Mateo (EP087)

Mateo (Japanese: イサオ Isao) is a character of the day who appeared in The Crystal Onix.


Mateo and his younger sister Marissa live on Sunburst Island in the Orange Archipelago. Mateo grew up helping his grandfather at his glass shop. After his grandfather's passing, Mateo decided to follow in his footsteps and now operates the old shop. However, he had recently been suffering from artist's block and became increasingly frustrated by his lifeless and lower-quality glass products. One shop owner yelled at Marissa, claiming her brother was ruining the glass business on the island.

Mateo's ultimate goal was to capture the legendary Crystal Onix. With the help of Tracey's Venonat and Marill, he found the Pokémon in a nearby cave. Using his Pokémon, he weakened it, but out of nowhere, decided not to capture it. He later told Ash and his friends that just the act of seeing the Crystal Onix had inspired him.

When he returned to his glass shop, just like his grandfather, Mateo was able to make much better glass pieces, and soon, his business greatly improved. Mateo then gave Ash a Pikachu glass figurine as thanks.


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On hand

Mateo's Cloyster made a brief appearance when Mateo was trying to capture the Crystal Onix. It used Water Gun but it was useless, because the Onix was made of glass. Onix defeated Cloyster with a Tackle.

Cloyster's only known move is Water Gun.

Debut The Crystal Onix
Voice actors
English Eric Stuart
Mateo's Charmeleon is used to make glass at his shop and also battled the Crystal Onix. After Cloyster had been defeated, Charmeleon's Fire attacks set the Onix alight. However, once Mateo saw the fainted Pokémon, he had all of the inspiration he needed. Charmeleon was last seen making a Pikachu glass figurine for Ash.

Charmeleon's known moves are Fire Spin* and Flamethrower.

Debut The Crystal Onix
Voice actors
English Eric Stuart


Crystal Onix
Main article: Crystal Onix

The Crystal Onix was rumoured to live on Sunburst Island, though is largely ignored by many as just a legend. Its body is made entirely of crystal glass, making it unusually strong to Water attacks, but weak to Fire attacks.

Mateo was determined to capture this Crystal Onix after hearing about from his late grandfather, who was left awe-inspired after he encountered it in his youth.

Together, with the help of Ash and his friends, Mateo located the Crystal Onix living within the crystal caves on an isolated islet. While his Cloyster's Water attacks failed to hurt the Crystal Onix, Mateo's Charmeleon's Fire attacks did significant damage. Mateo was just about to capture it when he realized that he didn't need to. Just battling it gave him the inspiration he needed to create realistic glass Pokémon sculptures. He thanked the Crystal Onix as it submerged itself into the water once more.

The Crystal Onix's known moves are Tackle and Rock Throw.

Debut The Crystal Onix
Voice actors
Japanese Unshō Ishizuka

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 私市淳 Atsushi Kisaichi
English Buddy Woodward
European French Laurent Vernin
Norwegian Trond Teigen
Polish Artur Krajewski
Brazilian Portuguese Vágner Fagundes
Spanish Latin America Eduardo Garza
Spain Miguel Ángel Garzón

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