Extreme Pokémon: The Guide for the Ultimate Fan

Extreme Pokémon: The Guide for the Ultimate Fan
Extreme Pokémon cover.png
ISBN: 0439194016
Pages: 96
Published: July 2000
Publisher: Scholastic logo.png
Author: Michael Teitelbaum

Extreme Pokémon: The Guide for the Ultimate Fan by Michael Teitelbaum is a handbook that was published in July 2000. It contains some basic information on Generation I and, more specifically, information on characters and events occurring in the Orange Islands story arc of the anime. The book also contains the only official map of the Orange Archipelago.


  1. What Is Pokémon All About?
  2. What's Up with Ash?
  3. Showdown on the Indigo Plateau - The Pokémon League Tournament
  4. Tropical Tour Book - The Pokémon Trainer's Guide to the Orange Islands
  5. The New Kid in Town - Tracey Sketchit
  6. Everything I Need to Know, I Learned From Watching Pokémon
  7. Clearing Up the Facts About Misty
  8. Pokémon Types
  9. Your Pokémon Dictionary
  10. Brock and Roll!
  11. Trivia, Fun, and All That Cool Stuff!
  12. Team Rocket's Blasting Off Again!
  13. Here Come the New Pokémon!


  • On page 75, the image of Jynx that appears on the bottom of the page has black skin. In all of its other appearances within the book (pages 32, 56, and 80), as well as another image of Jynx on the same page, it has purple skin.


  • On page 7, there is a list of the Kanto Gym Leaders. The image of the Badge Sabrina gives out, the Marsh Badge, and the Badge Koga gives out, the Soul Badge, are switched.
  • On page 32, when listing Pidgeot's attacks, one of them is "Wing".
  • On page 33, a section called Mime's The Word states that Delia rescued her Mr. Mime from a circus where it was being treated harshly. In reality, hers was a wild Mr. Mime which she mistook for Ash. The Mr. Mime in question actually belonged to Stella who eventually worked out her differences with her Mr. Mime.
  • On page 52, an image of Venusaur is in place of where an image of a Charmander should be.
  • Ritchie's name is misspelled as "Richie".
  • On page 89, a true or false question asks if Venonat like to fly near bright lights at night. The answers state that this is true; Venonat cannot fly, and this is most likely intended to be Venomoth.
  • On page 89, a true or false question is asked about Nidoran♀ and Nidoran♂, but there is a picture of Nidorino instead of Nidoran♂.
  • On page 90, a question asks "The S.S. Anne is a boat docked in Vermilion City. True or False?" The answer on page 105 does not make sense, saying "False, the name of the boat is the S.S. Anne."
    • In the Canadian French version, the question instead asks if the name of the ship is the "S.S. Banane".
  • On page 104, the answers given for You Pick the Winner! Battle #3 say that Pikachu will win in a battle against Golem because "Water-Type Pokémon have the advantage over Rock Types." This may be referring to Surfing Pikachu, as Surf is a Water-type move.


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