Mandarin Island South

Mandarin Island South
マンダリン島 Mandarin Island
Mandarin Island South.png
Region Orange Archipelago
Anime debut The Mandarin Island Miss Match
Mandarin Island South Map.png
Location of Mandarin Island South in the Orange Archipelago

Mandarin Island South (Japanese: マンダリン島 Mandarin Island) is located in the southern end of the Orange Archipelago. It is the largest island in the chain. It was featured from The Mandarin Island Miss Match to The Mystery Menace.

In the anime

Most of Mandarin Island South is desert

Mandarin Island South is home to many big cities and a large stadium, though much of the island is desert.

In The Mandarin Island Miss Match, Ash and his friends met Prima of the Elite Four. She trains here during the off-season and has a home just outside a large city. Once a week, she gives lectures and demonstrates Pokémon battling techniques. Prima gave Ash a lesson in humility after noticing that he was becoming overconfident and not listening to his Pokémon.

In Wherefore Art Thou, Pokémon?, the group helped Yambera quarrelling neighbors Ralph and Emily for the sake of their Nidoran, who had fallen in love.

The group met electricity supplier Ethan in Get Along, Little Pokémon, who agreed to give them a lift in exchange for their help. He carts throughout the deserts of Mandarin Island South to deliver electricity to isolated towns and cities. The harsh landscape is prone to lightning storms, though Ethan uses the electricity to charge up his team of Magnemite.

In The Mystery Menace, Ash and his friends arrived in the large port city of Trovitopolis. A mystery creature, which was later discovered to be a giant Bulbasaur discarded by the Mayor of Trovitopolis was accused of endangering the public. Ash and his friends traversed the city's extensive sewers and saved the Bulbasaur from the Mayor’s plans to destroy it.


Cities and towns


Prima's house Yambera Trovitopolis

Pokémon seen on Mandarin Island South

Ethan's Magnemite (multiple)
Number Six
Ethan's Tauros (×2)
Ethan's Jolteon
Nurse Joy's Bulbasaur*


  • The island doesn't appear to have much in common with Mandarin Island North. It is believed that naming both islands the same name was a dubbing error, as the Japanese names are different for both.

Name origin

Language Name Origin
Japanese マンダリン島 Mandarin Tō From mandarin orange
English, German Mandarin Island South From its Japanese name
French Île Mandarine From its English name
Italian Isola dei Mandarini Sud From its English name
Spanish Isla Mandarina* From its English name
Isla Mandarín* From its English name
Korean 만다린섬 Mandarin Seom From its Japanese name
Chinese 小橘子島 / 小橘子岛 Xiǎojúzǐ Dǎo / Síugwātjí Dóu* From 小橘子 xiǎojúzǐ / síugwātjí' (small mandarin)
小柑橘岛 Xiǎogānjú Dǎo* From 小柑橘 xiǎoiǎogānjú' (small citrus)
Czech Mandarinkový ostrov From English name
Dutch Mandarin Island Same as English name
Hebrew באי מנדרינה Ba'ee Mandarina From English name
Hungarian Mandarin szigeten From English name
Norwegian Mandarinøya From English name
Polish Wyspa Mandarynek From English name
Portuguese Ilha Mandarin From English name
Romanian Insulă Mandarin From English name
Russian Мандаринов остров Mandarinov ostrov From English name
Swedish Mandarinön From English name

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