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Welcome to Project Merchandise! Here, you will find Bulbapedia's largest frontier of potential editing possibilities. With new Pokémon products being released seemingly every single day somewhere around the world, there is always something to edit and add to our encyclopedia. Without a doubt, we all have a collection of Pokémon merchandise, so why not take a minute to see what information you can add! Merchandise often branches into other areas of the franchise; whatever your interest, there is certainly room here for your expertise! Best wishes and happy collecting!

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Scope and aims

Project Merchandise covers everything collectible! This project is in charge of upkeep for any and all products for the Pokémon franchise. Our ambitious goal is to have articles, images, and as many details as we can find on a variety of subjects: books, figures, plush dolls, clothing, posters, coins, and much more! Any information is invaluable.

Useful links

IconBPLeadershipBoardSm.png Maverick Nate Editor-in-Chief
IconBPLeadershipBoardSm.png nuva-kal Leadership Board
Ongoing tasks
  • Cover all upcoming and current merchandise
  • Work on information for pre Generation VI merchandise
  • Standardize filenames.
  • Better organize the information we currently have.
Goals for April
Key templates


Other templates

Project Merchandise logo.png This article is part of Project Merchandise, a Bulbapedia project that aims to write comprehensive articles on all Pokémon toys, dolls, books, and collectible merchandise.
  • This template can be customized to suit the article on which it is placed.
    • {{Project Merchandise notice|book}} is to be used on book articles
    • {{Project Merchandise notice|toy}} is to be used on toy and doll articles
    • The standard {{Project Merchandise notice}} is to be used on all other articles

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