Pokémon Visual Guide

Pokémon Visual Guide
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ISBN: 9780756644307
Published: 2008
Publisher: BradyGames logo.jpg
Author: Katherine Fang
Preceded By: N/A
Succeeded By: Pokémon Visual Companion

Pokémon Visual Guide is a visual guide to the Pokémon anime covering all of the story arcs from the original series to Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl. It was published by BradyGames in 2008.

The book contains detailed maps of the different regions that appear in the anime, character profiles of both human characters (such as Ash and Dawn) and legendary Pokémon, synopses of important events, and lists of different Pokémon by region. Each of these features are supplemented by full-color, often large, pictures and artwork.

The dust jacket has many different Pokémon featured on it, prominently from Generation IV, while the inside hard cover is a large image of Pikachu which spans both the front and back covers.


The Pokémon animated series Visual Guide.

Pokémon Visual Guide is the essential companion to the animated world of Pokémon. From Ash to Team Rocket, from Kanto to Pokémon's effect in our world, we catch it all. The Visual Guide is the requisite book for every Pokémon fan.

  • Discover the CHARACTERS, BATTLES, and important PLACES
  • Get to know ASH and his travel companions
  • Take a unique look at TEAM ROCKET
  • Trace Ash's journey through the regions with vibrant REGION ART
  • Learn the powerful LIFE LESSONS Pokémon teaches



  • On Page 10, in the section "Ash's Pokémon", the book says that Ash caught a Pidgey and that it stayed with him until it eventually evolved into a Pidgeot. This is incorrect, as Ash caught Pidgeotto in its evolved state, not as a Pidgey. He did attempt to catch a Pidgey in Pokémon - I Choose You!, but he was unsuccessful. This section also leaves out Primeape, Muk, and Lapras.
  • On Page 41, Poliwhirl is incorrectly labeled as "Lombre". That page also does not mention Poliwhirl's evolution into Politoed, and also calls Vileplume "Vile Plume".
  • On Page 76, Falkner is incorrectly labeled as "Faulkner". On the same page, it is said Ash's Chikorita uses Sweet Smell upon battling with Bugsy's Spinarak, but it is actually Sweet Scent.
  • On page 102, it is said Wattson's Magneton uses Shock Cannon, but it is actually Zap Cannon. That page also does not mention the rematch with Brawly.
  • Another error can be seen on page 103, which Norman's Vigoroth actually uses Slash instead of Scratch.
  • Kyle is mistaken for Kenny on pages 100 and 125.
  • On Page 157, Porygon-Z is incorrectly depicted with a picture of Porygon2.
  • On the list of Dawn's Pokémon, it does not include Buizel.
  • On page 157, Piplup is incorrectly given a Normal-type background to its picture; the bar saying "Water" is also colored gray to suggest that it is a Normal-type.

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