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ヤンベラ Yambera
Region Orange Archipelago
Debut Wherefore Art Thou, Pokémon?

(Japanese: ヤンベラ Yambera) is a village located on the eastern part of Mandarin Island South. It is a little village with many historic buildings, contrasting the modern cities of Mandarin Island South, such as Trovitopolis. Yambera is known to host annual Pokémon Contests.

It is the hometown of rivals Ralph and Emily, who are also next-door neighbors. In Wherefore Art Thou, Pokémon?, Misty was determined to help Ralph's and Emily's lovestruck Nidoran become a couple. While their Trainers initially disagreed, a battle against Team Rocket led Ralph and Emily to accept that their Nidoran, who subsequently evolved into Nidorino and Nidorina, respectively, were destined to be together.

Places of interest

Pokémon Center

Main article: Pokémon Center

Ash and his friends stayed at the local Pokémon Center during their time in Yambera.


A Christian church is located in the village center, and is where wedding ceremonies are held for the residents. It appears to be taller than its surrounding buildings. The brown stone building has a bell tower with three bells and a Christian cross on top. Its entrance features a red arch door, and a paved path and hedged garden leads to its entry steps.


Ralph's and Emily's houses Pokémon Center Church

Pokémon seen in Yambera

Nidoran♀ → Nidorina
Nidoran♂ → Nidorino


In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 洋貝拉市 Yèuhngbuilāai Síh *
Mandarin 洋貝拉市 / 洋贝拉市 Yángbèilā Shì *
楊橘市 Yángjú Shì' *
柏拉镇 Bǎilā Zhèn *

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