Lightning Island

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Lightning Island
雷の島 Lightning Island
Lightning Island.png
Region Orange Archipelago
Anime debut The Power of One
Location of Lightning Island in the Orange Archipelago

Lightning Island (Japanese: 雷の島 Lightning Island) is an island in the central Orange Archipelago, featured in the second movie.

Ash holding the Lightning Treasure after the island shrine was accidentally destroyed

The southwestern-most of the three elemental islands, Lightning Island is home to the Legendary Zapdos, who roams the island. The island is a mountainous island. The Treasure of Lightning Island was formerly located in an altar overlooking a chasm. However, this was destroyed by Lawrence III's airship when it crash landed on the island.

After Ash placed all three of island treasures at the Shamouti Island shrine, peace was restored and Zapdos returned to Lightning Island.

Pokémon seen on Lightning Island


In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 雷之島 Lèuih-jī Dóu
Mandarin 雷之島 / 雷之岛 Léi-zhī Dǎo
  Finnish Salamasaari
  French Île de Foudre
  Italian Isola del Fulmine
  Polish Wyspa Pioruna

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