The Complete Pokémon Pocket Guide

The Complete Pokémon Pocket Guide
ISBN: 1421523256/1421523264
Published: October 14, 2008
Publisher: VIZ Media logo.png
Author: Unknown

The Complete Pokémon Pocket Guide is a guide published by VIZ Media. It contains information on all 491 Pokémon revealed to date (excluding Shaymin and Arceus whose entries appear on a double-sided leaflet (referred as a "poster") included with the box set), which, however, are included as a poster in re-print. Each Pokémon's page has an illustration, a description, a list of some of the moves it may possess, special abilities, and any evolutions that it may have. It is split into two volumes: volume one covers the first 245 Pokémon (Bulbasaur to Suicune) and the rest are in volume two (Larvitar to Darkrai). Volume 1 is 248 pages in length, and Volume 2 is 251 pages in length.

VIZ Media reprinted these books individually on January 10, 2017, and in a box set on February 14, 2017.

It is an English translated version of the 2007 book Pokémon All Character Encyclopedia.

A sequel to this guide was published in 2024.


The complete guide to all 491 Pokémon, including the new Diamond and Pearl generation! Fully illustrated and totally comprehensive, this two-volume set features one Pokémon per page, providing full-color pictures, descriptions and stats, including Abilities, Moves and Evolution. Portable, practical and bursting with information, this pocket guide is all you need to catch 'em all!


Original Japanese covers
  • There is information in this book not seen in other sources, such as saying Infernape's flames cannot be extinguished as long as it is alive.
  • Remoraid's page features artwork of Mantine as one of the pictures for Remoraid.


  • The cover of both books read From Abra to Zubat, despite Abomasnow coming before Abra alphabetically.
  • In the first volume:
    • In Wigglytuff and Mr. Mime's descriptions, the move DoubleSlap is misspelled as Doubleslap.
    • Slowbro is listed as evolving into Slowking.
    • Farfetch'd's weight is incorrectly typed as 133.1 pounds. Its actual weight is 33.1 pounds.
    • In Voltorb's description, Poké Ball is misspelled as Pokéball.
    • On Marowak's page, its height and weight is the same as Cubone's. This is incorrect, as Marowak's actual height is 3'3", while its actual weight is 99.2 pounds.
    • In Scyther's description, Scyther is incorrectly pluralized as Scythers.
    • In Pinsir's "Special Moves" section, no actual moves are listed, with only its name displayed.
    • In Xatu's description, it mistakenly refers to Xatu as Natu, its pre-evolution's name, in the first sentence.
    • In Azumarill's description, it can be presumed that when "i's" is written, the term "it's" was meant.
  • In the second volume:
    • The picture of Celebi shown in its evolution line chart uses its Shiny colors.
    • One of the pictures of Marshtomp shows its back as being purple.
    • Swampert's weight is listed in the book as 14.3 pounds, but Swampert's weight is actually 180.6 pounds.
    • In Aggron's description, it mistakenly refers to Aggron as Aron in the second sentence.
    • Claydol is listed as a Water and Psychic-type.
    • On Metang's page, its moves Iron Defense and Bullet Punch are listed as "Iron, Bullet, Defense, and Punch".
    • On Regirock's page, its move Iron Defense is listed as "Defense" and "Iron".
    • Groudon's weight is listed as Drought, its Ability.
    • In Weavile's description, the phrase "each other" is mistakenly written backwards as "other each".
    • On Rhyperior's page, its moves Horn Drill and Earthquake are listed as "Horn" and "EarthquakeDrill".
    • On Electivire's page, Electabuzz is highlighted in the evolution line when Electivire should have been highlighted.

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