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Golden Island
オウゴンカン島 Ōgonkan Island
Golden Island.png
Region Orange Archipelago
Anime debut Meowth Rules!
Location of Golden Island in the Orange Archipelago

Golden Island (Japanese: オウゴンカン島 Ōgonkan Island) is an island in the Orange Archipelago. The island is home to a group of people that worship the Meowth of Bounty.

In the anime, in Meowth Rules!, Team Rocket's Meowth landed on this island after blasting off. The villagers are in a cult-like village where they await the arrival of the "Meowth of Bounty" and make them all rich with its Pay Day attack. Most villagers wear a light blue robe, cat ears, whiskers, and a cat-like nose in honor of the Great Meowth. The prophecy goes that on a night with a full, white moon, the "Meowth of Bounty" will bestow great wealth upon them.


Places of interest

Large shrine

The Golden Meowth Shrine

In the middle of the island is a large, golden statue of a Meowth wearing a bell around its neck. Here, the villagers pray to the "Meowth of Bounty" and wait for the ancient prophecy to be fulfilled. They put fruits in front of the statue for tribute. If a Meowth is found, the people put the Meowth in front of the statue and bow to it. They go to heed to the Meowth's every order and command until the next day, where the "Bounty Ceremony" begins. The "Meowth of Bounty" uses Pay Day to bring happiness and wealth to the islanders.

It is unknown whether the people on this island live in homes, or even have homes at all. No houses, huts, or any type of building is seen on the island.


Around the island are several watchtowers that guard the island, and also probably look out for any Meowth.


Off to the right of the shrine is a large battling stadium. It is surrounded by large bamboo sticks. Inside, there are benches for people to sit and watch battles.

Pokémon seen on Golden Island


Name origin

Language Name Origin
Japanese オウゴンカン島 Ōgonkan Tō From 黄金柑 ōgonkan, a variety of Japanese citrus that translates to "golden orange"
English, German Golden Island Partial translation of its Japanese name
French Île Golden From its English name
Italian Isola Golden From its English name
Korean 황금귤섬 Hwanggeumgyul Seom From 황금귤 (黃金橘) hwanggeumgyul, golden orange
Chinese 神秘貓之島 / 神秘猫之岛 Shénmì Māo-zhī Dǎo / Sàhnbei Māau-jī Dóu* Literally means "Mysterious Cat Island"
黄金柑岛 Huángjīngān Dǎo* From its Japanese name

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