Pokémon League Reception Gate

Pokémon League Reception Gate
Pokémon League Front Gate
Pokémon League Reception Gate
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Pokémon League Reception Gate Exterior LGPE.png
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Location: Generations I, III, and VII
Between Route 22 and Route 23

Generations II and IV
South of Victory Road,
West of Route 22,
East of Route 28,
North of Route 26
Region: Kanto
Generations: I, II, III, IV, VII
Kanto Victory Road Map.png
Location of Pokémon League Reception Gate in Kanto.
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The Pokémon League Reception Gate (Japanese: ポケモンリーグうけつけゲート Pokémon League Reception Gate) is a large gate located in Kanto to the west of Route 22. The building serves as a Gym Badge checkpoint for both Kanto and Johto Trainers in these games.

This gate is named the Pokémon League Front Gate (Japanese: ポケモンリーグ正面ゲート Pokémon League Front Gate) in Generations I, III, and VII, where it simply contains the Boulder Badge checkpoint and connects Routes 22 and 23.


Generations I, III, and VII

The Pokémon League Front Gate serves as the Boulder Badge checkpoint due to the Badge checkpoints being individually distributed by eight guards throughout Route 23. It also works as a connector between Routes 22 and 23. Unlike its Generation II and IV incarnations, it is not a four-way intersection.

Generations II and IV

The Pokémon League Front Gate was rebuilt and renamed the Pokémon League Reception Gate. The Badge checkpoints are consolidated into a single one inside of the gate, which now connects directly to Victory Road. This is why Route 23 is extremely short in Generation II; in Generation IV, it was completely removed as its fifteen tiles are now considered part of Indigo Plateau itself.

Trainers entering Kanto from Johto via Routes 26 and 27 are forced to enter this building from the south. Here, they are stopped by a Pokémon League official and must present the eight Johto Gym Badges before they can advance. Past the guard is a four-way intersection of hallways; only the north hallway leading to Victory Road (and therefore Indigo Plateau) is initially open. The east hallway, leading to Viridian City via Route 22, is blocked by a guard until the player enters the gate from the Route 22 side; once the guard has stepped aside, the player can travel between Johto and mainland Kanto without Flying, Teleporting, taking the S.S. Aqua or the Magnet Train. The west hallway, leading to Route 28 and Mt. Silver, is opened by Professor Oak once the player has collected all eight Kanto Gym Badges.

In Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, Janine will appear here every evening between 16:00 and 20:00 after being defeated and will give the player her phone number so that she can be called for a rematch.


Generation I Generation II Generation III Generation IV Generation VII


In other languages

Pokémon League Reception Gate

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 神奇寶貝聯盟大門 Shénqí Bǎobèi Liánméng Dàmén
  French Porte d'accès à la Ligue PokémonHGSS
Ligue Pokémon - Porte d'accèsGSC
  German Pokémon Liga Empfang
  Italian Lega Pokémon - Accettazione
  Korean 포켓몬리그 접수처 게이트 Pokémon League Jeopsucheo GateHGSS
포켓몬 리그 접수처 게이트 Pokémon League Jeopsucheo GateGSC
  Spanish Recepción de la Liga Pokémon

Pokémon League Front Gate

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 寶可夢聯盟正門 Pokémon Lyùhnmàhng Jingmùhn
Mandarin 寶可夢聯盟正門 Pokémon Liánméng Zhèngmén *
宝可梦联盟正面入口 Pokémon Liánméng Zhèngmiàn Rùkǒu *
  French Ligue Pokémon - Entrée principaleFRLGPE
Ligue Pokémon - Porte entréeRBY
  German Pokémon-Liga HaupteingangPE
Pokémon Liga HaupteingangFRLG
PKMN-Liga HaupteingangRBY
  Italian Lega Pokémon - Ingresso principaleFRLGPE
Lega Pokémon - Varco AnterioreRBY
  Korean 포켓몬리그 정면 게이트 Pokémon League Jeongmyeon Gate
  Spanish Liga Pokémon - Entrada principalPE
Liga Pokémon - Puerta delanteraFRLG
Liga Pokémon - Puerta DelanteraRBY

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