Official Pokémon Trading Card Game Perfect Guide

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Official Pokémon Trading Card Game Perfect Guide
Versus Books Trading Card Game Perfect Guide cover.jpg
Published: April 12, 2000
Publisher: Versus Books
Author: Casey Loe, Berton Bailey

Official Pokémon Trading Card Game Perfect Guide is a strategy guide published by Versus Books for the video game Pokémon Trading Card Game. Out of all of Versus Books' strategy guides, it is volume 11 overall. It has 96 pages.


All 228 Pokémon Cards Revealed!

Find the Twenty Secret Promos!
Detailed instruction on how to fill out your Card Album! Don't miss a single card!

Every Card Explained, and Rated!
Our detailed Card Index shows every card and highlights the power cards you need to win!

Play Like a Pro!
Our extensive training section and tactical quiz will make you a better player!

Amazing Decks!
Dozens of tournament-quality decks inside! Learn how to play them and how to beat them.

Complete Walkthrough with Detailed Maps
The secrets of every club revealed! Winning strategies for every Club Member, Club Leader, and Grand Master!

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