Murcott Island

Murcott Island
マーコット島 Murcott Island
Murcott Island.png
Region Orange Archipelago
Anime debut Tracey Gets Bugged
Location of Murcott Island in the Orange Archipelago

Murcott Island (Japanese: マーコット島 Murcott Island) is an island in the Orange Archipelago. It is famous for being home to many rare Bug-type Pokémon, leading some to compare it to a Safari Zone. On the island a Scyther was attacked and badly injured by its own swarm. Because of this, Tracey caught it. The majority of Murcott Island is covered in dense forest, and a lake is also present. A fairly large town with tall buildings exists some distance away from the beachfront.

Places of interest

Pokémon Center

Main article: Pokémon Center

The Pokémon Center on Murcott Island is located in the town area. The building is white with columns and an orange domed roof. The Center almost looks like a giant Town Hall with a "P" on its front. Inside, it is run by Nurse Joy and Chansey.

Pokémon seen on Murcott Island

Caterpie (multiple)
Scyther (multiple)

Caught Pokémon

Tracey's Scyther


Name origin

Language Name Origin
Japanese マーコット島 Murcott Tō From murcott, a mandarin-sweet orange hybrid that is also known as the honey tangerine
English, German Murcott Island From its Japanese name
French Île Cachou From cachou, catechu
Italian Isola Murcott From its English name
Spanish Isla Murcott From its English name
Korean 벌귤섬 Beolgyul Seom From 벌꿀 beolkkul (honey) and 꿀귤 kkulgyul (murcott)
Chinese 馬科特島 / 马科特岛 Mǎkētè Dǎo / Máhfōdahk Dóu* Transliteration of its Japanese name
馬扣克島 Mǎkòukè Dǎo* Corruption of its Japanese name
默科特岛 Mòkētè Dǎo* Transliteration of its Japanese name
Norwegian Murcott-øya From English name
Polish Wyspa Murcott From English name
Swedish Murcott-ön From English name

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