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Moro Island
スダチ島 Sudachi Island
Moro Island.png
Region Orange Archipelago
Anime debut A Shipful of Shivers
Location of Moro Island in the Orange Archipelago

Moro Island (Japanese: スダチ島 Sudachi Island) is located in the southeastern region of the Orange Archipelago. The island has a museum dedicated to the history of the Orange League. An Officer Jenny patrols the island for any criminals.


Places of interest

Pokémon Center

Main article: Pokémon Center

Moro Island's Pokémon Center is a little small compared to some of the other ones. It is located in the town, and outside is the sea. The Pokémon Center looks like an old fashion house with a large Poké Ball on top of the roof. Inside is a front desk, a waiting room, and off to the right side are a row of telephones. It is most likely that this Pokémon Center is run by Nurse Joy.

Moro Island Museum of Art

Moro Island's main attraction. It is a large museum with a front gate and large front entrance. Inside, the museum is filled with old paintings, sculptures, and artifacts. In the back of the museum, there was a championship trophy of the Orange League found in a sunken ship. The trophy was stolen, then brought back to the ship it was found in.


Right next to a park, there is a staircase that leads to the docks. Here, boats from other islands pull up and rest.

Ghost ship

Main article: Ghost ship

The ghost ship is a 300-year-old ship that rested on the bottom of the ocean until the Winner's Trophy that its captain won was recently removed from it.


Name origin

Language Name Origin
Japanese スダチ島 Sudachi Tō From 酢橘 sudachi, a small, round, green, Japanese citrus fruit
English, German Moro Island From moro, a cultivar of the blood orange known for its deep red blush
French Île Banana Split From banana split
Italian Isola Moro From its English name
Spanish Isla Moro From its English name
Korean 초귤섬 Chogyul Seom From 초귤 (酢橘) chogyul, sudachi
Chinese 斯達奇島 / 斯达奇岛 Sīdáqí Dǎo / Sīdaahtkèih Dóu* Transliteration of its Japanese name
巢立岛 Cháolì Dǎo* From Japanese 巣立 Sudachi
Polish Wyspa Moro From English name
Swedish Moro-ön From English name

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