Pokémon Ultimate Handbook

Pokémon Ultimate
ISBN: 978-0545078863
Published: October 1, 2008
Publisher: Scholastic logo.png
Author: Cris Silvestri
Preceded By: Pokémon Sinnoh Handbook
Succeeded By: Pokémon Johto Handbook

The Pokémon Ultimate Handbook by Cris Silvestri is an edition of The Official Pokémon Handbook series that was published on October 1, 2008. It served as a paper form of the National Pokédex for all 491 Pokémon known at the time in alphabetical order, excluding Shaymin and Arceus. The book's final pages include a special feature of Darkrai and a section on all Legendary Pokémon except Shaymin and Arceus.

An Updated Edition of the book was released in 2009 by the same author. The updated version fixes some of the errors that are present in the first edition, and it also includes entries for Arceus and Shaymin's Land and Sky Formes.


This handbook features every Pokémon ever--it's truly the ultimate guide for every Pokémon fan!

Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. Ash's Pokémon journey has taken him through some incredible regions, and now they're all in one book! This deluxe handbook includes facts & figures for every single Pokémon. That's over 480 entries--packed with inside info and special tips. It's truly the ultimate guide for every Pokémon fan.


The entries for each Pokémon are in an easy-to-read page setup. A page may be devoted to one or two Pokémon.


Each entry begins with the Pokémon's name and species name at the top on a colored bar. The bar's color is random.


Each Pokémon has the following information below its name:

  1. Pronunciation
  2. Possible moves (moves the Pokémon will learn by leveling up)
  3. Type
  4. Height and weight
  5. Region it resides in (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, or Sinnoh)

Moves introduced in Platinum are not included.

Image and other information

Each Pokémon has an anime-style picture on its page, with "flavor text" under their name. Pages for Legendary Pokémon have stars on their page and their bar will be white with a glowing stroke around it.

Evolution chain

At the very bottom of a Pokémon's entry is a diagram of its evolutionary family. Pokémon that do not evolve do not have an evolution chain.


The updated edition

The species names for many Pokémon are misstated:

  • Abra, Kadabra, and Alakazam: "Psychic Pokémon" instead of Psi Pokémon.
  • Azelf: "Stone Pokémon" instead of Willpower Pokémon.
  • Cherrim: "Cherry Blossom Pokémon" instead of Blossom Pokémon.
  • Cresselia: "Crescent Moon Pokémon" instead of Lunar Pokémon.
  • Croagunk: "Poison Pokémon" instead of Toxic Mouth Pokémon.
  • Dialga: "Time Pokémon" instead of Temporal Pokémon.
  • Donphan: "Armor Bird Pokémon" instead of Armor Pokémon.
  • Gliscor: "Fangscorpion Pokémon" instead of Fang Scorp Pokémon.
  • Golem: "Rock Pokémon" (like Geodude and Graveler) instead of the Megaton Pokémon.
  • Ledyba, Ledian: "Five Start Pokémon" instead of Five Star Pokémon. This is corrected in the Updated Edition.
  • Palkia: "Space Pokémon" instead of Spatial Pokémon. This is corrected in the Updated Edition.
  • Scizor: "Scissors Pokémon" instead of Pincer Pokémon. It has also been called this in the anime at one point.
  • Skorupi: "Scorpian Pokémon" instead of Scorpion Pokémon.
  • Squirtle: "Water Pokémon" instead of Tiny Turtle Pokémon.
  • Staryu: "Star Fish Pokémon" instead of Star Shape Pokémon.
  • Surskit: "Pound Skater Pokémon" instead of Pond Skater Pokémon.
  • Taillow: "Tiny Swallow Pokémon" instead of TinySwallow Pokémon.
  • Torkoal: "Coral Pokémon" instead of Coal Pokémon.
  • Zangoose: "Car Ferret Pokémon" instead of Cat Ferret Pokémon.
  • Zigzagoon: "Tynyracoon Pokémon" instead of TinyRaccoon Pokémon.

Other errors include:

  • Aipom's description uses the pronoun "his" rather than "its" at one point.
    • This is corrected in the Updated Edition.
  • Budew's page wrongly states that it is able to learn Bullet Seed by level-up.
    • Later prints of the first and Updated Editions Budew has Cranidos and Rampardos's moveset.
  • Celebi's type combination is listed as Grass/Psychic instead of Psychic/Grass.
  • Delibird's name box has a yellow glow, which only Legendary Pokémon have.
  • On Duskull's page, an image of its eye is under its picture. This occurs in all of its evolutionary chains.
    • This is corrected in the Updated Edition.
  • Luxio has Roserade's moveset.
    • This is corrected in the Updated Edition.
  • Luxray has Cranidos and Rampardos's moveset.
  • Porygon2 is misspelled Porygon 2 and Porygon-2 in its name and entry.
  • Porygon and Porygon2's pictures are switched.
    • Both of these are corrected in later reprints and the Updated Edition.
  • The picture of Probopass is missing its Mini-Noses.
  • On Pupitar's page, the artworks for Tyranitar and Larvitar in the evolutionary chain are switched.
    • This is corrected in later reprints.
  • Rampardos's moveset is missing Endeavor.
  • Rotom is listed as a Legendary Pokémon.
    • This is corrected in the Updated Edition.
  • In the Updated Edition, Shaymin's Sky Forme's moveset is missing Air Slash.
  • Spinda's page has stars on it, which only Legendary Pokémon have.
  • Spiritomb's page has stars on it, which only Legendary Pokémon have.
  • The lineart of Suicune on its entry page and in the Legendary lineup are misprinted.
  • In Swinub's evolution chain, Swinub and Mamoswine's pictures are switched.
  • Torterra's picture on its own page is different from the one in Grotle's evolution chain.
  • The move Sky Attack is mostly referred to as "Sky Power".
    • Similarly, Tri Attack is incorrectly called "Tri Power".
  • There are several move spelling errors, such as: Infernape's page misspells Mach Punch as "Mash Punch", Prinplup's page misspells Metal Claw as "Metal Chew", and Turtwig's page misspells Synthesis as "Syntesis".

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