Rind Island

Rind Island
タンカン島 Tankan Island
Rind Island.png
Region Orange Archipelago
Anime debut The Wacky Watcher!
Location of Rind Island in the Orange Archipelago

Rind Island (Japanese: タンカン島 Tankan Island) is a tiny deserted island in the northern region of the Orange Archipelago. The waters around Rind Island are a Magikarp breeding ground.

In The Wacky Watcher!, Ash and his friends accompanied Pokémon Watcher Quincy T. Quackenpoker as he returned to the island to study the Magikarp's annual migration and mass evolution event. Once a year, Magikarp from all over the Orange Islands come back here to their birthplace and after strengthening themselves up by swimming everywhere, try swimming upstream to the top of the river. The school of Magikarp wait until nightfall, when only those strong enough actually evolve into Gyarados. Once the evolution process has ended, they all swim back downstream and return to the ocean.

Pokémon seen on Rind Island

Magikarp (multiple)
Magikarp → Gyarados (multiple)


Name origin

Language Name Origin
Japanese タンカン島 Tankan Tō From 桶柑 tankan, a variety of tangor
English, German Rind Island From rind, thick outer skin of a fruit
Millsweet Island From millsweet, a cultivar of sweet lime
French Île Zesti From zeste (zest)
Italian Isola Rind From its English name
Spanish Isla Corteza* From corteza, rind
Isla Rind* From its English name
Korean 단귤섬 Tangyul Seom From 단귤 tangyul, sweet orange
Polish Korowa Wyspa From kora, bark
Chinese 甜柑島 / 甜柑岛 Tiángān Dǎo / Tìhmgām Dóu From 甜柑 tiángān / tìhmgām, sweet orange

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