Pokémon Visual Companion: Third Edition

Pokémon Visual Companion: Third Edition
Pokémon Visual Companion Third Edition.png
ISBN: 9780744021974
Published: September 15, 2020
Publisher: DK
Author: Simcha Whitehill, Lawrence Neves, Katherine Fang, Cris Silvestri, Glenn Dakin
Preceded By: Pokémon Visual Companion: Second Edition
Succeeded By: N/A

Pokémon Visual Companion: Third Edition is a hardcover Pokémon book published by DK on September 15, 2020. Outside the US, the book was released as The Official Pokémon Encyclopedia: Updated and Expanded by Hachette Children's Group on August 20, 2020. It is 304 pages long. The book acts as a guide to the Pokémon anime, featuring Pokédex references, facts and figures of Pokémon from each explored region, and the Pokémon encountered throughout Ash's journey. It also contains information about key characters, battles, and places in the anime, all accompanied by large colored pictures.


Pokémon Visual Companion: Third Edition

Learn all about your favorite Pokémon in this
fact-packed guide to the animated series.
Discover every region from Kanto to
Alola, including the people and Pokémon
who live there.
Trace Ash's journey and get to know his
friends and travel companions.
See epic battles and meet Legendary
and Mythical Pokémon.

The Official Pokémon Encyclopedia: Updated and Expanded

Filled with facts and stats about your favourite Pokémon,
Regions, Trainers, and so much more.
Now updated with brand new content from the Alola and
Galar Regions, this comprehensive guide has everything
you need to become a true Pokémon pro!
  • Every Region, including Galar
  • Pokémon life lessons
  • Ash's story, his friends...and enemies!



  • Despite Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon having finished airing by the time of the book's release, only information about the first two seasons are featured in the book, despite the third season being mentioned on page 7. This is also why the two-page Galar spread (pages 296-297) is quite basic, simply featuring brief information on the first partner Pokémon alongside Zacian and Zamazenta, the game mascots.
  • Some information regarding Kalos as the "latest" region in the "World of Pokémon" section has been retained from the previous edition, despite being surpassed by both Alola and Galar by the time of publication. Notably, the Kalos section was not updated to show information between the release of the second edition and the end of the series (such as Ash’s final Gym battle, the Pokémon League, or the Team Flare attack).


Many errors are carried over from previous editions, so they are not listed here.

  • On page 17, Ash's Rowlet is incorrectly stated to have fully evolved, despite not evolving at all, even if it owns an Everstone.
  • On page 264, Oluolu is written as 'Uloulo', which is actually just the former written backwards.
  • On page 272, Celesteela is stated to be a Launch-Flying type, instead of a Steel/Flying type.
  • On page 278, Type: Null is listed as a Null-type instead of a Normal-type.
  • On page 295, Zygarde's formes are listed as having the height of its 50 percent forme.

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