade.


In all generations except Generation I, freeze has a chance to be cured on its own on the frozen Pokémon's turn; it has a 10% chance in Generation II, and 20% chance in all subsequent generations. Consequently, the frozen Pokémon may thaw out on the turn of freezing. Pokémon cannot be frozen in harsh sunlight, but harsh sunlight has no effect on Pokémon that are already frozen.

Being frozen can be cured with the use of an Ice Heal, a Pumkin Berry (Generation III only) and Aspear Berry (Burnt Berry in Generation II). In addition, like all other major status conditions, it can be cured by the items Full Heal, Rage Candy Bar, Lava Cookie, Old Gateau, Casteliacone, Lumiose Galette, Shalour Sable, Big Malasada, Full Restore, Heal Powder, Lum Berry (MiracleBerry in Generation II), and Sacred Ash.

In Generation I and II, if a frozen Pokémon is hit by a damaging Fire-type move that can inflict burn (i.e. every Fire-type move except Fire Spin and Hidden Power), it will be thawed; in Generation II, if a frozen Pokémon is hit by Tri Attack, it has a 1/3 chance of being thawed.

From Generation III onward, if a frozen Pokémon is successfully hit by a damaging Fire-type move, it will be immediately thawed; moves that change type such as Weather Ball can thaw a frozen target if they are Fire-type, except Hidden Power in Generation III. From Generation V onward, Pokémon with the Ability Flash Fire will not be thawed by Fire-type moves, since they will not be damaged by them (prior to Generation V, Flash Fire cannot be activated while the Pokémon is frozen).

Starting in Generation VI, if a frozen Pokémon is successfully hit by Scald, Steam Eruption, Scorching Sands, or Matcha Gotcha, it will be immediately thawed. However, if the Pokémon is immune to the move (e.g. due to Water Absorb or Levitate), it cannot be thawed by it.

A frozen Pokémon can still use the moves Flame Wheel, Sacred Fire, Flare Blitz, Fusion Flare, Scald, Steam Eruption, Burn Up, Pyro Ball, Scorching Sands, and Matcha Gotcha while frozen; these moves will thaw the user, then execute normally. They will thaw out the user even if they are blocked, miss, deal no damage due an Ability like Flash Fire, or are prevented from being executed by Powder, heavy rain, or extremely harsh sunlight; however, they cannot thaw out the user if they would fail (such as a non-Fire-type Pokémon using Burn Up).

The moves Heal Bell (unless the Pokémon has Soundproof as their Ability in Generation III and IV) and Aromatherapy remove the freeze condition from all Pokémon in the user's party. In Generation I only, using Haze cures the opponent from the freeze condition.

Pokémon with Natural Cure will be cured upon switching out, those with the Hydration Ability will be cured while it is raining. Pokémon with Shed Skin have a 1/3 chance of being cured every turn, and Pokémon with Healer have a 30% chance of curing their allies.


A Pokémon that is currently Ice-type cannot become frozen, except in Generation II by Tri Attack. However, a frozen Pokémon retains this status condition even if it gains this type in battle (or regains this lost type once it is switched out or the battle ends).

A Pokémon with Color Change can become frozen by an Ice-type move, because the Pokémon changes into the same type of the move after the status condition is inflicted.

Pokémon that have either Magma Armor, Comatose, or Purifying Salt as their Ability cannot be frozen.

A Pokémon with Shield Dust or holding a Covert Cloak cannot become frozen because the status condition only occurs as the additional effect of moves.

Safeguard and Misty Terrain (for grounded Pokémon) prevent any status conditions for five turns.

Pokémon cannot be frozen when harsh sunlight is active. However, it will not thaw Pokémon that are already frozen if it becomes active.


The frozen status increases the catch rate of any given Pokémon.

Other game effects

In Pokémon Emerald, when the player is inside the Battle Pyramid, the types of Pokémon encountered on each floor follow a set of categories; one of these categories is Pokémon with moves that freeze.

In the spin-off games

Mystery Dungeon series

Frozen Pokémon cannot take any action and are immune to all damage except Fire-type and Blast Seed. Pokémon will thaw out after a few turns.

Rumble series

Freeze (Frozen when inflicted in-game) is a negative status in the Rumble series. A frozen Pokémon is unable to move or use any moves for roughly five seconds. However, if the affected Pokémon is controlled by a player, inputting movement or button commands will make the effect wear off faster, with a minimum duration of about two seconds. Frozen Pokémon are still, with ice crystals surrounding their body.

No types are immune to freeze, but Pokémon with the Adept, Ice Boost, or Steady Special Traits cannot be frozen, and those with the Reflector Trait will cause the user of the freeze-inducing move to become frozen instead if hit by one.

Pokémon Conquest

In Pokémon Conquest, frozen Pokémon cannot take any action, but their Warrior can still use Warrior Skills or items on their turn. At the start of each turn there is a chance of a frozen Pokémon thawing, and they may act normally during that turn. Freeze can be inflicted by Abilities and by Ice-type attacks, and Ice types are immune to freezing. Freezing can be cured by certain Warrior Skills, items, or by ending a Pokémon's turn on a status condition-curing tile of the battlefield, such as a Hot Spring or a Water Bucket.

Pokémon Shuffle

Latias is Frozen.

In Pokémon Shuffle, a frozen Pokémon cannot use any disruptions, its disruption countdown is paused, and it takes 20% more damage from Ice-type Pokémon.

Freezing can be inflicted by Pokémon with the Freeze and Freeze+ Skills.

Fighting, Poison, Ghost, Steel, Fire, Electric, Psychic, Ice, and Fairy-type Pokémon are immune to being frozen.

Status condition effectiveness
Condition Defender's type

In the anime

Buizel is frozen

In the anime, the frozen status is literally the same as in the games; once a Pokémon is frozen, it can't move and is open to attacks. In some cases, a referee may call a frozen Pokémon unable to battle. When a frozen Pokémon is returned to its Poké Ball, the ice encasing the Pokémon is left behind while the Pokémon is recalled.

Freezing is one of the most common status conditions featured in the anime, resulting often when a Pokémon gets hit by an Ice-type attack like Ice Beam or Blizzard.

Original series

In The Ultimate Test, Ash's rental Meowth got frozen by an Ice Beam from the Pokémon League entrance exam instructor's Vaporeon, ending the match in the instructor's victory. The Meowth of Team Rocket jumped onto the field and kicked the ice surrounding the instructor's Meowth into pieces, freeing the latter.

In Volcanic Panic, Blaine's Magmar was briefly frozen after being hit with freezing missiles launched by Team Rocket.

In The Misty Mermaid, a newly-evolved Dewgong used Ice Beam to freeze Jessie, her Arbok, and James. They were broken out of the ice by an Electric attack from Ash's Pikachu.

In The Mandarin Island Miss Match, Prima's Cloyster froze a Trainer's Kadabra with Blizzard. Later in the episode, Team Rocket got frozen by an Ice Punch from Prima's Jynx, allowing her to send them blasting off with a Blizzard.

In The Power of One, Articuno froze Lugia in a Whirlpool with Ice Beam. However, the Diving Pokémon quickly broke out of the ice with its Psychic powers.

In Charizard Chills, Ash's Charizard was frozen by an Ice Beam from Tad's Poliwrath, winning its Trainer the match. Ash broke the ice surrounding Charizard's head with a rock and later lit a fire to thaw him out and help him regain his body heat. Ash stayed up all night with Charizard to treat his injuries, winning back his loyalty.

In Viva Las Lapras, a school of Lapras that Ash's Lapras belonged to froze all of Captain Crook's Tentacruel with Ice Beam.

In Moving Pictures, a frozen Sunkern fell from the sky near Ash and his friends. It was later thawed out after being put in a basin of hot water.

In Spring Fever, Rory's three Swinub, Su, Ein, and Ub, used Powder Snow to freeze Jessie's Arbok and Wobbuffet, along with James's Weezing and Victreebel. They were then broken out of the ice by a combined Tackle from the three Pig Pokémon.

In Freeze Frame, Jigglypuff was frozen, but was then thawed out by a Flamethrower from Ash's Cyndaquil.

In Dues and Don'ts, a Delibird sent by Team Rocket froze Jessie's Arbok, along with James's Victreebel and Weezing, with Blizzard. Later on, Ash's Phanpy was frozen in the same fashion.

In As Cold as Pryce, Ash's Phanpy was frozen and defeated by an Ice Beam from Pryce's Dewgong Later in the episode, Ash and Pryce entered a cavern and found Pryce's Piloswine, who had become frozen after going into a blizzard to get medicinal herbs for its Trainer. It was then thawed out and revived thanks to Ash's Cyndaquil and Pikachu.

In Nice Pryce, Baby!, during Ash's Gym battle against Pryce, Pryce's Dewgong froze Ash's Cyndaquil with Ice Beam. However, it thawed itself out by igniting the flames on its back.

In the banned episode EP250, Nurse Joy's Jynx and Piloswine used Blizzard to freeze Jessie's Arbok and Wobbuffet, along with James's Victreebel. This allowed Pikachu to send them and Team Rocket blasting off with Thunder.

In Lapras of Luxury, the Lapras herd from Viva Las Lapras froze Team Rocket with Ice Beam, allowing Pikachu to send the trio blasting off with Thunder.

Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire

In Come What May!, during the Fallarbor Contest, May's Beautifly was briefly frozen by an Ice Punch from Grace's Medicham.

In Jirachi: Wish Maker, Brendan's Aggron froze a Lady's Solrock with an Ice Beam.

In Delcatty Got Your Tongue, Jessie's Seviper and James's Cacnea were both frozen by a joint Blizzard from Dr. Abby's Delcatty named Johnny and May's Skitty. The force of the combined Blizzard sent them into Team Rocket, breaking them out of the ice.

In The Bicker the Better, May's Skitty froze multiple people and Pokémon with Blizzard on three separate occasions, with the first victim being Ash's Corphish. May tried to have Skitty thaw him out by summoning Ember via Assist, with the former move finally being summoned on the third try and freeing Corphish from the ice, but also leaving him injured from the Ember. The second instance occurred when Skitty tried to freeze Jessie for stepping on its tail but froze James instead; Skitty freed and damaged him along with Jessie with an Ember summoned by Assist. The third and final instance occurred when Skitty froze the Team Rocket trio and their Pokémon before they were simultaneously freed from the ice and sent blasting off by a Tackle from Skitty and a Crabhammer attack from Corphish.

In It's Still Rocket Roll to Me!, Tate's Solrock was frozen and defeated by an Ice Beam from Liza's Lunatone.

In Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snorunt!, a then-wild Snorunt used Icy Wind* to freeze different people and Pokémon on six separate occasions throughout the episode, with Brock, Team Rocket, and Ash being frozen in the first, second and third instances, respectively, with all of them thawing out shortly after being frozen. The fourth instance occurred when Snorunt froze Team Rocket, Jessie's Wobbuffet, and their Meowth Balloon, sending the balloon crashing to the ground and freeing the group from the ice. The fifth time happened when Snorunt froze Jessie's Seviper and James's Cacnea before the latter two were broken out of the ice by a Thunderbolt from Ash's Pikachu, in turn sending them flying at Team Rocket and causing them to blast off. The sixth and final instance occurred at the near-end of the episode, when Snorunt, now under Ash's ownership, briefly froze Corphish before May had her Combusken thaw it out with Fire Spin.

In Date Expectations, Ash's Snorunt froze Team Rocket with its newly learned, although unmastered, Ice Beam.

In Berry, Berry Interesting, while Ash was helping Snorunt master Ice Beam, it accidentally fired one at Ash, briefly freezing him.

In Rhapsody in Drew, Ash's newly-evolved Glalie simultaneously froze Team Rocket and sent them blasting off with its newly-mastered Ice Beam.

In Like a Meowth to a Flame, in an attempt to stop Team Rocket from escaping with the flame of Moltres, Tyson had his Metagross stop their balloon with Confusion and Ash's Glalie froze Team Rocket with an Ice Beam, allowing Ash to jump up to their Meowth Balloon and retake the Moltres flame. However, just before he could get down, Team Rocket broke out of the ice and tried to steal the torch back.

In From Brags to Riches, during the second round of the Ever Grande Conference, Morrison's Growlithe got its right hind leg frozen by an Ice Beam from Gavin's Marowak before the latter simultaneously broke the ice and damaged Growlithe with a Bone Club. Later on in the round, Morrison's Gligar got its wing frozen in the same fashion, thereby hindering its flying abilities.

In A Judgment Brawl, during the Ever Grande Conference Victory Tournament, Ash's Swellow got its wingtip frozen by an Ice Beam from Katie's Walrein, leading to its defeat.

In Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, in an attempt to place a tracking device on Mew, Kidd Summers's Weavile unintentionally froze most of Ash and his friends' Pokémon with Blizzard.

In The Symbol Life, an Articuno that Noland befriended froze Team Rocket with an Ice Beam before getting thawed out by a Flamethrower from Ash's Charizard. Later on in the episode, Charizard got his wing frozen by an Ice Beam from Articuno, thereby hindering his flying abilities. However, he managed to thaw his wing out with the heat generated from preparing to use Overheat.

In The Saffron Con, May's Squirtle used its new attack, Ice Beam, to simultaneously freeze James and Meowth and send them blasting off.

In A Hurdle for Squirtle, during the Saffron City Pokémon Contest, Squirtle used Ice Beam to not only free itself from a Spider Web that Harley's Ariados had set up, but to also freeze the Long Leg Pokémon and its web.

In Wheel of Frontier, during Ash's match against Greta in the Battle Arena, Greta's Hariyama was simultaneously frozen and knocked out by an Ice Punch from Ash's Snorlax. Later on in the match, Snorlax was frozen by an Ice Punch from Greta's Medicham, to which Ash responded by having Snorlax use Rest to recover its stamina. Snorlax was eventually broken out of the ice with multiple Focus Punches and a High Jump Kick from Medicham.

In Pace - The Final Frontier!, Ash's Pikachu was frozen by an Ice Beam from Brandon's Regice. However, thanks to Ash's encouragement, Pikachu was able to break free from the ice with a Thunderbolt.

Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl

In Setting The World On Its Buneary!, Ash, his friends, and most of their Pokémon were all frozen by an Ice Beam from a then-wild Buneary. They were later freed from the ice by a Poison Jab from Brock's Croagunk, who had not been frozen.

In Arrival of a Rival!, during the Jubilife City Pokémon Contest, Dawn's Buneary froze a Coordinator's Bidoof with an Ice Beam.

In Ya See We Want An Evolution!, Haley's Feebas froze Team Rocket with an Ice Beam, allowing Pikachu to send them blasting off with a Thunderbolt.

In The Rise of Darkrai, Darkrai was briefly frozen by an Ice Beam from Kai's Empoleon before the former broke out of the ice with brute force.

In Hot Springing a Leak!, Ash's Chimchar, Brock's Sudowoodo, Dawn's Piplup, and Leona's Swinub* were all frozen by Blizzard, the former two by Swinub's Blizzard, and the latter two by Sudowoodo's Blizzard, which was used via Mimic.

In Crossing the Battle Line!, during Dawn's first Gym battle, Dawn's Buneary briefly froze Maylene's Meditite with an Ice Beam before the latter broke out of the ice with Confusion.

In A Full Course Tag Battle!, May's Glaceon and Dawn's Buneary froze Team Rocket and their Pokémon with a dual Ice Beam attack, allowing them to send the villainous team blasting off with an Iron Tail attack from Glaceon and a Bounce from Buneary.

In Pruning a Passel of Pals!, during the Wallace Cup, Dawn's Buneary froze a Coordinator's Wailmer with Ice Beam, allowing Dawn to advance through the Battle Stage. Later on in the tournament, during the second match of the Battle Stage, Ash's Buizel, while spinning as he used Aqua Jet, let himself briefly become frozen by an Ice Beam from Kyle's Lanturn to perfect the Ice Aqua Jet combination.

In A Crasher Course in Power!, during Ash's Gym battle against Crasher Wake, Ash's Buizel, while using Aqua Jet, let himself briefly become frozen by an Ice Beam from Crasher Wake's Quagsire to knock it out with an Ice Aqua Jet attack. Later on in the match, Ash's Pikachu got his back frozen by an Ice Fang attack from Crasher Wake's Floatzel. Seeing Pikachu give his best efforts drove Buizel to switch places with Pikachu, but not before the Sea Weasel Pokémon thawed Pikachu's back out with Water Gun.

In A Breed Stampede!, Dawn's Piloswine froze half of Ash's Grotle and most of Gliscor's face with Ice Shard*. However, Gliscor managed to use its newly-learned Fire Fang attack to thaw its face out and thaw the frozen half of Grotle's body. Piloswine later froze Team Rocket with Ice Shard and sent them blasting off twice: the first instance being its attempt to eat Team Rocket's sponge cake and the second instance occurring after it evolved into Mamoswine.

In Hold the Phione!, multiple people and Pokémon were frozen with Ice Beam on five separate occasions: the first instance occurred when a Phione that Team Rocket captured briefly froze Jessie before James freed her with a chop. The second case happened when the same Phione froze Team Rocket when they tried to capture it again. Piplup ended up getting briefly frozen by Phione twice, with the third instance occurring after he tried to shake its flipper and the fourth case happening after it was hit with an Ice Beam that was meant for Buneary. The fifth and final instance occurred when Buneary and Phione froze Team Rocket with a joint Ice Beam before Pikachu sent the trio blasting off with a Thunderbolt.

In Battling a Cute Drama!, Marilyn's Shellder froze Team Rocket with an Ice Beam, allowing Happiny to simultaneously break them out of the ice and send them blasting off with a Pound.

In Classroom Training!, Ash's Buizel, while using Aqua Jet, let himself briefly become frozen by a Blizzard from Candice's Abomasnow to hit Team Rocket with Ice Aqua Jet.

In A Pyramiding Rage!, Paul's Lairon was frozen when it was hit by an Ice Beam from Brandon's Regice, giving the latter the chance to defeat Lairon with a single Zap Cannon blast.

In Pillars of Friendship!, in order to stop a rampaging Regigigas, Brandon had his Regirock and Registeel pin it down before Regice froze them all with Ice Beam.

In Coming Full-Festival Circle!, during the Sinnoh Grand Festival semifinals, Dawn's Buneary briefly froze Jessie's Seviper with an Ice Beam.

In The Eighth Wonder of the Sinnoh World!, Ash's Torterra was briefly frozen by a super-effective Ice Punch from Volkner's Electivire during a Gym battle with the latter's Trainer. The force of the punch then sent Torterra falling to the ground from the pillar made from his Rock Climb attack, breaking the ice, but rendering him unable to battle.

In An Old Family Blend!, Ash's Glalie froze its Trainer with an Ice Beam upon seeing him again for the Lily of the Valley Conference. Ash was later thawed out by a Flamethrower from his Torkoal.

In Familiarity Breeds Strategy!, during the Lily of the Valley Conference quarterfinals, Ash's Buizel let himself briefly become frozen by an Ice Beam from Paul's Gastrodon to hit it with Ice Aqua Jet. Shortly after, Buizel then intercepted Gastrodon's Body Slam with an Ice Punch, briefly freezing part of its body and knocking it out.

In A Real Rival Rouser!, Ash's Pikachu was briefly frozen by an Ice Beam from Paul's Froslass, but broke out of the ice by using Volt Tackle.

Pokémon the Series: Black & White

In Ash and Trip's Third Battle!, Trip's Vanillite froze a wild Palpitoad with Ice Beam. However, just as Trip threw a Poké Ball at Palpitoad, Ash came sliding in the way and fell on the Vibration Pokémon, breaking it out of the ice, but scaring Palpitoad away.

In Iris and Excadrill Against the Dragon Buster!, Iris's Excadrill was briefly frozen by an Ice Beam in a battle with Georgia's Beartic before he broke out of the ice with Metal Claw.

In Reunion Battles In Nimbasa!, Ash's Palpitoad almost got completely frozen by an Ice Fang attack from Burgundy's Stoutland. However, he managed to break himself out of the ice with Supersonic.

In Caution: Icy Battle Conditions!, during Ash's Icirrus Gym battle against Brycen, Ash's Krokorok got his lower body frozen by a Blizzard from Brycen's Vanillish that he failed to dodge with Dig. Vanillish then broke him out of the ice and damaged him with a Mirror Shot, forcing Ash to recall him and send Scraggy out in his place. Later on in the episode, Krokorok got his mouth frozen after Brycen's Beartic countered his Crunch attack with an Ice Punch. After managing to dodge a Brine attack, Krokorok freed his jaws from the ice.

In Kyurem VS. The Sword of Justice, Kyurem froze the three Swords of Justice with Ice Burn* and also froze Keldeo with Freeze Shock*.

In Jostling for the Junior Cup!, Iris's Dragonite was frozen by an Ice Beam from Georgia's Beartic. However, he managed to break free of the ice with brute force after hearing Iris call out to him.

In Ash, Iris, and Trip: Then There Were Three!, during Ash's match against Iris in the Junior Cup semifinals, Ash's Krokorok was briefly frozen by an Ice Beam from Iris's Dragonite before the latter sent him flying with a Flamethrower.

In Eevee and Friends, Glaceon froze Oshawott with Ice Beam when he caused a disruption in its room. He broke free afterward.

In Lost at the League!, during the Vertress Conference, Virgil's Glaceon simultaneously froze and defeated a Trainer's Reuniclus with Blizzard.

In What Lies Beyond Truth and Ideals!, Ash's Krookodile and Cilan's Crustle surrounded Team Plasma with Stone Edge and Rock Slide, respectively, to prevent them from escaping, allowing Iris's Dragonite to freeze them with Ice Beam.

In Cilan and the Case of the Purrloin Witness!, during the Marine Cup Tournament, Iris's Axew got frozen and knocked out by an Ice Beam from Teaque's Vanillite. Later on in the tournament, Teaque's Vanillite froze and defeated a Trainer's Amoonguss with Blizzard.

In To Catch a Rotom!, a wild Frost Rotom froze Team Rocket with Blizzard, giving Ash's Pikachu and a Fan Rotom enough time free the Rotom that Team Rocket had captured. The Rotom then joined its friends and Pikachu in breaking the ice encasing Team Rocket and sending them blasting off with a combined Thunderbolt.

In Survival of the Striaton Gym!, Cilan's Pansage got frozen by a Blizzard from Morana's Abomasnow. However, he managed to charge and fire a Solar Beam, breaking him out of the ice.

Pokémon the Series: XY

In Coming Back into the Cold!, an Aurorus froze Meowth with a Blizzard and later froze the rest of Team Rocket in the same manner, which allowed Pikachu to send them blasting off with a Thunderbolt.

In Bonnie for the Defense!, two Lapras froze Team Rocket with a joint Ice Beam, allowing Pikachu to break them out of the ice and send them blasting off with an Electro Ball.

In Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel, Volcanion got frozen after Levi had his Mega Wave-controlled Mega Glalie Freeze-Dry it. Its frozen body was then thrown off of the airship by a Gyro Ball attack. Volcanion was then broken out of the ice after crash-landing near Ash and his friends. Later on in the movie, Volcanion was once again frozen by Levi's Mega Glalie, this time through Ice Beam; however, it later broke out of the ice.

In Analysis Versus Passion!, during the Lumiose Conference semifinals, Ash's Talonflame got part of its wing frozen by an Ice Beam from Sawyer's Clawitzer. However, it managed to melt the ice off with Flame Charge.

In Finals Not For the Faint-Hearted!, during the Lumiose Conference finals, Ash's Noivern got part of his wing frozen by an Ice Beam from Alain's Weavile, sending the Sound Wave Pokémon falling into a river and allowing Weavile to finish him off with a Night Slash.

Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon

In Yo, Ho, Ho! Go, Popplio!, it was revealed in a flashback that Lana had her Lapras use Ice Beam to freeze a group of Team Skull Grunts that were bullying a then-wild Popplio.

In Getting to Know You!, Ash and Rotom were both briefly frozen by a Powder Snow attack from a newly-hatched Alolan Vulpix. They were then thawed out by an Ember from a newly-hatched Kantonian Vulpix. Later on in the episode, the Alolan Vulpix, now named Snowy, froze Team Rocket and their Pokémon with Powder Snow.

In I Choose You!, Corey's Gengar was frozen after Neesha had her Blastoise use Ice Beam on it, forcing Corey to recall it and send his Venusaur out in its place.

In Rescuing the Unwilling!, Lusamine's Absol used an Ice Beam to freeze the feet of Gladion's Silvally to the ground. In the next episode, however, Gladion places a Fire Memory in Silvally's RKS System, changing its type to Fire and allowing to melt its feet out of the ice.

In The Dex Can't Help It!, Sophocles and Togedemaru were frozen by an accidental Blizzard from Rotom (who had changed into a Frost Rotom).

In Full Moon and Many Arms!, a wild Necrozma was briefly frozen by an Ice Beam from Lana's Ride Dragonair before the former broke out of the ice with brute force.

In Battle Royal 151!, during the Battle Royal preliminary round of the Manalo Conference, Snowy used Powder Snow to simultaneously freeze a Trainer's Salamence and knock it out.

In Battling Besties!, Lana's Primarina briefly froze the legs of Mallow's Tsareena to the ground with a super effective Icy Wind, before blowing her back with another Icy Wind.

In The Road to the Semifinals!, during Lana's second-round battle in the Manalo Conference, Lana's Primarina briefly froze the forearms of Guzma's Golisopod with Icy Wind before the latter simply broke the ice around its arms with its sharp claws. Later on in the round, Golisopod's legs were frozen to the ground by another Icy Wind.

Pokémon Journeys: The Series

In Best Friend...Worst Nightmare!, Professor Cerise's Yamper was briefly frozen by a Gengar's Ice Punch, but was thawed out by the heat pads on Goh's Scorbunny's feet.

In A Chilling Curse!, Ash's Pikachu got his foot frozen from one of Team Rocket's Dusclops using Ice Punch on it. The Gengar from Best Friend...Worst Nightmare! used Shadow Ball on Pikachu's foot, freeing the Mouse Pokémon's foot from the ice.

In A Pinch of This, a Pinch of That!, Cara Liss and Bray Zenn got frozen by a Powder Snow attack from a then-wild Arctozolt. They were later thawed out by a Pyro Ball from Goh's Cinderace.

In Healing the Healer!, a Pokémon hunter's Houndoom got frozen after Goh had his Suicune use Ice Beam on it. The Aurora Pokémon then used Ice Beam to freeze the rest of the Pokémon hunters soon after.

In Thrash of the Titans!, during a World Coronation Series battle against Iris at the Opelucid Gym, Ash's Dracovish used Fishious Rend to catch Iris's Dragonite in its mouth. It then used a super-effective Ice Fang attack to freeze and damage Dragonite before spitting him out, breaking the ice, but also rendering him unable to battle.

In Leaping Toward the Dream!, Goh's Scizor was frozen by an Alolan Ninetales's Ice Beam, forcing Goh to recall it.

In Breaking the Ice!, Regina's Glaceon, Mirche, froze its Trainer's classmates, including Ash, Goh, and Chloe, with Blizzard. It was revealed in a flashback that Mirche did this to Regina's classmates in her previous schools when they were bullying her.

In A Flood of Torrential Gains!, Leon's Mr. Rime froze Ash's Gengar with Freeze-Dry during their Masters Eight Tournament battle, giving it a chance to finish off Gengar soon afterward.

In Toying With Your Motions!, Ash's Dracovish froze Leon's Dragapult with Ice Fang in an attempt to prevent it from using Dragon Tail, but failed to completely freeze over Dragapult's tail, allowing the move to land and free Dragapult from the ice in the process.

In Bearing Down Easy!, a wild Beartic accidentally froze Ash, his Pokémon, and numerous other Pokémon in the forest in which it lived.

In the manga

Sceptile being frozen in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Red, Green & Blue arc

In Onix is On!, Red's Poliwhirl, Poli, froze and defeated a Pewter Gym Trainer's Graveler with an Ice Beam.

In ...But Fearow Itself!, Red had Poli freeze a then-wild Fearow with Ice Beam after distracting the Beak Pokémon with a Double Team afterimage.

In The Jynx Jinx, Red's Poliwrath, Poli, was frozen by an Ice Punch from Ken's Jynx.

In Make Way for Magmar!, Giovanni used his Cloyster to freeze and subsequently kill two wild Magmar.

In You Know... Articuno!, Articuno used Blizzard to freeze Team Rocket's Muk that was attacking Red and his Pokémon. This, however, forced Articuno to spend so much energy that Team Rocket was able to capture it soon after. When Koga later used Articuno against Red and Blue during the Silph Co. showdown, he had it use Blizzard to freeze the two Trainers solid. However, they were freed from the ice when Blue's Charizard used Flamethrower on the room from outside of the building.

In Golly, Golem!, Red's Poliwrath, Poli, was frozen by Giovanni's Cloyster in a battle at Viridian Gym.

Yellow arc

In Ekans the Ecstasy, Yellow had her Omanyte, Omny, use Ice Beam to freeze the legs of the Team Rocket Elite Trio, including the legs of a Hypno belonging to Al, one the trio's members.

Gold, Silver & Crystal arc

In Tyranitar War, Silver's Sneasel froze Gold's Sunkern, Sunbo, with Blizzard.

In Savvy Swinub, Pryce used his Swinub's Blizzard to freeze Suicune, although it was afterward revealed that the "Suicune" was actually a moving ice statue created by Pryce and moved by his Ice Pokémon.

FireRed & LeafGreen arc

In A Well-Journeyed Jumpluff, Orm's Jumpluff got frozen after Yellow had her Omastar, Omny, use Blizzard on it.

Emerald arc

In Moving Past Milotic, Emerald's borrowed Rapidash was frozen by a Blizzard from a Dusclops during his Battle Pike challenge. However, he was able to thaw himself out by using Flame Wheel.

In Susceptible to Sceptile, Emerald's Sceptile was frozen by a Blizzard from Ruby's Milotic, Feefee, during their Battle Dome match. However, after unlocking his lost memories, Sceptile managed to break free from the ice and defeat Feefee, giving Emerald the victory.

Diamond & Pearl arc

In Shorting out Electivire, Volkner's Raichu was frozen by a Blizzard from Platinum's Empoleon. It managed to break out of the ice after eating an Aspear Berry.

In Shunning Spiritomb, Cyrus's Weavile froze Cynthia's Spiritomb. Cynthia tried to heal Spiritomb with an Aspear Berry, but Cyrus prevented this by having Weavile use Embargo. This forced the Sinnoh Champion to recall Spiritomb and send her Milotic out in her place.

Black & White arc

In Battle in the Museum, during Black's Nacrene Gym battle against Lenora, Black's Braviary, Brav, got part of his body frozen by an Ice Fang attack from Lenora's Stoutland. However, he began to thaw out after hearing Black talk about their dream to win the Pokémon League.

In One Way or Another, during the Pokémon League semifinals, Black's Carracosta, Costa, froze and defeated Iris's Haxorus with a close-range Ice Beam.

Black 2 & White 2 arc

In Flying Ship, Blake, Whitley, and Kelden were all frozen by Kyurem, who was being controlled by Colress. However, after eating an Aspear Berry that Blake had given it, Kelden broke free from the ice and took Blake and Whitley to the Abyssal Ruins.

In The Final Battle: Crushed Ambition, Kyurem froze Colress with Sheer Cold*, allowing Looker to take him into custody.

Pokémon Pocket Monsters

In To the Pokémon League!!, Red's Clefairy was frozen by Lorelei's Dewgong, forcing Red to use an Ice Heal on him.

In the TCG

Freeze does not exist in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Instead, Water Pokémon with attacks and Abilities that conceptually freeze their targets instead inflict the Special Condition Paralyzed, which similarly restricts the actions that a Pokémon can take. Examples of this include Lapras's Ice Beam, Articuno's Wild Freeze, and Vanilluxe's Bitter Cold.

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