Sea Cottage

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Sea Cottage 岬の小屋
Cape Cottage
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Bill's House Exterior LGPE.png
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Location: Northeast of Cerulean City on Route 25
Region: Kanto
Generations: I, II, III, IV, VII
Kanto Route 25 Map.png
Location of Sea Cottage in Kanto.
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The Sea Cottage (Japanese: 岬の小屋 Cape Cottage) is a small building located in the northeast of Kanto on Route 25. It is on Cerulean Cape and is home to Bill.

In the games

In Generations I, III, and VII, the Sea Cottage is home to Bill. While experimenting with his Teleporter, he was accidentally combined with a ClefairyFRLG/NidorinoPE, and he asks the player to help him by running the Cell Separation System for him. After he is back to normal, he rewards the player with a ticket for the S.S. Anne.

In Generations I and III, Bill's computer contains info about Eevee, Flareon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon, allowing the player to add their seen entries to their Pokédex, while in Generation VII, it instead contains info regarding the legendary birds and their habitats.

In Generations II and IV, Bill's grandfather is house-sitting the Sea Cottage and will ask the player to show him certain Pokémon. In return, he will give out related Evolution stones.


Item Location Games
  S.S. Ticket Reward for helping Bill turn back to normal  R  B  Y  FR  LG  P  E 
  Everstone From Bill's grandfather for showing him a Lickitung  G  S  C  SS 
  Everstone From Bill's grandfather for showing him a Jigglypuff  HG 
  Fire Stone From Bill's grandfather for showing him a Growlithe  G  C  HG 
  Fire Stone From Bill's grandfather for showing him a Vulpix  S  SS 
  Leaf Stone From Bill's grandfather for showing him an Oddish  G  S  C  HG  SS 
  Thunderstone From Bill's grandfather for showing him a Pichu  G  S  C  HG  SS 
  Water Stone From Bill's grandfather for showing him a Staryu  G  S  C  SS 
  Water Stone From Bill's grandfather for showing him a Marill  HG 

In the anime

Bill's Lighthouse in the anime
Main article: Bill's Lighthouse

While the Sea Cottage does not appear in the anime, the lighthouse in Mystery at the Lighthouse fills the same purpose as the home of Bill.

Ash and his friends first stumbled across the lighthouse after Ash caught a Krabby and it disappeared. When Brock explained that Krabby was sent to Professor Oak's Laboratory due to Ash already having six Pokémon on hand, Ash immediately wanted to call Professor Oak to see if Krabby made it safely. Spotting the lighthouse, the group decided to visit it in the hopes of being able to use a phone there. At the lighthouse, the group met Bill, who told them about the history of the Pokémon world. He also told them about a giant, mysterious Pokémon that he had been researching. Coincidentally, that giant Pokémon ended up showing up at the lighthouse that night, but due to Team Rocket attacking it, the Pokémon ended up destroying the lighthouse and leaving almost immediately, despite Bill's pleas for it to stay.

In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

Sea Cottage in Pokémon Adventures

Red, Green & Blue arc

The Sea Cottage debuted in ...But Fearow Itself! as Bill's home and the place where he makes all of his inventions. Bill was transformed into a mutated Rattata by accident when he was fixing one of his two Pokémon Transporters. As a Rattata, Bill got snatched by a wild Fearow, which Red saved him from before catching it. Later Red helped Bill to turn back to normal, and as a thanks, Bill offered Red the chance to use the Pokémon Storage System to lessen the amount of Pokémon he had to carry around with him.

Yellow arc

In Hitmonlee, Baby! (One More Time), Green snuck into the Sea Cottage in order to find information about the missing Red, believing the culprits behind his disappearance also having been behind her own childhood kidnapping. Bill, thinking she was a burglar, tried to attack her, but was quickly overpowered by Blasty. Green managed to convince Bill into helping her, but before they could find out anything other than that Red had withdrawn his Eevee from the Storage System after his disappearance, they were attacked by a Hitmonlee, which the Elite Four had sent after them, forcing the two to escape.

Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire arc

In PS607, it was revealed that Bill had kept the Ruby and Sapphire gems retrieved from Team Rocket during the FireRed & LeafGreen arc at the Sea Cottage. Bill noticed that the gems had started changing back into the orbs they had been before, and called Red and Green to his cottage to investigate, because Blue was away from Kanto at the time. However, before Red and Green could reach the Sea Cottage, Bill was attacked by Maxie and Archie, who stole the reforming orbs and headed towards Hoenn on Bill's boat.




In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 海角小屋 Hóigok Síu'ūk *
海岸小屋 Hóingohn Síu'ūk *
北之岬小屋 Bāk-jī Gaap Síu'ūk *
岬之屋 Gaap-jī Ūk *
Mandarin 海角小屋 Hǎijiǎo Xiǎowū *
海岸小屋 Hǎi'àn Xiǎowū *
  Czech Chata na mysu
  French Villa du Cap
  German Küstenhaus
  Italian Miramare
  Korean 호수공원의 오두막 Hosugongwon-ui Odumak
  Brazilian Portuguese Casebre do Litoral (manga)
Chalé do Mar (The Official Pokémon Handbook)
  Russian Дом на побережье Dom na poberezh'ye
  Spanish Casa del Mar
Casa del marHGSS
  Vietnamese Căn hộ trên mũi đất

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