This article is about the Gym Leader in the Orange Islands. If you were looking for the Pokémon Ranger, see Luana (Ranger).

ルリコ Ruriko
Gender Female
Eye color Blue
Hair color Red
Hometown Kumquat Island
Region Orange Islands
Relatives Travis (son)
Trainer class Gym Leader
Leader of Kumquat Gym
Badge Jade Star Badge
Challenge Double Battle
Anime debut Pokémon Double Trouble
English voice actor Kayzie Rogers
Japanese voice actor Mami Koyama

Luana (Japanese: ルリコ Ruriko) is the Gym Leader of Kumquat Island's Gym, known officially as the Kumquat Gym. She hands out the Jade Star Badge to Trainers who defeat her. She specializes in Double Battles.


Luana owns a luxury hotel on Kumquat Island that also doubles as her Gym. Trainers often stay at the Kumquat Hotel to help prepare for the upcoming battle. The actual Gym appears to be the largest in the Orange Archipelago, outside of Pummelo Stadium.

Luana appeared in Pokémon Double Trouble, where she mistook Ash for her son Travis since he bears a striking resemblance to Travis and even has a Pikachu just like him. Later, after helping Ash stop Team Rocket, she challenged him to a Double Battle. Ash used Pikachu and Charizard in the battle. Despite their initial unwillingness to cooperate, the two pulled together in the end and were able to defeat Luana's Pokémon.

She reappeared in a flashback in Hello, Pummelo!.


Luana is self-assertive, with her bold personality helping her operate the Kumquat Hotel and Gym at a high standard. She misses her son Travis and wishes to care for him again. Those strong maternal feelings resulted in her mistaking Ash for Travis. Her maternal side also extends to her Pokémon, whom she cares for deeply, treating each one like her own child.


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This is a list of Luana's Pokémon in the anime:

One of Luana's Pokémon, Alakazam is a strong Pokémon that has learned to battle with teamwork alongside Marowak. Having powerful Psychic attacks, it is capable of immobilizing Pokémon. Using a powerful Hyper Beam attack, it can severely damage an opponent. However after being knocked over, the Hyper Beam was its own demise in Luana's battle with Ash.

Alakazam's known moves are Teleport, Reflect, Psychic, and Hyper Beam.

Debut Pokémon Double Trouble
Voice actors
English Addie Blaustein
One of Luana's Pokémon, Marowak was used in Luana's Gym battle against Ash. After being attacked by Charizard's Seismic Toss, it was not fazed. When Hyper Beam tore across the battlefield and hit Marowak, knocking both of Luana's Pokémon out, it gave Ash the victory of the match.

Marowak's known moves are Bonemerang and Double-Edge*.

Debut Pokémon Double Trouble
Voice actors
English Eric Stuart

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 小山茉美 Mami Koyama
English Kayzie Rogers
Arabic إيمان بيطار Iman Bitar
Czech Jana Páleníčková
European French Guylaine Gibert
Italian Renata Bertolas
Polish Olga Borys
Brazilian Portuguese Adna Cruz
Spanish Latin America Elena Ramírez
Spain Gemma Martín


  • Despite Ash stating in Ash Catches a Pokémon that Double Battles were banned by the Pokémon League, Luana's Gym requires challengers to compete in a Double Battle.
    • However, Luana's Gym is part of the Orange League, and thus complies to different rules.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ルリコ Ruriko From 瑠璃 ruri (lapis lazuli), referencing the Japanese name of her Badge.
English Luana
Korean 루리 Ruri From her Japanese name.
Chinese (Mandarin) 琉麗/琉丽 Liúlì Means beautiful glazed stone. Also sounds similar to 琉璃 liúlí, referencing the name of her Badge.

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