Mateo and Marissa's grandfather

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Mateo and Marissa's grandfather is a character of the day who appeared in The Crystal Onix.

Mateo and Marissa's grandfather, on the far left
Mateo and Marissa's grandfather in his youth, as he encountered the Crystal Onix

He was a skilled glass sculptor who operated a store on Sunburst Island. After he passed away, his grandson Mateo inherited the store and continued the family tradition of sculpting Pokémon figures from glass. However, he had been struggling to achieve the same results as his grandfather and needed inspiration to create true likeness in his figures.

Mateo and his sister Marissa then remembered their grandfather's old story of when he encountered a Crystal Onix, the inspiration for his creations, which was rumored to live in some hidden crystal caves on Sunburst Island. With the help of Tracey's Marill, Mateo, Marissa, Ash, and his friends located the caves and the Crystal Onix. Just like his grandfather, the encounter instantly gave Mateo the inspiration he needed to sculpt lifelike figures.

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