Kumquat Gym

Kumquat Gym
リュウチンジム Ryūchin Gym
Kumquat Gym.png
Location Kumquat Island
Gym Leader Luana
Badge Jade Star Badge
Challenge Double Battle
Region Orange Archipelago
Kumquat Gym Battlefield.png

The Kumquat Gym (Japanese: リュウチンジム Liǔchéng Gym) is the official Gym of Kumquat Island. The Gym Leader is Luana. Trainers who defeat her receive the Jade Star Badge.

The Kumquat Gym made its only anime appearance in Pokémon Double Trouble.

The first Double Battle in Pokémon canon took place at the Kumquat Gym. In order to gain the Gym's Badge, challengers must use two of their Pokémon to defeat two of Luana's Pokémon simultaneously. The Gym is located within the luxurious Kumquat Hotel, which is also operated by Luana. The hotel is several stories tall and has a built in battle arena, an artificial hot spring, a tennis court, and exercise rooms for use for both Pokémon and people.

Pokémon used in Gym

One of Luana's Pokémon, Alakazam is a strong Pokémon that has learned to battle with teamwork alongside Marowak. Having powerful Psychic attacks, it is capable of immobilizing Pokémon. Using a powerful Hyper Beam attack, it can severely damage an opponent. However after being knocked over, the Hyper Beam was its own demise in Luana's battle with Ash.

Alakazam's known moves are Teleport, Reflect, Psychic, and Hyper Beam.

Debut Pokémon Double Trouble
Voice actors
English Addie Blaustein
Together with Alakazam, it knows Bonemerang. After being attacked by Charizard's Seismic Toss, it was not fazed. When Hyper Beam tore across the battlefield and hit Marowak, knocking both of Luana's Pokémon out, it gave Ash the victory of the match.

Marowak's known moves are Bonemerang and Double-Edge*.

Debut Pokémon Double Trouble
Voice actors
English Eric Stuart

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