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Footprints (Japanese: 足跡 footprint) are the tracks left by a Pokémon. Each Pokémon with visible legs has a unique footprint that is displayed in the Pokédex of every game from Generation II through Generation V. Out of the 649 Pokémon in Generation V, 241 do not have a footprint.


In the games

When a Pokémon is caught, its footprint is included in the data added to its entry and can be found on the first page. For those without a footprint, the area footprints are displayed on remains blank.

At the start of Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, and Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, a Scientist initially blocks the entrance to Route 102 as he thinks he has found the footprints of a rare Pokémon there. It later turns out that they were his own.

In the Altering Cave of FireRed and LeafGreen, footprints may be found as well.

Footprint Ribbon

Footprint Ribbon.png

Dr. Footstep on Route 213 in Sinnoh is a footprint expert, and can evaluate a Pokémon's friendship simply by looking at its tracks. He will hand out a Footprint Ribbon to Pokémon with a high friendship value. Even Pokémon who do not have a footprint can be tested to get the Ribbon. Dr. Footstep has four different ratings on Pokémon friendship. These reflect the amount and size of hearts shown on the Friendship Pokétch application. The quotes vary depending on which Pokémon is being examined. Different Pokémon have different sets of responses, such as Ghost-type Pokémon saying that they are scary and shunned, and inorganic Pokémon such as Magnemite only make the noise "Sssshhnnn". If a Pokémon receives a Level 4 rating, Dr. Footstep will award it a Footprint Ribbon.

In Pokémon X and Y, the Ribbon is given out by a Rising Star in Shalour City, and by a Collector at the Battle Resort in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. In these games, the Footprint Ribbon is given to Pokémon who have gained at least 30 levels since they were caught or received.

Wigglytuff's Guild

Footprint testing

Wigglytuff's Guild in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness judges a Pokémon's worth by its footprint. Before being allowed to enter, a Pokémon must stand on a grate in front of the guild entrance and have their footprint identified. Visitors or Guild members have to step on the grate to let the sentry (usually Diglett) verify whether they are wanted Pokémon. At a couple of points during the storyline and at any time after graduating, the player takes part in this sentry duty. It plays out as a mini-game where a series of Pokémon must be identified by their footprints, though more clues are provided over time. The game also notes the Pokémon who lack footprints in the scene where Dusknoir visits the guild.

Wi-Fi Plaza

In the Wi-Fi Plaza, there are two long boards that several people can get access to. On these boards, the player has the ability to select one of six footprint types. Once the type has been selected, touching the canvas with the stylus can place footprints at will. The other people will also be doing this. The footprints will quickly go and walk off the canvas after the player has placed them.

Pokémon Dream World

In the Pokémon Dream World, when a player visits another's home, they leave the footprint of their Pokémon on the Footprint Mat. Clicking these footprints provides information about the visitor. They will flash when the visitor has made a Dream Pal request.

In the anime

The poster Ash received with footprints of his Pokémon

Footprints have been seen in the anime. In Hello, Pummelo!, Ash and his friends visited the Palace of Victory on Pummelo Island, where footprints of the Pokémon used by the Champions of the Orange League are kept along with photos of them with their Trainers. As of Enter The Dragonite, the footprints of the Pokémon that Ash used in his Full Battle against the Orange Crew Supreme Gym Leader Drake can be seen there as well.

In The Unbeatable Lightness of Seeing!, when Ash was feeling down after his loss against Pyramid King Brandon, Professor Oak handed him a poster Tracey had made with the footprints of his Pokémon residing at Professor Oak's Laboratory.

In Mega Revelations!, Korrina was shown having collected footprints of the Pokémon she and her Lucario had defeated together. After defeating Ash and his Pikachu, she also had Pikachu add his paw print to her collection.

In the manga

Footprint Ribbon in Pokémon Adventures

Dr. Footstep also appears in the Pokémon Adventures manga series. He first appears in Bombastic Bibarel & Heroic Hippopotas where he gives Platinum and Diamond a Footprint Ribbon for defeating a pair of Scientists. He is seen again in Double Trouble with Dialga and Palkia V, in the Platinum chapter, and lastly in The Final Dimensional Duel XI .



In other languages

Language Title
Denmark Flag.png Danish Fodaftryk
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Voetafdruk
Finland Flag.png Finnish Tassunjälki
France Flag.png French Empreinte
Germany Flag.png German Fußabdruck
Italy Flag.png Italian Impronte
South Korea Flag.png Korean 발자국 Baljaguk
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Fotavtrykk
Portuguese Brazil Flag.png Brazil Pegada
Portugal Flag.png Portugal Pegada*
Russia Flag.png Russian Отпечаток ног Otpechatok nog
Spain Flag.png Spanish Huella
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Fotavtryck
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Dấu chân

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